1. Rick Barry to Stephen Curry: "Congratulations...Let me tell you, you turned yourself into a hell of a bkb player." https://t.co/IgBgQTZY7R

  2. This is me right now, looking at all the South Carolina tailgates outside my office. http://t.co/DGiBDBiNRa

  3. Easier for me to slide a drawing under the curtain when you're not looking. https://t.co/BgG1MswRZR

  4. Missed me earlier on @SportsRadio810? Can catch my segment w/ @theprogramkc right here (http://t.co/Nj0lyaSDG6). Talked #KU, #KSU & #Mizzou.

  5. Thank you very much. The people of Houston have been great to me. Excited to work with their young people. https://t.co/5fk9sJ1KIs

  6. Missed me earlier on @SportsRadio810? Can listen to my segment w/ @theprogramkc here (http://t.co/Eb35cxlFdV) Talked #KU, #KSU & #Mizzou.

  7. Are you kidding me? Two Clark columns?!? In one day?!? You fools are the luckiest Twitter followers in history.

  8. next 18 minutes will destroy me

  9. Occurs to me UK has a chance to end its three ugliest remaining streaks in a row: sellout (Week 1), road win (Week 2), Florida win (Week 3).

  10. Eastern Washington coach Beau Baldwin joins me on the BFT radio show today 12-3p @750TheGame

  11. This video gives me goosebumps. So inspirational. https://t.co/XoOaLCCUqg

  12. I know it's your birthday @ClickClack_Jack, but can you get me a @UCLAFootball win on Saturday?

  13. The situation in Ashland right now is exactly what this state does not need...makes me sad

  14. Call me crazy, but I feel like we've been on this stretch of road before. http://t.co/0rqHpbviCU http://t.co/1NVtfIQOwx

  15. It ain't me, Rog, I ain't no Senator's son

  16. Hey @MattWillinger - CardsAuthentic just tagged me in this - the Heisman Bird is back… https://t.co/LKKpQn2l8r

  17. This ‘No excuses’ thing from @LonghornNetwork shows me something with Daje Johnson. Big, if true. http://t.co/KaE228Eaft

  18. UL fball fans are the ultimate indecisive gf."Are they gonna have drinks or do we need to bring our own? Ok. Now tell me what I should wear"

  19. "Wat Da Hook Shot Gon Be" .... Let me grab my coat. I'll go now. https://t.co/sxWhwSV2nf

  20. At some point coffee got a little too good at keeping me awake. Drinking a big mug now. Gonna hold myself up during circle of life.

  21. Always give. Humidity and an ill-advised bike ride gave me a cowlick for this video. And I give you 3 keys for UNC: http://t.co/zNb5Fp6m3R

  22. Man, and I'm not even a "breathtaking" kind of person. Salt Lake City just does it for me, though. http://t.co/JExcWlhFLb

  23. Media: Wife of 'Skins GM slanders reporter. 'Skins: No she didn't, it's fake. Wife of GM: Yes I did. It was me. Does LA still want a team?