1. Iowa's last drive the first 99-yard drive since Miami of Ohio, circa 2002.

  2. It's @Ohio_Volleyball vs. Michigan today at 1pm! It's Youth Day...postgame autographs and $2 kids admission. http://t.co/2vM2ZHNZv6

  3. How many Ohio State juniors will leave for the NFL? It's Hey, You There http://t.co/O5UC8SjnLK

  4. Go outside the box and pick a team other than Ohio State to win the title this year ..

  5. Does Ohio State as about a two-touchdown favorite vs. Virginia Tech seem right? Buckeye Breakfast http://t.co/er9RZMg4Kp

  6. Ohio State TE Marcus Baugh had to earn back trust: "Now I want to get on the field" http://t.co/vhIKn4FrdU

  7. Milesky, Rowland Score, @OhioWSoccer falls to Marshall. 3-2 http://t.co/vkmyRZxctm

  8. What a comeback. What a team. @Ohio_Volleyball storms back from down 2-0 to beat, Xavier 3-2. #BleedGreen http://t.co/OnZWHFQumx

  9. Ohio Cross Country Set For Season Debut At Dayton Flyer http://t.co/enKbaQJuuw

  10. Line already deep for tonight's tailgate! Yes, we're still an hour to Ohio vs. Xavier. #BestFansInTheMAC http://t.co/vWc17VGSwf

  11. Spartans open tonight vs. Ohio State's week four opponent. Follow Mike for coverage. https://t.co/wZxCltxOKw

  12. Will take some questions on Ohio State. May address them to Hey (whatever you want to call me). Names may be derogatory, but must be clean.

  13. 5 reasons Ohio State will win http://t.co/nQGWzXld4c 5 reasons Ohio State will lose http://t.co/4PhA4f2FJq

  14. A 3-0 sweep of LSU in the Bobcat Invitational makes it two straight @Ohio_Volleyball wins over the SEC. #BleedGreen http://t.co/zLfuImqsXm

  15. Want to recap last night's 45-28 victory against Idaho? Christian Hoppens has you covered. #BleedGreen http://t.co/B6wy6l07XU

  16. My bad...didn't realize it was only -17 wind chill for Ohio St. https://t.co/2xbG8v4Oa1

  17. Ohio State, Michigan State...those should be easy. Real easy. https://t.co/eYGQJVWJoa

  18. Can't wear khakis. Ohio State fans already think I'm a Michigan fan. Can't give them more ammo. :) https://t.co/FnYb0qNqcj

  19. TMZ Producer Claims J.T. Barrett Will Start For Ohio State Monday Night http://t.co/IqsqAd5IOV

  20. Ohio has been good to IU in recent years. Bolser, Wynn, Latimer, Martin, Shaw, Scales, Redding just a few #iufb has been able to pluck.

  21. Relevant for #iufb too. Kevin Wilson likes the Big Ten East in no small part because it opens up Ohio for recruiting purposes.

  22. Interesting stuff from @AriWasserman on why Ohio State's national recruiting focus is a concern for Urban Meyer: http://t.co/opRgplu9bi

  23. Four-star PG from Lima, Ohio https://t.co/OIAek5ngxM