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  6. Columbia's Kyle Smith Mic'd Up http://t.co/Lejd7ZvFPY http://t.co/X7uuPpYBjP

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  14. Head Coach Kyle Smith informing us there's only 1 day until the official start of college basketball #WeAreLions http://t.co/fgxQXYaFmW

  15. Head Coach Kyle Smith informing us there's only 1 day until the official start of college basketball #WeAreLions http://t.co/pYQSuJPt6y

  16. Maodo Lo letting everybody know there's only 2 days until the official start of college basketball #WeAreLions http://t.co/uP0jnUSkKu

  17. Thanks for reminding us Alex! Only 3 days until official practice starts #WeAreLions http://t.co/HR7wotpNgi

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  19. Can @ColumbiaMSoccer stay undefeated against Fordham? http://t.co/oSposk7XQu

  20. Last year, Providence defeated @columbiafhockey 8-0. This year was a different story: http://t.co/cr7L6mGVTE

  21. Victor Pham took the crown in both men’s singles and doubles at this weekend’s Ivy Plus Tournament: http://t.co/nY1HgIRLw8

  22. Third annual tip-off dinner set for Oct. 30. This year's keynote speaker is @GottliebShow! Full story here. http://t.co/eEi8hKEfmA

  23. Quartet of Kevakian, Milstein, Solovyev, and Asatrian stands out for .@CU_WT at the Harvard Invitational. http://t.co/FJHE6sAus4

  24. Follow us on vine @ColumbiaSpec ! Here is an example of some of the action at today's game https://t.co/scpJFD6iA8

  25. This loss comes with a silver lining, as the point spread before the game was an astounding 40 points.

  26. The game is over. Fordham wins it 44-24

  27. Fordham gets a first down and will run the clock down from here

  28. Mornhinweg throws a ball to the side, but a Fordham cornerback jumps the route perfectly and intercepts it.

  29. Mornhinweg is back under center, and the Light Blue had moved efficiently down the field. With 2:27 left, they are in the red zone

  30. The Lions bring the ball out to the COL 25