1. We strapped a GoPro to 3 @BryantWoSoc players at practice on Wednesday. Here is a compilation of the best footage! https://t.co/hwks660QUk

  2. BASE: @_BryantBaseball announces open tryout date http://t.co/wBRUoG0WD5

  3. Here are the highlights from today's @BryantWoSoc match against the Rhode Island Rams. https://t.co/B7GwMEv8jR

  4. WSOC: The Bryant Bulldogs fall to the URI Rams 2-4, next home game will be September 17th at 4:00 against UMass Lowell

  5. WSOC: Schucker is able to capitalize on the penalty kick to advance the score for the bulldogs, 2-4, with 6 minutes left

  6. WSOC: Sarah Shaker with a Bryant penalty kick

  7. WSOC: A couple of close shots from Bryant after another corner kick

  8. WSOC: Another shot by Scout Benson, unable to get it past the Rams goalkeeper. Bryant still down by three with 15 minutes left in the game.

  9. WSOC: Bryant is unable to take advantage of a corner kick with 24 minutes left

  10. WSOC: Bryant's Aliso Guilmette with a great shot only to be saved by the Rams goalkeeper, Bryant still down by three with 26 minutes left

  11. WSOC: Scoreless second half thus far, 33 minutes remain in the game

  12. WSOC: Bulldogs end the half with a another save from Conrad. The Bulldogs are down, 1-4.

  13. WSOC: Madison Waldron with another goal, this one unassisted. Bulldogs are down, 1-4, 42 minutes in

  14. WSOC: Another cross kick headed in by a Rams player. Madison Waldron advances the lead 3-1

  15. WSOC: Ari Stanton with another goal with a reflection from a corner kick. Rams lead, 2-1, 25 minutes in

  16. WSOC: URI Rams tie it up by Ari Stanton heading it in the net

  17. WSOC: Haley Reddish scores off of her own rebound from a penalty kick. Bulldogs lead the Rams, 1-0, 17 minutes in

  18. WSOC: Unbelievable save from Conrad as URI has a breakaway

  19. WSOC: URI about to take another corner kick 12 minutes in

  20. WSOC: Junior goalkeeper Kaplan Conrad with the first save of the game, game is still scoreless 4 minutes into the game

  21. WSOC: We are twenty minutes away from the Bulldogs taking on the University of Rhode Island Rams, come by and support your dawgs

  22. FB: @BryantUFootball hosts AIC on Saturday to open 2015 season http://t.co/ieBfyhLq89

  23. Tristan Hobbes talks with Sophie Hoekstra after tonight's 3-0 @Bryant_Vball victory over Providence! https://t.co/KrwZcgMYOJ