1. "It's not over," warns Lewis Hamilton at #AbuDhabiGP after Rosberg's resounding pole https://t.co/fK21zJyV5N https://t.co/PsTFQ0BHh5

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  6. Lotus's Romain Grosjean will get a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change, dropping to back of grid. VET and ALO up to 15th & 16th etc

  7. FIGHTING FINNS: Who will finish 4th in the Drivers' Championship? #AbuDhabiGP #F1Finale

  8. If @ScuderiaFerrari pick up 31 pts today, they will have DOUBLED their points haul from the 2014 season #AbuDhabiGP https://t.co/jLNYc8IYBM

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  11. Rosberg on Pole in Abu Dhabi

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  13. #F1 Rosberg takes sixth consecutive pole https://t.co/hj5CRWHr8j (@Autosport) https://t.co/beoBAicykc

  14. #F1 Magnussen did not meet the goals we set him - Dennis https://t.co/wrdzd4EARy (@GrandPrixTimes) https://t.co/7CzsbOJWeF

  15. VETTEL: "There were no issues with the car. We thought we had enough to get to Q2 but we were wrong" #AbuDhabiGP pic.twitter.com/tDNQp57KU0

  16. Sainz Hints at Toro Rosso-Ferrari for 2016

  17. Red Bull Secure 2016 Engine Deal

  18. #F1 Hamilton struggling with Mercedes https://t.co/ExzfQobjgW (@Autosport) https://t.co/fuWNLZEylK

  19. If you missed it last night, here's @TedKravitz's #AbuDhabiGP Qualifying Notebook: https://t.co/Tq33mmbNa5 https://t.co/EOIZhDMoU7

  20. Ron Dennis says Kevin Magnussen was dropped because he did not achieve goals set for him https://t.co/VwR1wSun7J https://t.co/G60ecv6925

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  25. No news from the FIA on the Mercedes enquiry re Haas, but Bernie just hinted to me that the rules on tech sharing will be tightened

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  33. Vettel: Mercedes Are Favourites for 2016

  34. A reminder of #AbuDhabiGP TV times, SkyF1 coverage underway at 11.30am, race start at 1pm https://t.co/H0QRictqZk https://t.co/ZtM973KctQ

  35. Lotus owner Gerard Lopez says he has done all he can to get Renault takeover complete https://t.co/u93huGzmgD https://t.co/q5ojJI9PJU

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  37. Alonso: No Regrets About McLaren Move

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  42. F1 gossip: February decision for Fernando Alonso, Lotus-Renault doubt, Button could've quit: https://t.co/JkmjB5JRBt https://t.co/dafe99l970

  43. F1 gossip: February decision for Fernando Alonso, Lotus-Renault douby, Button could've quit: https://t.co/JkmjB5JRBt https://t.co/y4WxdgVUow

  44. Alonso reiterates his belief that Honda is the only manufacturer he can win a third championship with other than Mercedes.

  45. Perez Sees Mexican GP as Season Finale

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  51. Suppose inevitable 1st time saw one of these on road would be in place that seems to have more Ferraris than Monaco https://t.co/B6A3zUyq2S

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  57. Canadian Teen Stroll Joins Williams Team

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  64. Jogging in Dubai. Is it not the same architect who built my nose a few years ago ? pic.twitter.com/vLK0bMqEhu

  65. Wolff: Lewis-Nico Fallouts Not Detrimental to Merc

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  74. Both Audi and Porsche will run only two cars at Le Mans next year, so the Baku F1 clash impacting @HulkHulkenberg etc is now academic

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