1. No @HowieShow tomorrow. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends & steal a side dish for me. See you Friday https://t.co/laEAaPM20G

  2. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  3. Ranking Nation's Top 100 Players for 2015-16

  4. Just wrote an end-of-year essay for @RollingStone on American Pharoah, which allowed me to relive this unreal day: https://t.co/y555VPLlAw

  5. Too early for me to make that judgement. We'll know a lot after Clemson and Oklahoma St games coming up. https://t.co/Rk2nxzPlMG

  6. Scheduling my phone to remind me in year where to find AXS TV

  7. Nation's Top 20 PFs for the 2015 CBB Season

  8. Way-Too-Early Predictions for 2016 Tourney Cinderellas

  9. Biggest Surprises from the Opening Week of CBB Season

  10. Let me fix your helmet. . @USNavy Myer Krah vs Tulsa's Justin Hobbs (Getty) WEEKS BEST :https://t.co/82Fs3ntik7 https://t.co/l7G8hoiBGr

  11. And, believe me, it's NOT because Blue Devils haven't missed a shot https://t.co/Xg7SMiVl4u

  12. Girl you got me down, you got me stressed out https://t.co/eftJXZFDf1

  13. Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Start of the 2015-16 Season

  14. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  15. Trust me when I say, the Yale starters are good all avg in double figures. They are picked to win the Ivy League. 2-0 Bluudogs

  16. Recording new episode of The Prime Directive. Ask Me (almost) Anything. Tweet me and your question will be on show. https://t.co/9Om59PLefj

  17. SIGN ME UP https://t.co/fU10QFrvR4

  18. Gibbs helps No. 20 Connecticut beat Maine 100-56

  19. Ranking the Nation's Top 20 Point Guards

  20. Ultimate Guide to the 2015-16 CBB Season

  21. Crean obviously wasn't asking me. But I can't tell you why the whistle came. #iubb

  22. Yea, ignore me, I can't read. Ferrell was 9-of-10 on free throws yesterday. My apologies. #iubb

  23. Excuse me, 0-of-4 from the free-throw line for Indiana. Nick Zeisloft hits two to break that duck though. #iubb

  24. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  25. Sleepers for CBB Player of the Year

  26. Each Preseason Top 25 Team's Most Intriguing Player

  27. Two guys on everybody's preseason coaching hot seat lists about to go head-to-head to get out of Maui 2-1. Feels close to 50/50 game to me.

  28. Don't know enough to comment on that. Wouldn't surprise me if they dropped it now but who knows. https://t.co/dSHMHrGhkF

  29. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  30. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

  31. On the 2nd day of #DuckSwag Christmas, Santa Duck gave to me, a nice grey beanie https://t.co/68TPMGBz1P https://t.co/1XVqnLxfE4

  32. Thanksgiving Eve R&R starts now. John will sing his favorite carol and let me open one present. Listen live:: https://t.co/VO2F1cYVNA

  33. Predicting Player of the Year in Every CBB Conference

  34. Predicting CBB's Best 3-Pt Shooting Teams

  35. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has back tattoo of himself: 'Just me watching my back.' https://t.co/HYj8zTPbjt https://t.co/UvykYCzK2I

  36. Dan's humility, grace, and benevolence are what jump out at me as I read this. He's such a professional. https://t.co/jIdhLxXHr0

  37. Ranking Most Overlooked Recruits in Last Decade

  38. Ranking Conferences by Projected 2016 Tourney Bids

  39. A very kind UNC fan from Pinehurst just came up to me here on Southwest Flight 2380 and told me he liked reading my stuff. Thankful.

  40. The 3PA at the end has brought me to tears.

  41. Too cloying for me, but great Warrant song/video. https://t.co/JdQTaoopQ6

  42. Asked Mullen about Dak not being a finalist for O' Brien Award: They don't give me a vote for that stuff. I don't even know criteria for it

  43. Two former SEC coaches have called it "atrocious" to me this season. https://t.co/6ancFwnAWU

  44. Is it the Capitol City Classic or the Soul Bowl? Either way, me and @AntonioCMorales talk about JSU-Alcorn. https://t.co/dwUjenxf3I

  45. Let me correct myself with my tail between my legs -- the game is on ESPN2, not ESPN. But, yeah. Avoid First Take, anyway.

  46. The Warriors odds of going 82-0, per @numberFire: 0.0000000000015%. So you're telling me there's a chance...

  47. Jimmy Butler: Mason Plumlee 'cost me $2,500'; I'm asking him to pay me back.' https://t.co/sQ8Nu56DfW https://t.co/od2WQiESH0

  48. We've gotten to the point where, after I supported USU's side for an hour, USU fans are starting to rip me in my mentions, so peace...

  49. If you bail two days before the season starts without a really good reason, you get a lot less sympathy from me https://t.co/d9wBYOT4Rb

  50. David Patrick told me the reason Ben Simmons came to college was "to play in March." But LSU left Brooklyn 0-2 https://t.co/VTwipnH3vO

  51. Me: "Then we're going to the food store." 5yo: "No, playground." Me: "The food store's a playground if you think about it hard enough"

  52. And thx to EVERYONE who read and followed me on my journey with Lost Lettermen. You guys made it so much more fun than I EVER imagined. 

  53. Finally, a co-worker who understands me ... https://t.co/e0Qff3u7Ma

  54. I think my wife is: A) Trying to tell me something and B) Setting some unrealistic expectations. https://t.co/Tblfz1jftZ

  55. David Collette: 'I feel like I broke up with Utah State, and now she's doing everything she can to get back at me.' https://t.co/g49txvpQL2

  56. Labissiere says Calipari "pushing me every day, and I'm very thankful for that." https://t.co/4wWllcZNZw

  57. Let me know the date my man. https://t.co/fMtySYHmEu

  58. David Collette: 'I feel like I broke up with Utah State and now she's doing everything she can to get back at me.' https://t.co/g49txvHs9C