1. One more to go!!! #Mets

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  6. I knew he was going DEEEEEP!!!!

  7. OHHHH Yeah!!!

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  11. H/T to BHJ reader Sam who informed me that #LIUMBB alum Julian Boyd had a monster 2nd pro gm: 22 pts/15 rebs/31 mins in win - all team highs

  12. If you ask me, Utley is lucky he is suspended just two games. https://t.co/LGKgyAvzYM

  13. This Joe Torre presser is another joke. He is asking the guy behind him if his explanation is right. Seriously?!

  14. So Utley broke Tejada's leg, gets rewarded w/ a base he didn’t tag & in which by rule should have ended the inning. You can’t make it up.

  15. Can someone ask Cal, if Utley’s slide was late like he said, how can he also say it was not a dirty play!? Make zero sense.

  16. This is such crap.

  17. Utley never touched the bag either. What a POS!

  18. Wow, TC is going to Bartolo here. Need a DP badly.

  19. Huge out at 3rd. Smart play by Thor.

  20. Thor is dealing!!! #Mets

  21. Big K there! #Thor #Mets

  22. GOAL #USMNT!!!!!! 1-1

  23. Right off the foul pole!!! Yeah baby!!! 2 HR off of Greinke in the inning.

  24. HE’S BACK!!!!!

  25. 100 MPH pitch for the K by THOR!!!!! #Mets

  26. Also, let’s go #USMNT vs Mexico tonight!!! A trip to the FIFA Confederations Cup is on the line! Time to finish the job!

  27. Fired up for Game 2 tonight to see Thor drop the hammer on the Dodgers! Let’s Go!!!!!!!!!

  28. No rest for the weary. Up late watching Mets take gm 1. Now I'm about to board a train to Brooklyn. Another long busy day ahead. #grinding

  29. Put it in the books!!!! See you all back here tomorrow night! #deGrominant #Mets

  30. Alright!! alright!! alright!!! 3 more outs to go!! #LGM