1. #uva falls in familiar fashion, lots of little things adding up to another L: http://t.co/WqbbXkRMYm

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  5. RT @coreyevans_10: JUCO wing Randy Haynes has committed to Old Dominion.

  6. #uva still swinging. 31 YD TD pass from Johns to Severin cuts Pitt margin to 26-19. But PAT is blocked. 5:50 left.

  7. Johns sacked for safety, by a LB. Not much good happens on 3rd and 9 from own 2.

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  11. #uva picks up 2nd TO at timely moment, turning Pitt away from a certain 6 pts. But Cavs hunkered at own 2 facing 3rd/9.

  12. "Sweet Caroline" is a thing here at Pitt.

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  15. End of 3: Pitt 24-13 over #uva. Panthers on the march at Cav 39

  16. #uva can't finish, settles for 3. 24-13 Pitt w/4:02 in 3Q

  17. Nice drive by #uva to this point, 11 plays/65 yds. Can Cavs finish one?

  18. LT Michael Mooney helped off field with leg injury. Jack English in.

  19. #uva Hamm-ering Pitt on this drive.

  20. Johns is 7/16 for 66 yds with an INT

  21. 1st #uva TO is big momentum swing. Johns picked by LB Matt Galambos, whose 51 yd return sets up Panthers at Cav 20. 3 plays and it's 24-10

  22. correct you are. https://t.co/1DYAunJ0Cm

  23. Nope. Ruling stands. Crowd here is appalled.

  24. That last 1st down grab by Severin under review, appears overturn-able from replay.

  25. 2nd half underway here at Heinz with #uva on the move at midfield.

  26. #uva down 17-10 to Pitt at half. Will get ball to start 2nd half. PItt 257 yards but just 40 in 2nd Q. Cavs w/just 133 yds, 105 on 2 plays.

  27. Pitt uses 3 time outs and will get final chance in half after #uva punt

  28. Conte gets a lot of yards after contact, punter-style, with another generous roll. #uva went 3/out, down 17-10, 4:47 in half.

  29. 1st takeaway year for #uva as law firm of Moore and Moore combines to sack and scoop. 15 yd. run by Kwontie Moore cuts Pitt edge to 17-10

  30. 71 of #uva's 89 yds came on 1 play. Pitt sitting on 217 yds through a quarter.

  31. quarter ends w/#uva pinned deep in own end, trailing Pitt 17-3

  32. Pitt had 6 there with yet another receiver behind the secondary, but Weah can't hang on. Pitt will take a consolation FG and a 17-3 lead.