1. Illinois vs. Kent State has been postponed until tomorrow at 1 pm CT. Game will be available to watch on BTN2Go. - http://t.co/VzkjIdmN2A

  2. Top Defensive Stoppers in CBB

  3. Final: Normal 8, Schaumburg 6. Belters (60-34) win 8th game in row. Jefferis the win, Gappa the save. Homers for Dudley, Monger, Judah.

  4. Normal Community and Belleville West officially postponed until 6 p.m. Saturday.

  5. Now raining at NCHS. No official word about fate of game yet.

  6. Just heard heavy rain in Towanda headed toward NCHS. It's a long way to parking lot ... gotta go!!!!!!!!

  7. Chirino 2-run triple, Dudley 2-run homer and just like that Normal has turned a 5-1 deficit into a 7-5 lead. Still bottom 4.

  8. Must be something about Week 2 of IHSA schedule. Second straight year weather causing havoc with games everywhere.

  9. Lightning continues to be seen around Normal Community. Every lightning strikes means at least 30 minutes before teams can return.

  10. Schaumburg with four runs and six hits in 4th. Normal trails 5-1.

  11. Just heard if NCHS doesn't start before 9:30 p.m., the game will be rescheduled for 7 p.m. Saturday.

  12. Just saw big streak of lightning east of NCHS. This game not going to be starting for a while.

  13. No game yet in Normal as lightning delaying NCHS and Belleville West. http://t.co/oSKeu22CxZ

  14. Lightning spotted so NCHS and Belleville West delayed at least 30 minutes.

  15. Word around clubhouse is Vahalik felt disrespected by recent addition of catcher Tyler Shover to the roster.Somehow that was enough to leave

  16. Normal catcher Jim Vahalik has left team with three games left in regular season and playoffs starting Thursday.

  17. Yet another excruciating Cubs 7th inning interview. Please stop.

  18. VB: Hokies outlast Redbirds to open Spartan Invite: Amanda McKinize registered 20 kills in Tech's 3-1 victory. http://t.co/pyZ2MhxSQA

  19. Illinois Wesleyan has plenty of experience on both sides heading into season opener Saturday at Franklin, Ind. http://t.co/WC4SdCJQ44

  20. Illinois State coach Brock Spack, Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz go way back: http://t.co/NmY2V67KZI

  21. A look at the Illinois State football depth chart with analysis at each position: http://t.co/pWSSqw6tVj

  22. This crystal ball sees a stellar Redbird defense and another playoff berth for Illinois State football: http://t.co/4yvjPE6GaM

  23. Final: Normal 4, Evansville 3, Belters win 7th in a row. Carmain (8-2) the win, Parmenter with his 22nd save.

  24. Normal 3, Evansville 1, bottom 7. Otters' manager McCauley ejected, Belters have 2nd and 3rd with one out.