1. Our hearts and prayers go out to the students and victims at @NAU and Flagstaff community. #NAUStrong

  2. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

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  4. Ranking CBB's Most Physically Imposing Lineups

  5. Predicting CBB's Best 3-Pt Shooting Teams

  6. Vorster, Frey Named Capt., Co-Capt. as @ViksWTEN Opens 2015 Fall Schedule Friday #GoViks http://t.co/DN5nMxDHPc http://t.co/p9DRm9iML6

  7. Viking golfers ready for final fall event http://t.co/KeHUNSY5TO @VikingsWGolf #GoViks

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  10. Most Exciting Players to Watch CBB Season

  11. Better Not Good Enough for 'CantCatchGenevieve' Settle @ViksXC_TF #GoViks #BigSkyTF http://t.co/zZkxOiJd3Z http://t.co/1Ib2chtvg8

  12. Round 2 Viking golf results from Aggie Invitational http://t.co/NfcTuhznOP #GoViks @VikingsWGolf @PSU_VIKINGS

  13. Video killed the radio star. At least thats what Bruce Barnum says... http://t.co/sTdSNIxwf1 #GoViks #BarnyBall @viks_football @PSU_VIKINGS

  14. Big opportunity for @viks_football this week. Catch the latest episode of Viking Football with @CoachBarnum69 here: https://t.co/hRc42hTWyV

  15. Viks face North Texas this Saturday... GAME NOTES: 12,000 words http://t.co/v1HuyKzSYk @viks_football @PSU_VIKINGS #goviks #BarnyBall

  16. Tough Luck Finds @psuviks_soccer Again in 1-0 Loss to @BigSky_Soccer-Leading Eagles RECAP http://t.co/XoPcbpc4Bc http://t.co/dSwdxbuWD7

  17. Fan made video by @Portland_State alum @kkatz2315 from today's game. #GoViks #BigSkyFB #BarnyBall @viks_football http://t.co/ApZcXYyj0t

  18. The quick and dirty recap... Vikings lose to North Dakota, 19-17. http://t.co/lzQcoP0XCH #goviks @viks_football @PSU_VIKINGS

  19. Catch those highlights from @viks_football's game vs. UND again right here: https://t.co/Zhi3qhVaaS #GoViks #BigSkyFB

  20. 3rd & 14 at your own 8? No problem!!! Big scramble by Alex Kuresa for a 1st Down. Viks driving down 19-17 http://t.co/1G9omlBhPr

  21. BOOM!!! @viks_football with a big hit and a fumble recovery and now they have the ball inside the UND 15 http://t.co/3ee5MhGy09

  22. Wow!!! Is that Alex Kuresa or Brett Favre? Either way it's a Viking first down http://t.co/Z6xgLvTBat

  23. Kahlil Dawson with a big kickoff return and @viks_football is in business again!!! http://t.co/WzMiXcaw6f

  24. Big stand by the @viks_football defense holding UND to a field goal. Viks lead 7-3 in 1st QTR http://t.co/wH1cyl9LNg

  25. It's GAMEDAY. Your #16 #GoViks play host to @UNDfootball at HILLSBORO STADIUM. Kickoff at 2PM. #Barnyball #BigSkyFB http://t.co/pyrSftQNqc

  26. Deflected Free Kick Proves the Difference in @psuviks_soccer's Loss to @VandalsSoccer RECAP http://t.co/313mH5LMwq http://t.co/xde9tFp0nR

  27. Here's your chance! Get $10 off on orders over $75 on PSU gear. Head on over to http://t.co/R9ldSmKepK for more info. http://t.co/tN2Bjkz0yS

  28. We are providing a bus to the first 100 students at the loop between Shattuck Hall & Stott Center to the game 2morrow http://t.co/eydsUTvFMh

  29. Great event hosted by @ViksWTEN last wk w/ all #GoViks female teams attending. Be sure to watch the cheer at the end https://t.co/cEAL4Urfdr

  30. Viking Golf Team travels to New Mexico State Aggie Invitational. Here is the preview. http://t.co/5nlH7OacqD #GoViks @VikingsWGolf