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  21. Northwestern might be really good. It might not be. But who cares, cuz this is fun as hell: http://t.co/S010hm1eGF http://t.co/JbqstNYhud

  22. Our @zach_pereles is a guest on @BTNLive tonight. It starts right now. Tune in!

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  30. Top defenses, good RBs, mediocre QBs. Northwestern & Michigan are basically the same team: http://t.co/D6tFAe9lqs http://t.co/sSUhKEuzgz

  31. #Northwestern lined Solomon Vault up in the slot and got him a mismatch. The rest was speed: http://t.co/Fqh7IROzSU http://t.co/OfKz9T8LCX

  32. This is tremendous in so many ways... https://t.co/wlxm0kJylJ

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