1. Further example of #NECMBB youth movement. There are 9 sophomores w/ a 10+ ppg avg. There are only 8 seniors doing the same.

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

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  4. Now longest #NECMBB POW drought belong to CCSU. Last CCSU player to be named NEC POW: De’Angleo Speech, back in 2/17/14

  5. FDU’s Earl Potts named this wk’s #NECMBB POW. 1st FDU player since Sidney Sanders back on 1/6/14 to win honor.

  6. Oh my goodness. Red Bulls nearly tied it to force extra time. Cleared off the goal line.

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  10. Kenpom dropped LIU from 266 to 287 after today’s 23-point loss to Dartmouth. Lowest KP ranking for them so far. Ranked 7th among NEC teams.

  11. LIU Brooklyn drops 2nd straight thx to brutal 2nd half + 39 pts from Dartmouth’s Miles Wright in 79-56 loss on Sun https://t.co/hnQNDfOnDh

  12. He also has two ZERO point games as well.

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  14. A show of hands, how many ppl who follow #NECMBB thought that through 5 gms that SFBK’s Yunus Hopkinson would have TWO 20+ pts gms?

  15. Just finished watching a very nice W by the Jets on the DVR. Giants lost so it sets up a huge game next weekend btwn the two teams

  16. Wright's career day leads Dartmouth past LIU Brooklyn 79-56 https://t.co/OC2AD8TcBs

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  20. Final score: Dartmouth 79, #LIUMBB 56. Blackbirds return home Thursday for game vs. UMass Lowell at the WRAC at 7PM.

  21. LIU only got the FT line 6 times today, Jack Perri not going to be pleases at that stat at all. Also not going to be pleased w/ D effort

  22. Martin Hermannsson led LIU w/ 15 pts & 6 rebs. Fleming has season high 14. Saintil 11. Not a good 1 for Frink, just 6 & 5 & took just 6 shts

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  25. Final. LIU Brooklyn 56 Dartmouth 79. LIU falls to 3-2. This one easily their worst performance of the season.

  26. U4 MTO 2H, Dartmouth 73-52. It has been the Miles Wright show. He has 39 pts for Dartmouth. 13/22 FGs & 6/7 3FGs. Horrible 2H for LIU today

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  29. Saintil just fouled out for LIU. He leaves w/ 11 pts. Had his shot working today but couldn’t get going on defensive end.

  30. Miles Wright just hit another 3 for Dartmouth. He has 36 for Big Green today.

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  33. Trevin Woods has had several good looks at the 3 and hasn’t been able to knock one down today. Just missed another open look.

  34. Joel Hernandez just fouled out for LIU w/ 7:11 left to play. 0 pts for Hernandez today.

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  37. U8 MTO 2H, Dartmouth 58-47. LIU not being able to get stops on the defensive end and questionable decision making on the offensive end.

  38. Too unselfish by LIU, no one wants to shoot.

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  41. Now Frink just picked up his 4th personal, joining Hernandez w/ 4

  42. U12 MTO 2H, Dartmouth 50-42. Miles Wright has feasted on LIU today. He has 33 of Dartmouth’s 50. Dart 6-10 from 3

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  45. Timeout LIU. Dartmouth has pushed their lead back up to 11. LIU once again starting off the half slowly like they did first half.

  46. Joel Hernandez picks up 2 quick fouls to start 2H and now has 4 personals and will leave.

  47. Second half getting set to begin. It will be LIU’s ball to start the half. #LIUMBB

  48. Fleming has provided LIU w/ good minutes in first half even after picking up his 2nd PF. Also Feidanga gave LIU nice boost off bench as well

  49. Halftime in New Hampshire. #LIUMBB trails Dartmouth, 30-27. Jerome Frink with 6 points to lead Blackbirds.

  50. Frink has 6 to lead LIU. 3 other LIU players w/ 5. Santil only played 6 mins but did bang his back against scoring table going after steal

  51. Halftime: Dartmouth 30 LIU Brooklyn 27. All in all, with all the guys in foul trouble, LIU is not in bad shape down just 3.

  52. Julius van Sauers went down and had to be helped back to the LIU bench

  53. U4 MTO 1H, Dartmouth 24-22. LIU is some foul trouble. Frink, Fleming and Hernandez all w/ 2 PFs. LIU w/ 8 team fouls.

  54. U4 MTO 1H, Dartmouth 24-22. LIU is some foul trouble. Drink, Fleming and Hernandez all w/ 2 PFs. LIU w/ 8 team fouls.

  55. 11-1 run by LIU has tied the game at 22. LIU much better on both ends last several minutes.

  56. Hermannsson is back on the court and playing the point for LIU now.

  57. Fleming now has 2 personals for LIU

  58. Hermannsson checking back in for LIU

  59. U8 MTO 1H, Dartmouth 21-16. Saintil w/ 5 to lead LIU. Wright has 12 for Dartmouth. LIU shooting 36% but have made a pair of 3s.

  60. Jerome Frink just picked his 2nd personal battling underneath the offensive glass. So Hermannsson (injured) & now no Frink (fouls).