1. Notes and links from around the web on Northwestern's first opponent, Stanford: http://t.co/DuXO7LBlAg http://t.co/68ZUdnwMxl

  2. Northwestern G Lindsey Puts the Pain in 'Spain'

  3. Northwestern Basketball Tweaks Jerseys for 2015-16

  4. Predicting the 2015-16 Big Ten CBB Standings

  5. In #Northwestern opponent news, Michigan falls on the road at Utah. Minny plays TCU tough. Duke rolling against Tulane. Ball State beats VMI

  6. COMING TOMORROW… #EveryWeekIsHateWeek #BeatStanfurd #BanTheTree http://t.co/OocieFXCyI

  7. #Northwestern de-commit, playing as true frosh for Harbaugh https://t.co/Z2miUzWOYB

  8. Northwestern WR Cameron Dickerson and DT Greg Kuhar are out for the Stanford game: http://t.co/LOaSmC4zAg http://t.co/hpUyM3TXwK

  9. Pound the Talk: @HenryBushnell and @BenG412 preview an actual football game! Seriously! http://t.co/4qeYwZSqOQ http://t.co/c0pyG2FVmh

  10. Stanford preview podcast this afternoon. Any questions you’d like us to answer? Or any prop bets?

  11. #Northwestern had the worst pass rush in the B1G last year. @RealMichaelOdom on how to fix it: http://t.co/abygS7MviD http://t.co/ri6kL7iBL7

  12. If #Northwestern is to progress as a program, it must compete with Stanford for recruits: http://t.co/YuMYm7Yti8 http://t.co/mEPmwNQgjJ

  13. PAT FITZGERALD. CATS. MORE CATS. VIDEO: http://t.co/TNgjgzJslk http://t.co/iRtgCAL5hL

  14. We quiz @RuleofTree on Saturday’s matchup with #Stanford. What is Stanford’s biggest strength? http://t.co/liW951NBoN http://t.co/Mz2toUAEMK

  15. Trevor Siemian still uses his #Northwestern email address… Peyton Manning makes fun of it: http://t.co/GMgX4IFXvO http://t.co/UKZ8MLfwci

  16. WHY #NORTHWESTERN WILL BEAT #STANFORD: also, why northwestern won't beat stanford: http://t.co/QFe5A5xDS4 http://t.co/hX8qsL1nyV

  17. Congrats to the winners of our Spain trip t-shirts @rauldlrosa123 and @amhilton15. Check your direct messages. #B1GCats

  18. NW Kansas Tech F @AlizeJohnson24 will visit SFA this weekend (9/5), followed by trips to Missouri St. (9/10) and Murray St. (9/17).

  19. With gameday just two days away, we talked with Stanford's SB Nation site, @RuleofTree: http://t.co/yCTqoolpeO http://t.co/F23neqqCNJ

  20. True http://t.co/X5AYdEoDdG http://t.co/RiDHlNRHrt

  21. UPDATE: STILL AMAZING https://t.co/YeK5QS1M6d


  23. Peyton Manning took some playful jabs at Trevor Siemian's haircut and... email address? http://t.co/OeFxLCym9h http://t.co/ZknPf7BcTL

  24. Have you retweeted our tweet from earlier today yet for your chance to win a Spain trip t-shirt? https://t.co/qTF5PJWo6p

  25. ICYMI: Pat Fitzgerald will stare into your soul in this Big Ten commercial spot... plus, CATS http://t.co/dyZZTJrVgD

  26. #Northwestern has A LOT of backfield depth. How will NU distribute carries among its RBs? http://t.co/HJM7lvUze5 http://t.co/tqFSc3sEo0