1. Sad to hear a/b Stedman Bailey. Interviewed him before the college fb awards a few yrs ago and he was so kind and sincere #PrayersForStedman

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  4. 7'6" Tacko Fall, 7'6" Ndiaye Both Whiff on Opening Tipoff

  5. UCF LB Domenic Spencer predicts AAC title for the Knights in 2016 https://t.co/Jon48jZwxx

  6. UCF is hoping to snap an 11-game losing streak against USF https://t.co/r7rXB2bDQX

  7. UCF quarterback Justin Holman will compete against USF, DL Demetris Anderson petitioning for a sixth year https://t.co/QmXvDNaEAQ

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  10. What say you to this idea UCF nation? https://t.co/QnrWYTdhTm

  11. Selfishly, I would enjoy watching @CoachTomHerman and @UConnFootball Bob Diaco in the AAC title game just for the quotes. #quoteablecoaches

  12. UConn coach Bob Diaco still giving UCF a chance against USF https://t.co/2gk3fti9wU

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  16. UCF captain Cedric Thompson calls winless season a nightmare https://t.co/QxfbGhVUAM

  17. Danny White signs a 5-year contact with UCF https://t.co/9zqRUUgzUY

  18. Well, UCF fans, at least the Jags beat the Titans. #brightside #findtherainbow

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  20. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  21. Turnovers and injuries haunt UCF again, crushing Knights' shot at a win against East Carolina https://t.co/xWr7a4Ffev

  22. Danny Barrett said QB Justin Holman suffered a high ankle sprain and will be questionable for USF game next week. When it rains, it pours.

  23. Full story: #UCF Knights drop to Pirates on national TV. #ECUvsUCF https://t.co/FX9Yvbk25w https://t.co/GypDtHiWT5

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  27. Final stats for #UCF #ECU 44-7 loss. https://t.co/wijHznlp8a

  28. Final: #UCF falls to #ECU 44-7. #ECUvsUCF https://t.co/KExOMMUBwL

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  31. I would love to be a fly on the wall listening to ESPN execs discussing UCF's primetime Thanksgiving matchup against USF next week.

  32. End of third quarter: #UCF 7, #ECU 44. #ECUvsUCF https://t.co/2C40IgLxsP

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  35. #ECU knocks down a 36-yard field goal to make it 44-7. #ECUvsUCF

  36. #ECU's 18-yard TD pass negated by unnecessary roughness penalty. #ECUvsUCF

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  39. Blake Tiralosi fumbles on a kickoff return, #ECU recovers at #UCF 31-yard line. #ECUvsUCF

  40. #ECU's 36-yard field goal extends its lead over #UCF 41-7. There is 3:07 remaining in third quarter. #ECUvsUCF

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  43. ECU has 553 total yards to UCF's 171 and we're not in the fourth quarter yet. Jesus take the wheel.

  44. I looked down for a second and now Tristan Payton is being helped off the field. Oh boy.

  45. 2016 Columbia City (IN) forward Brachen Hazen announces he has committed to Central Florida. https://rivals.yahoo.com/indiana/basketball/recruiting/player-Brachen-Hazen-163862 ...

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  47. #ECU forced to punt, #UCF will begin with ball on own 25-yard line with 10:43 remaining in third quarter. #ECUvsUCF

  48. #UCF couldn't get a first down after the onside kick, forced to punt. #ECUvsUCF

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  50. UCF Snags 3-Star 2016 SG

  51. The second half is underway. #UCF recovers onside kick at #ECU 49-yard line. #ECUvsUCF

  52. Nice photo of some hard-core fans. https://t.co/lL3EjaM4CF

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  55. Once upon a time, UCF led this game 7-0.

  56. Halftime: #UCF trails #ECU 31-7. #ECUvsUCF https://t.co/FaiNgF22wi

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  58. AAC Announces Full 2015-16 Hoops Slate

  59. Halftime score UCF trails ECU 31-7.

  60. Not the best welcome to Bright House Stadium for new UCF AD Danny White. This game...yikes.

  61. Video: 7'6" UCF Frosh Throws Down Between-the-Legs Dunk

  62. UCF Names HC George O'Leary Interim A.D.

  63. ECU shoots another dagger. Scores with just a little over a minute before halftime. UCF trails 31-7.

  64. ESPN is reporting Justin Holman twisted his left toe.

  65. Justin Holman just walked to the locker room. No word if he'll return to the game. Left ankle issue, Jerry O'Neill reports.

  66. #UCF forced to punt,#ECU begins with ball on own 29. #ECUvsUCF

  67. Tyler Harris has replaced Justin Holman with 4:20 left before halftime. Guess he leaped Bo Schneider.

  68. Holman is helped off the field, Tyler Harris comes in at QB for #UCF. #ECUvsUCF

  69. Trainers are on the field working on Justin Holman right now. Looked like he tweaked an ankle.

  70. Justin Holman is down on the field for the Knights. #ECUvsUCF