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  6. Crabbe has 25 and Trail Blazers defeat Warriors 118-101 http://t.co/IyXhHN9ZlG

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  11. Recap, with some photos (thanks @UABathletics) and video from UAB Hoops on the Haasephalt - http://t.co/YAYuLMJcRR http://t.co/3rpnB1aYmt

  12. RELEASE: Record Crowd Enjoys Hoops on the Haasephalt. READ: http://t.co/GLFjTgSCKD PHOTOS: http://t.co/a2fFen8JHV

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  15. I made it back on to Birmingham's NBC station! https://t.co/0Ddd6Y3t5n

  16. Gavin Haase gives @Haha34lee1 a 0 in 2nd round. @RSBrown_UAB wins Haasephalt slam dunk contest.

  17. 10s across the board for first round leader @Haha34lee1

  18. These guys can ball and dance. #Haasephalt http://t.co/3u4s25eJLr

  19. William Lee, Robert Brown, Dirk Williams and defending champ Tyler Madison are the Haasephalt dunk contest participants.

  20. 9 in a row for UAB guard Nick Norton at Haasephalt http://t.co/inALWxH2uS

  21. Uab forward Thomas Smallwood making it rain at Haasephalt http://t.co/t2cs1bTAwX

  22. WBC Heavyweight Champion @BronzeBomber address the crowd here at Hoops on the Haasephalt. http://t.co/F2sjJHPwt3

  23. 1072 is the Bartow Arena student section capacity. Haase wants that filled every game. Hence #operation1072 on back of UAB player shirts

  24. Allow me to introduce you to your 2015 @Conference_USA Tournament Champions!! #GoBlazers http://t.co/aem0L9SbMv

  25. And of course Deontay Wilder is here at UAB Haasephalt @BronzeBomber http://t.co/4tq8EPelxG

  26. I'm in a bad spot for pictures but Jerod Haase came into Haasephalt dressed like the WBC heavyweight champion, mask and all

  27. Trail Blazers vs. Golden State Warriors: Live updates and game chat http://t.co/Q9IqMlJDGf

  28. Can anyone spot @UABFootball2017 ?

  29. Blaze says hello http://t.co/iosYpgFtFz

  30. Almost showtime!! http://t.co/vPMGfUIzGA

  31. Great crowd already making its way to The Green. Come early to make sure you don't miss any of the action. #GoBlazers

  32. Are the Trail Blazers better than people think? Rip City Report podcast http://t.co/hGgJ8MvQqu