1. Tweeted that @Maintain__ was star tonight and then tweeted about his teammates. He ignored first, favorited second. Says a lot. Pure class.

  2. Top Defensive Stoppers in CBB

  3. Also big plays from @brennen_long and @FrancesconiGino. LaPorte offense is fun to watch. Glad to see @EricMazany healthy. #nwihssports

  4. Star of the night was clearly @Maintain__. Williams ran with bad intentions all night. Beast. #nwihssports

  5. Star of the night was clearly @Maintain_. He was running with bad intentions. #nwihssports

  6. Last one here turn the lights out. Good night from Kiwanis Field. #NWIHSSports http://t.co/nKFmUUyRqO

  7. LaPorte 49, Valparaiso 38, Final. Slicers run for 421 yards. Williams finishes with 214 rushing yards. #NWIHSSports

  8. Williams gets a first down and suffers a late hit. That will do it here I believe. #NWIHSSports

  9. Dion WIlliams has 214 rushing yards tonight. LaPorte has 414. #NWIHSSports

  10. Kick goes through LaPorte legs and out-of-bounds. Slicers ball. #NWIHSSports

  11. Valparaiso forcing 4th down from LaPorte 5. #NWIHSSports

  12. Now pass interference against LaPorte. Valpo ball on 10. #NWIHSSports

  13. Valparaiso got down to LaPorte 5. Mayes sacked for loss of 7. Penalty back to 21. #NWIHSSports

  14. Two keepers from @MatthewMayes18 and Vikings are in LaPorte territory. #NWIHSSports

  15. Valparaiso takes over at own 39 with 10:02 left and down 49-31. #NWIHSSports

  16. LaPorte goes fancy with halfback pass, but @homwrcker was ready and knocks it down. Slicers to punt. #NWIHSSports

  17. LaPorte starting center Carter Puckett has knee heavily wrapped on sideline. #NWIHSSports

  18. Valpo elects to kick. Needs quick stop to get back in game. #NWIHSSports

  19. LaPorte's first punt of evening ends badly as Carter Puckett suffered a left leg injury. Threw helmet. #NWIHSSports

  20. Nice punt of nearly 70 yards from @j_smolar9. LaPorte starts from own 5. #NWIHSSports

  21. Refs missed one there. @MatthewMayes18 was sacked for loss of 17, but he was taken down by face mask. #NWIHSSports

  22. Ball tipped and Ben Dermody gets a 55-yard pick-6. LaPorte leads 49-24 in a game that has turned quickly #NWIHSSports

  23. We've had penalties on six of the last seven plays. Um, refs, not what we need after a 37-minute delay. #NWIHSSports

  24. Since opening kickoff LaPorte has done great job on kick coverage. Not giving Vikings much. #NWIHSSports