1. Football vs. Murray State Photo Gallery (Kieth Hente) http://t.co/If3N6V952e

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  6. Murray State Postgame with Coach Tuke: http://t.co/7QMZaIgACH via @YouTube

  7. Redhawks Take Down Murray State, 27-10 http://t.co/G8K3uTgJIb

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  10. The flags are waving... S-E! #tgigameday http://t.co/MjjpwItKw7

  11. Back-to-Back Highlight Reel Catches by Paul McRoberts vs. Murray State: http://t.co/OhFes25J6F via @YouTube

  12. Women Place Ninth, Men 10th at Chile Pepper Festival http://t.co/N6MSnmS470

  13. We love all the student support! Student Org Tailgate space available by reservation with @sgsoutheast! #tgigameday http://t.co/PvGsrarZq0

  14. LIVE on #Periscope: Redhawk Walk on Bellevue! #tgigameday https://t.co/9qeuO1Ntn0

  15. Redhawks Club members enjoying FREE @wingsetcMO and beverages from River Eagle. #tgigameday http://t.co/a9dclf9yyP

  16. Free inflatables for the kids, live music... Just another @SEMOfootball gameday! #tgigameday http://t.co/4J65pfogKg

  17. Shout out to all the student orgs tailgating on Bellevue! @SEMOSigmaNu @SEMOTriDelta @sgsoutheast @semosaac & others! http://t.co/EyB1x3h6FB

  18. It's a cool fall day, but @REMIXCoffeeCo is here selling some treats to warm you up! http://t.co/b7pI7lKD39

  19. If you're not early, you're late. #tgigameday http://t.co/4V0F8lXGgR

  20. Post your fan photos today with #TGIGameday, and your picture could be featured on the Houck Stadium videoboard! http://t.co/x2cbH1Ziy3

  21. This is football weather today folks! Let's see lots of tailgating, and don't miss the @SEMOfootball Redhawk Walk at 4pm! #tgigameday

  22. Redhawks host Murray State in OVC opener tonight. http://t.co/9tM2X7r6Cw

  23. Redhawks host Murray State in OVC opener tonight.

  24. Redhawks Hold First Practice of Rick Ray Era http://t.co/ZvoeTqNRzs

  25. Congratulations Molly, our @Miss_Mutts "Mutt" of the Game for Saturday's Redhawks Football game vs. Murray State! http://t.co/JY4KOpfI8v

  26. Rowdy delivered @SEMOSoccer flags to a few departments on campus in the first ever #FlagFriday! http://t.co/R27lkvhGG5

  27. Don't forget to visit the Southeast Bookstore today... 25% off all Redhawks apparel on the First Friday of the month!

  28. Redhawks Head to Chili Pepper Festival Saturday https://t.co/CFQvqBXsMT

  29. Rowdy is cleaning up at @SimplySwirled! We hope you made it out for the debut of Redhawks Red Velvet! http://t.co/ZHZHezzRlU