1. Busy, busy weekend for UCF administrators. Definitely think a new football coach will be firmly in place before bowl selection Sunday.

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  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. Nightmarish season for UCF football, but at least it's over. Now, onto the rebuild for 2016. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and be safe.

  6. UCF struggled through its season finale, falling 44-3 to rival USF to cap a winless year https://t.co/IZ8GAkmedj

  7. Domenic Spencer led with 15 tackles tonight for UCF.

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  9. 7'6" Tacko Fall, 7'6" Ndiaye Both Whiff on Opening Tipoff

  10. UCF coach Danny Barrett said third down hurt the most tonight. The team went 2-12.

  11. #UCF pummeled by USF, finish season 0-12: https://t.co/R3jNQJxLbu https://t.co/j00Vy4xLTv

  12. #USF with a 43-yard field goal to extend lead to 44-3. #USFvsUCF

  13. UCF's Davis Posterizes Anteaters' 7'6" Ndiaye

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  15. #USF puts up a 41-yard field goal to extend lead to 41-3. #USFvsUCF

  16. UCF WR Tre'Quan Smith has seven receptions for 102 yards right now, his 3rd 100-yard plus performance of the season.

  17. Pressbox just erupted into laughter at the fan holding up a sign which read, "beat somebody." #UCF #USF

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  21. Welp, this might be the calmest I've ever been on a night game with an early Thanksgiving deadline.

  22. End of third quarter: #UCF trails #USF 38-3. #USFvsUCF

  23. This Knightmare is on its last leg folks. Fourth quarter is upon us and UCF trails 38-3.

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  25. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  26. UCF just got its first third down conversion of the evening with 2 min left in the third quarter.

  27. #USF's extra point is good, Bulls lead Knights 31-3 with 9:51 left in third quarter. #USFvsUCF

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  29. UCF's Fall Cleared to Play by NCAA

  30. USF goes up 24-3 at halftime after a last second FG.

  31. Halftime: #UCF trails #USF 24-3. #USFvsUCF

  32. UCF Files for Academic Waiver for Tacko Fall

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  34. #USF closes the half with a 44-yard field goal, extends lead to 24-3. #USFvsUCF

  35. If there's any silver lining, UCF will have a hell of a WR corp next season.

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  38. Ruling on the field overturned, #USF with first and 10 from #UCF 40-yard line. #USFvsUCF

  39. As expected, USF keeps the ball after the review.

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  42. Based on the replay, it looks like Johnson's knees were already down before he lost the ball. USF will likely retain possession.

  43. The refs are reviewing the play, but the replay looks like it will be overturned. #USFvsUCF

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  45. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  46. #UCF forces fumble and recovers with 13 seconds remaining in second quarter. #USFvsUCF

  47. Holman takes a hit and the pass falls incomplete. #USFvsUCF

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  49. 2016 Columbia City (IN) forward Brachen Hazen announces he has committed to Central Florida. https://rivals.yahoo.com/indiana/basketball/recruiting/player-Brachen-Hazen-163862 ...

  50. Down 21-3 with 39 seconds remaining in second quarter, #UCF lining up to go for it on fourth and 8. #USFvsUCF

  51. Holman runs it to the #USF 28-yard line, it's in Matthew Wright's range for a field goal. #USFvsUCF

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  54. #UCF with a third and 16 from the #USF 36. There is 1:03 remaining in the second quarter. #USFvsUCF

  55. Charlie Taaffe said he's seen some great catches at UCF and Smith's leaping catch ranks right up there.

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  58. Tre'Quan's hustle may be rubbing off as McGowan rushes for 15 yards to #USF 30. #USFvsUCF

  59. Can we call Tre'Quan Smith's catch some form of an aerial cartwheel?

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  62. #UCF with second and 9 opportunity on #USF 45-yard line. #USFvsUCF

  63. OMG!!!! Tre'Quan Smith and these catches though.

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  65. Video: 7'6" UCF Frosh Throws Down Between-the-Legs Dunk

  66. That's a highlight reel catch for Tre'Quan Smith! #USFvsUCF

  67. Quinton Flowers punches in a 3-yard TD run to strengthen USF's 21-3 lead over UCF with 4:42 before halftime.

  68. UCF Names HC George O'Leary Interim A.D.

  69. Report: Oregon State Hires Stansbury as New AD

  70. #USF's extra point is good, Bulls lead 21-3 with 4:42 remaining in second quarter. #USFvsUCF

  71. #USF's rushing game is running all over the #UCF defense, Bulls with ball on UCF 2-yard line. #USFvsUCF

  72. UCF needed a conversion on third and 3 and instead got a turnover courtesy of a INT by Justin Holman.

  73. Holman's pass intercepted. That's his 13th INT in just nine games this season. #USFvsUCF