1. Gameday baby! #BeatTowsonState Also applies to @ZPriceIsRight nuptials, congrats Z!

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  6. #BeatTowsonState

  7. Love that Towson St. fans are even touchier about "State" than Charlotte fans are about "UNCC"

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  11. From @DNRsports: "Help from Butler" on junior Devontae Morgan, who is eligible to join JMU on the court this year: http://t.co/WEbK6Ahmlb

  12. JMU shoutout on SMU/Houston broadcast. #GoDukes

  13. Houston Cougars (and their ex-JMU OC) >>> Houston Texans. Cougs tied with SMU, who JMU beat. Just sayin. #science

  14. Sure you don't mean "Come Root and get free beer tomorrow night?" But seriously, go watch the Herndon Express! https://t.co/HpH4GICnVd

  15. Just 10 minutes left to win candy and t-shirts on the Commons! http://t.co/kTICJlQAol

  16. Come visit us on the Commons RIGHT NOW until 6:30pm. Chance to make a shot for free candy and/or a t-shirt! #GoDukes http://t.co/xwFuQnzjXl

  17. CAA Preview: Hofstra, James Madison head balancedĀ field http://t.co/Gk2KLwXsbs

  18. We love Katie because she cracks us up, but this was serious (and seriously good). https://t.co/wi728ab9Xv

  19. Cool idea and fun event prior to your typical Friday night plans. #GoDukes https://t.co/bo7kZoJZVj

  20. Good morning boys and girls, pick the JMU vs. Towson winner & you could write a guest post. http://t.co/lhoY9vUHCh

  21. When you've built a program like @CoachBrooksJMU , even other teams get respect just for scheduling YOU. https://t.co/RZbyhQecjX

  22. Here's hoping you'll get three more in December! #stad #GoDukes https://t.co/n8QO2Ri4fb

  23. A JMUSB investigation, does JMU have as many FBS wins as UVA and VT combined? http://t.co/6LZGNqwrbO

  24. We're not experienced gamblers, is it normal for the over/under to just refer to the away team's points? https://t.co/WTIZ9ccq5H

  25. All aboard the Dukes Bandwagon! http://t.co/37tz6V2E7h

  26. We endorse this! https://t.co/KCKc4W2b7p

  27. JMU and Liberty have each beaten 1 FBS team this year -- same number as Hokies and more than UVa has

  28. Huge game against W&M. More athletic than he looks. https://t.co/CDqoiBG65m

  29. Didn't see UD beating the Tribe, but Blue Chickens are coming around. Impressive rushing game. Gonna be a tough out in #CAAFB

  30. Thomas Jefferson ran for over 170 yards against William & Mary tonight. First he runs off & founds another school, now this.