1. Excited to see @tayvien_walker tonight. Griffith RB ran for 281 yards and three TDs against Highland last week. #NWIHSSports

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  6. I've gone years without covering the 59ers in any sport before. This is my third of five @AndreanHigh events this week. #NWIHSSports

  7. Hitting a pause on Portillo's. Why you ask? @AndreanHigh is serving White Castle in the press box! #NWIHSSports

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  11. Odds of me ending up at Portillo's tonight > odds the sun sets tonight #NWIHSSports

  12. Covering Andrean and Griffith tonight. It's a @MarkLazerus special!

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  14. It looks like @ValpoBasketball will be partying like those people in Zion in The Matrix. #HLMBB http://t.co/rO5EcVYFWe

  15. Zion Morgan commits to Valparaiso. 6-4 SG from Kenwood Academy in Chicago is Crusaders' 1st in '16 class. Expected to have 4 scholarships.

  16. More: @Monrolsen with six aces, @Terwilliger333 with three aces, @danisuiter 17 assists and 10 digs. #NWIHSSports

  17. Highlights: @bontragerachel (17 kills), @maleriemech (2 solo blocks filling in at middle). @LaurenMack22 with kill & 8 assists. #NWIHSSports

  18. Nice schedule poster from @ValpoBasketball. Now, who is the fifth starter? #HLMBB http://t.co/D5wwrt4qcH

  19. This. All of this. This x 1,000. Well done @katienolan https://t.co/tZG4gdibpo

  20. That moment when the @HorizonLeague #HLMBB All-Conference ballot arrives. http://t.co/VBpX2LvISk

  21. That moment when you get the @HorizonLeague #HLMBB Preseason All-Conference email. http://t.co/NM0DgOGf3U

  22. Finished @JalenRose book in a day. I'd read so much more. Have always wanted to know more about Jr year at Michigan.

  23. GOAL -- Cade Bosak gives @AndreanHigh a 4-0 lead in the 65th minute. #NWIHSSports

  24. Andrean now has more goals tonight than team has had wins all season. #NWIHSSports

  25. GOAL -- Jared Humphrey with another goal for @AndreanHigh. 59ers lead 3-0. #NWIHSSports

  26. GOAL -- Luke Davidson scores in '36 to give @AndreanHigh a 2-0 lead. #NWIHSSports

  27. GOAL -- @AndreanHigh takes a 1-0 lead on goal from Bejnamin Warren in '13. #NWIHSSports

  28. Quick look at the box score shows that @Madison_Tarry delivered a kill. Tarry making big plays! #NWIHSSports

  29. That's another sweep for @VViking_VB. This time against Highland (13-11-11). Valparaiso improves to 24-0. #NWIHSSports

  30. Biggest sporting event of the night about to start...@AndreanHigh taking on @WVBlackhawks. #NWIHSSports

  31. Bishop Noll 1, Wheeler 0. Bearcats' streak of four straight sectional titles comes to an end. #NWIHSSports