College Basketball Recruiting: Why Harrison Twins Are Best Package Deal Ever

Josh SchochAnalyst IIIJuly 23, 2012


Aaron and Andrew Harrison have said that they will be a package deal in college, making the two high school guards the biggest combination in history.

Package deals have become a very real part of college basketball recruiting, and as recently as July 19 we found out about another potential package of Abdul Malik-Abu and Jared Terrell.

Rumors have been flying that the twins might be the best package deal in history for a while now, but they have not been absolute. However, I will say this right now: The Harrison twins are without a doubt the best package deal to ever grace college basketball.

If you thought LeBron James' Decision was a big one, wait until these kids pick a school.

These two will immediately make up an elite backcourt.

Andrew is the point guard while Aaron is the shooting guard. They have similar skill sets, as in they are both great shooters, can drive through the lane and can facilitate for others. They are both elite prospects, ranked No. 3 and No. 4 in the Bleacher Report recruit rankings for the Class of 2013.

However, rankings are not indicative of just how good these two are.

The Class of 2013 has about a dozen bona fide stars, including No. 1 Jabari Parker and No. 2 Julius Randle, who are freakishly good.

The Harrison twins would be the top two prospects in almost any other recruiting class, and together they make up and unstoppable tandem.

The two can play both backcourt positions and will be able to alternate roles depending on which one the defense is honing in on.

Apart from being two excellent players on their own and having great chemistry, their positions make them even more important to their team.

Because the two play in the backcourt, they have the ball in their possession more than any other players. They also have the biggest possible impact on the game because they can both score and pass.

Part of what makes the Harrison twins much more important than the Morris twins is that the Morris twins needed a point guard who could facilitate to them.

However, the Harrison twins don't need any other weapons beside themselves, as they can take down a team on their own.

With two elite guards running the show, the twins are guaranteed to be playing for a Top 25 team simply because they don't need anyone else to win. If they choose a team with other weapons, they will immediately become national championship contenders, but they could sign with Towson and still bring the team to some glory.

The four schools on the twins' combined list are Villanova, Baylor, Kentucky and Maryland, according to CBS Sports.

All four teams already have weapons and could become elite programs with the Harrison twins. Bringing this historic combo to any of these schools would make the team an immediate contender in its conference and on the national stage.

Of all the package deals that we've seen in college basketball, there is none that is nearly as important as that of the Harrison twins.

They will have a monumental impact on the college basketball landscape, and Jay Wright, Scott Drew, John Calipari and Mark Turgeon will all be pursuing these two for as long as it takes for them to make their crucial decision.