1. On this Thanksgiving week, I'm thankful that @ScottSwegan knows how to spell "buses" accurately. https://t.co/SBwcC1kkef

  2. 1 Thing Every Top 25 CBB Team Is Thankful For

  3. Ranking Nation's Top 100 Players for 2015-16

  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. Saw every one of those by Torian. Still the NCAA DI record. https://t.co/BoUOh7MXDJ

  6. Bowling Green holds off Florida Gulf Coast, 82-77 https://t.co/tFZawYnoix

  7. This team is making strides every time they hit the floor. https://t.co/bzPKiA3nzF

  8. Way-Too-Early Predictions for 2016 Tourney Cinderellas

  9. I got the chance this weekend to talk with Olympic gold medalist (1980 Miracle on Ice) Mark Wells. Wow! https://t.co/dIpH6UgJqs

  10. Bowling Green holds off Youngstown State 79-72 https://t.co/jIiDsrilW6

  11. Cincy w/another blowout win, but tough to judge Bearcats yet. Western Carolina, Bob Morris, Bowling Green, Pine Bluff. Hardly Murderer’s Row

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  13. Biggest Surprises from the Opening Week of CBB Season

  14. Pretty cool night. @BGFalconHockey win and I got to spend about 15 minutes talking with Miracle on Ice gold medalist Mark Wells.

  15. North Dakota opens tourney with 77-59 win over Bowling Green https://t.co/5fAzPDgldX

  16. FBS QBs to throw 6 TDs in a game this year: Goff, Falk, Jake Rudock (Mich.) Matt Johnson (BGSU), Brandon Doughty (WKU), now Vernon.

  17. Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Start of the 2015-16 Season

  18. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  19. The @BGFalconHockey power play unit is heating up! Four power play goals in the past two games.

  20. The Rodney Dangerfield of CBB @CoachCroninUC go ON THE ROAD to Bowling Green and dominate the second half. Deep hard playing team. Top 15.

  21. Cobb leads Cincinnati over Bowling Green 83-50 https://t.co/9oCHaPpsKK

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  24. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  25. Unbeaten teams remaining: 139 (Sorry, Bowling Green).

  26. Cincinnati gets 35 points off the bench and outscores Bowling Green 48-19 in the 2nd half en route to a 33-point win. Bearcats are now 3-0.

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  29. Justin Jenifer just hit a three to put the Bearcats up four at halftime. Credit Cincinnati for playing at Bowling Green.

  30. #DollarDogNightProblems at the Stroh. https://t.co/pYDRIzmj2f

  31. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  32. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

  33. With all the hand-wringing I do over TV ratings, nothing sums it up better Toledo v BGSU only had 60k fewer viewers than GU v MD.

  34. One amazing 1-handed TD grab wasn't enough for Bowling Green WR Gehrig Dieter last night: https://t.co/COmNeVhaQx https://t.co/78OWO5cVzG

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  37. Wednesday's games to watch: Illinois at Providence, Cincinnati at Bowling Green, Richmond at Wake Forest, UC Irvine at UCF.

  38. Toledo still leads Bowling Green 44-28 over on ESPN2.

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  41. I have no idea what is a catch or what is not, but I know that Gehrig Dieter is crazy good.

  42. Great to have Chris Jones (@DstoneJones) running the @BGAthletics Twitter account for an hour. The guy is all class.

  43. Wow, Toledo is absolutely KILLING Bowling Green. Just sitting in dime coverage and beating the BGSU O-line up front.

  44. Welcome Jude Adjei-Barimah to the Big Show! https://t.co/CY0yuL8cDK

  45. And that stupid f*cking vuvuzela is back! Come on Bowling Green, be better!

  46. Those all-brown uniforms for Bowling Green are H-I-D-E-O-US. Wow, those are astoundingly awful.

  47. This has the feel of a HUGE game at the Doyt tonight. Two teams playing to stay alive for a New Year's Six Bowl and it feels like it.

  48. This crowd tonight is off the chain (that's a phrase the kids use). Gonna be packed once everyone gets in here.

  49. Of the four Twitter Takeover match-ups tonight, I'm thinking @1prince_adjei and @TFat96 at 6:30 might be the most entertaining hour.

  50. 557 yards is how many yards MAC member Bowling Green put up on Tennessee. #Brutal is right! https://t.co/ECkNKCS5PU

  51. Don't think much of MAC teams? Might want to ask Arkansas about that, check numbers Bowling Green put up on Vols https://t.co/ECkNKCS5PU

  52. A little press box fun before the big game. https://t.co/BuvuI7F4HF

  53. Great story by @Thomas_Schmeltz on Zach Colvin and why the MAC is often the best fit for a football player: https://t.co/sREq4MR23o

  54. In the office, watching this over and over and over and over. https://t.co/h35lXl3NI3

  55. 4:30 am and I'm already at the Doyt. Are you here yet? #humblebrag https://t.co/0UMAcAS0hf

  56. Story by @PaulMyerberg on @11DroppinDimes is fantastic: https://t.co/ohlKxm80Po

  57. 23 hours from game time, so it's officially GAMEDAY! Right? https://t.co/h35lXl3NI3

  58. This is going to be fantastic. If you aren't at the game, you need to be following this. https://t.co/e0pSCmTTqL