1. Here’s the recap from Tuesday night’s #B1GCats win over Missouri: https://t.co/erJPxuR9ZU https://t.co/q7G25C9rlJ

  2. No. 9 UNC Tops Northwestern in CBE Classic

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  4. Northwestern-Missouri final score: Wildcats use big first half to stave off the Tigers https://t.co/MrFvbuPimU https://t.co/zdKzc0Yt4O

  5. A victorious @coach_collins with the @WGNRadio crew. #B1GCats https://t.co/Wmtr3D9Mks

  6. A phenomenally strange game. But they won which other B1G teams haven’t. *Cough cough Illinois cough cough Ohio State cough cough*

  7. Northwestern Starts Strong but Can't Keep Up with UNC

  8. Big Second Half Takes Tar Heels by Wildcats

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  10. Much better effort by Mizzou in CBE, down 20 to NW in 1st half, closed to 3, fell 67-62. Great energy from fr PG Terrence Phillips

  11. SPOOOIIIIILEEEEERRRRRS. But yeah, go Cats! https://t.co/TJ2uIHVHUv

  12. Welp that’ll do it. Boy it was closer than it should’ve been, but NU is going to beat Mizzou.

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  14. Both point guards foul out. If NU can hit foul shots they’ll win. But the best foul shooter for NU has fouled out. Nail biter coming.

  15. Who’s going to take clutch foul shots without McIntosh on the floor? Demps really isn’t a knockdown shooter from the stripe.

  16. The live stats page is in front of my internet stream and it’s making me mad online.

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  20. NU sans Bryant Macintosh should be feeding Olah every time down. Too many perimeter passes without perimeter scorers on the floor.

  21. Lindsey is 1-5 from the floor (all 3FG) but has 7 assists. Career high and an awfully good effort.

  22. Mizzou denying Demps the catch. Really good strategy with no McIntosh.

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  24. Northwestern's Vic Law Out for Season

  25. Scottie Lindsey has 7 assists tonight. Previous career high was 2. #B1GCats

  26. Alright, Mizzou gonna score on a 1 on 4 break. This is OK.

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  29. Under 4 timeout, NU’s lead has shrunk to 61-57. I don’t need this stress in my life.


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  33. Missouri has been the better team this half and it hasn’t been exceedingly close.

  34. #Mizzou had four shots to make it a one possession game, couldn’t hit any. Down five, NW going to the line 4:39 to go.

  35. Northwestern to Break Ground on Lakefront Complex

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  37. Y’all nervous too?

  38. Not sure — let’s check our clocks ⏰— but it might be Tre time.

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  41. Northwestern’s lead is 9 and they’re sans Olah, Lumpkin, and McIntosh due to foul trouble. Good minutes there. Really good.

  42. Big and-one for Tre! https://t.co/eMt5gsRf54

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  45. Here’s where Olah’s foul trouble gets you in trouble. In the bonus, JVZ’s going to the line for foul shots. And he missed everything.

  46. Update: 15 combined fouls in 10.5 minutes. https://t.co/dbXNg9Ebmg

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  49. It’s a 2 possession basketball game. Remember when Northwestern was up 20?

  50. 13 fouls in the first 10 minutes of the second half.

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  53. And 4 on Lumpkin. Weeeeeeeee this is fun. https://t.co/O5DNR4fcsy

  54. Oh joy. 4 fouls on McIntosh. This is fine.

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  57. I think the rules should be enforced even tighter so there are more fouls and the game gets more exciting.

  58. 8 point game at the under 12. Gonna be a very important next 4 minutes. NU can salt this game away or Mizzou can turn this into a game.

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  61. Hmmm Missouri maybe finding a rhythm. This game might get interesting.

  62. Missouri has shot an airball on, like, 40% of its possessions this half.

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  65. I am running out of things to say about this game.

  66. And Lumpkin has 3 fouls. NU has consistently been in foul trouble this year.

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  69. 3 fouls on Olah. NU’s lead is 12. Missouri is struggling to hit the rim with consistency.

  70. 9 point game now and Chris Collins calls a timeout. Not great out of halftime.

  71. Oh, hey, basketball is back on.

  72. ESPN3 halftime shows are marvelous. -3 sentences -commercial -a sentence -scene of halftime entertainment at arena -8 minutes of commercials