1. Aint gonna let Monday come at me hard like: https://t.co/xDToEcUY3G

  2. College Basketball's All-Week 3 First Team

  3. Ranking Nation's Top 100 Players for 2015-16

  4. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  5. There's a good essay to be written (by someone smarter than me) about Richt, Les Miles, CFB's equivalent of the military industrial complex.

  6. I need Tom Brady to hulk out and get me 14 more points for my fantasy team.

  7. Jeff Van Gundy saw Texas-Arlington annihilate Rice today & told me they are a very good team. At Texas on Tuesday night. Be aware, Horns.

  8. Stock Watch for New CBB Coaches

  9. Mike Reilly: "It's not about me, it's what our team's been through." MORE: https://t.co/4KtQM6Dxjd https://t.co/CPvStemmVT

  10. Chris Paul of the @LAClippers is two seats away from me. He's quick.

  11. Australian native Jayden Hodgson, a 6'3 G, has committed to Bradley per me knowing things.

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  15. #Pistons SVG on loss to #Nets: "It’s a disappointing night, but the only thing that disappointed me is that we lost it mentally."

  16. He blocked me???? Well I've never!!!!

  17. Please tell me it's a limerick. https://t.co/b3IrCOeM1A

  18. Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Start of the 2015-16 Season

  19. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  20. MSU allowed me to join Dak Prescott on his final Dawg Walk. It was an experience unlike any other. https://t.co/3UuLOPvFvy

  21. To me, it matters not whether @kobebryant is at his best at his career's end. It has been a privilege to watch him play. He's incredible.

  22. Don't get me wrong. Saban deserves every penny. But these aren't volunteer coaches. They get paid millions. Hence the pressure.

  23. Gibbs helps No. 20 Connecticut beat Maine 100-56

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  26. if anyone wants to invite me on TV tomorrow to talk about why we should thank Ciara for these TDs, I'm available

  27. On the 6th day of #DuckSwag Christmas Santa Duck gave to me, a SS grey tee ($7) https://t.co/68TPMGT9Tn https://t.co/yHd7UQuyLu

  28. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  29. Sleepers for CBB Player of the Year

  30. Dayton has two fouls now; Kevin Pollard the latest. Man, the people behind me are ticked about that.

  31. "He hit me on the chest and I was like ‘Oh okay'...I knew then that that’s the energy I needed to bring to the floor every single game"—Luke

  32. Each Preseason Top 25 Team's Most Intriguing Player

  33. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  34. Me too! And many thanks. https://t.co/iI8sNg8C0r

  35. The fans behind me are mostly Dayton. Some Iowa, Notre Dame, XU fans sprinkled in.

  36. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

  37. Predicting Player of the Year in Every CBB Conference

  38. I'm going to see Creed this afternoon. I hope it takes me higher.

  39. Ferentz says "don't quote me" ... marking the first time that's ever been said on a media teleconference.

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  41. Ranking Most Overlooked Recruits in Last Decade

  42. Don't do this to me, Stats & Info. https://t.co/wRexq3as5N

  43. #BBN, join me in wishing @UKCoachJustus happy bday. Joel has been an unbelievable addition to our staff. Doing great things for our program.

  44. Ranking Conferences by Projected 2016 Tourney Bids

  45. Most Exciting Players to Watch CBB Season

  46. C) Troy Calhoun. But me thinks an NFL job more enticing. https://t.co/bioKKkGvDz

  47. As one #SEC assistant just told me, "Let the recruiting chaos begin." https://t.co/G9Tyh2VJO7

  48. The Navy coach jumps out at me as someone fitting that general mold. #UVa

  49. What Littlepage said in release about wanting a "system" coach makes me believe he's gonna take a page out of the Tony Bennett hiring. #UVa

  50. The BHawks remind me of GSW w/ their warp-speed counter attacks. Kane isn't out there at much as Curry but both thrive in transition chaos.

  51. Tyler Ulis' dad tells me Tyler is OK. X-Rays on elbow were normal. UK's next game is Monday.

  52. Who could blame Les for going into the AD's office Monday and proclaiming: "Look at me. Look at my eyes... I'm the captain now"

  53. #LSU coach Les Miles: I'm a Miles. I've got a clear focus. Distractions don't bother me

  54. #LSU coach Les Miles: What a joy it's been for me to lead a team into Tiger Stadium.

  55. Les Miles’ name being bellowed across the Louisiana night by Tigers fans. Someone explain to me why he’s (possibly?) getting pushed out.

  56. Buddy texted me minute Kizer scored to say with this #Irish defense, they had scored with too much time on the clock....boy, was he right..

  57. Can tell you Foster was moved by Mora's comments because he's still sitting next to me in press box. Not choked up, but very emotional.

  58. Illegal sub penalty on #LSU on that crucial 3rd and 6. In booth next to me, Joe Alleva stretches out his arms and puts his hands on his head

  59. There are so many levels to this that are mind-boggling to me: https://t.co/LRir6Weywu

  60. This Stanford Notre Dame game makes me think four is too few teams for the @CFBPlayoff.

  61. Does the sound level keep changing on this broadcast for you? Commercials are much louder than the broadcast for me. Anyone else?