1. Soldier Field has not been repainted with Illinois colors (photo via @IlliniFootball): https://t.co/UubL4zFbCS https://t.co/mKMSozhaRN

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  3. No. 9 UNC Tops Northwestern in CBE Classic

  4. White... On white... On white... On white... #Northwestern's uniforms today vs. Illinois: https://t.co/GapIOJRQ5L https://t.co/7PYIExGmYH

  5. Headed down to Soldier Field today? Here's some useful information: https://t.co/TTZJnRtRJ4 https://t.co/Be8DTfyYSp

  6. GET UP. IT'S HAT DAY: https://t.co/lHA6Xbi3SQ https://t.co/3hAaL1njAU

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  8. Northwestern Starts Strong but Can't Keep Up with UNC

  9. Fun fact: Northwestern basketball takes on New Orleans tonight. Here's how to watch: https://t.co/OpLO69eQkx https://t.co/eF7JzgFquO

  10. NW State calls an early timeout as #Auburn leads by 11. #WarEagle https://t.co/QqXfDYsoqi

  11. With Mr. Cat @DaveEanet on @NUFBFamily duty Saturday, Andy Masur will have the call of the #B1GCats game vs. New Orleans with Joey Meyer.

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  13. Big Second Half Takes Tar Heels by Wildcats

  14. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  15. Still time to get yours! https://t.co/afzlhHiVed

  16. NW States calls a timeout following a Bowers dunk as #Auburn leads 18-15 with 9:17 left. #WarEagle

  17. With Baylor-TCU kicking off, here's who to root for, keeping Northwestern in mind: https://t.co/VMN660pUjZ https://t.co/F5Zudpn2Qq

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  19. Northwestern will be without two key lineman against Illinois this weekend: https://t.co/VLR3MWF1LI https://t.co/h6FCQ9Yx4Z


  21. Why Northwestern will/won't beat Illinois: https://t.co/TDZI5qyAcQ https://t.co/8gJUqUlfu8

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  25. Three matchups that could decide who wears the HAT between Northwestern and Illinois: https://t.co/RWIH6aY7ti https://t.co/37AaWvoo4y

  26. Opponent Q&A: Previewing Northwestern-Illinois with Jim Vanisi of The Champaign Room: https://t.co/WiCqt1YCtG https://t.co/N5rhRm0O1q

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  28. Happy Thanksgiving! Here are eight things to be thankful for in Northwestern sports: https://t.co/mdfylLs3ZV https://t.co/VvMddrASgv

  29. From our #family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. #B1GCats https://t.co/am6icxbiGy

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  32. See you Saturday, Jada! https://t.co/NnYcjGoCce

  33. This is marvelous https://t.co/vhVOv7f6mk

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  35. Collins Talks Extension, Attention from Other Schools, Facilities

  36. Can Northwestern-Illinois really be considered a bonafide rivalry? https://t.co/ERekCvbOoI https://t.co/0k9c99aOQ0

  37. Yessir https://t.co/GBslEKqByB

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  39. Northwestern to Break Ground on Lakefront Complex

  40. "What just happened" has been the story of NU's season. That's what has made it so great: https://t.co/RMyJqdeFwq https://t.co/NrjvQdJsLj

  41. Northwestern is still in play for a New Year's Six bowl. Here's what has to happen: https://t.co/SyP6WtKWjv https://t.co/7ueQ5eKSAL

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  44. Florida's nice on New Year's and you may catch Northwestern football too. Bowl projections: https://t.co/M6CiVn9xmN https://t.co/Mp2DHqdpkc

  45. Here’s the recap from Tuesday night’s #B1GCats win over Missouri: https://t.co/erJPxuR9ZU https://t.co/q7G25C9rlJ

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  48. Northwestern-Missouri final score: Wildcats use big first half to stave off the Tigers https://t.co/MrFvbuPimU https://t.co/zdKzc0Yt4O

  49. A victorious @coach_collins with the @WGNRadio crew. #B1GCats https://t.co/Wmtr3D9Mks

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  51. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  52. A phenomenally strange game. But they won which other B1G teams haven’t. *Cough cough Illinois cough cough Ohio State cough cough*

  53. Much better effort by Mizzou in CBE, down 20 to NW in 1st half, closed to 3, fell 67-62. Great energy from fr PG Terrence Phillips

  54. Terps' Melo Trimble Highlights B1G's Preseason Honors

  55. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

  56. SPOOOIIIIILEEEEERRRRRS. But yeah, go Cats! https://t.co/TJ2uIHVHUv

  57. Welp that’ll do it. Boy it was closer than it should’ve been, but NU is going to beat Mizzou.

  58. Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Son Walks on at N'western

  59. Predicting Player of the Year in Every CBB Conference

  60. Both point guards foul out. If NU can hit foul shots they’ll win. But the best foul shooter for NU has fouled out. Nail biter coming.

  61. Who’s going to take clutch foul shots without McIntosh on the floor? Demps really isn’t a knockdown shooter from the stripe.

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  63. Predicting CBB's Best 3-Pt Shooting Teams

  64. The live stats page is in front of my internet stream and it’s making me mad online.

  65. NU sans Bryant Macintosh should be feeding Olah every time down. Too many perimeter passes without perimeter scorers on the floor.

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  67. Ranking Conferences by Projected 2016 Tourney Bids

  68. Lindsey is 1-5 from the floor (all 3FG) but has 7 assists. Career high and an awfully good effort.

  69. Mizzou denying Demps the catch. Really good strategy with no McIntosh.

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  71. Northwestern G Lindsey Puts the Pain in 'Spain'

  72. Scottie Lindsey has 7 assists tonight. Previous career high was 2. #B1GCats

  73. Alright, Mizzou gonna score on a 1 on 4 break. This is OK.