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  29. U of L voted this morning to retain Stites and Harbison for legal services related to review of allegations. Was told it's common procedure.

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  37. [new] Book's allegations against former University of Louisville hoops staffer have prompted a costly investigation http://t.co/meFf650qUu

  38. Didn't see quote in Yahoo story--OSU spox: "We’ve been told...this is not something we need to worry about"-so added http://t.co/IWZwCvdSJo

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  41. Report: NCAA interviews former Louisville recruit JaQuan Lyle about U of L book - http://t.co/IWZwCvdSJo

  42. I had hoped to talk to Smrt in general terms about how he goes about his investigative process, but I don't blame him for saying no.

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  45. Chuck Smrt, the former NCAA enforcement staffer and compliance expert hired by U of L to look into the book's allegations, won't comment.

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