1. If #Alabama can play Charleston Southern and be a No. 2 seed with one loss .... https://t.co/wYMA5yDV0j

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

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  4. Akron pulls away from Charleston Southern for 82-58 win https://t.co/05fpiTPlG5

  5. . @AlabamaFTBL Richard Mullaney's TD vs Charleston Southern. (Getty) WEEKS BEST :https://t.co/82Fs3ntik7 https://t.co/4PItOtDTNz

  6. Charleston Southern holds off ETSU 77-76 https://t.co/PKxVB0MMim

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  10. Did Iowa play Charleston Southern? No? Then rank the Hawkeyes ahead of Alabama https://t.co/f9OW0F4abm via @SBNation's @edsbs

  11. Citadel -- fresh off beating S. Carolina -- will be at Coastal Carolina in first round, with winner facing Charleston Southern.

  12. Charleston Southern gets the No. 8 seed in FCS playoffs.

  13. Hannahs' Hot Shooting Sparks Arkansas to 93-75 Win

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  15. Alabama 56, Charleston Southern 6. Story: https://t.co/vwlqoGtoMD

  16. Charleston Southern just scored.

  17. HALFTIME: Alabama 49, Charleston Southern 0. https://t.co/Ip906OqF3b

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  21. Total yards: Alabama 240, Charleston Southern 18.

  22. Alabama 35, Charleston Southern 0 (7:17 left first half) https://t.co/Ip906OqF3b

  23. Charleston Southern crossed the 50.

  24. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  25. After 1 quarter: Alabama 28, Charleston Southern 0. https://t.co/Ip906OqF3b

  26. After 3 drives, Charleston Southern has -7 yards. https://t.co/Ip906OqF3b

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  29. Total yards: Alabama 154, Charleston Southern -3.

  30. Total yards: Alabama 119, Charleston Southern -3.

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  32. Charleston Southern takes the field first.

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  40. VIDEO: Mike Anderson recaps the Razorbacks' win over Charleston Southern https://t.co/qgODGNBFfu

  41. Dusty Hannahs scored 21 points to lead Arkansas to a 93-75 win over Charleston Southern https://t.co/9EvMRI8a3X

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  44. Arkansas beat Charleston Southern 93-75 to improve to 2-1. The Razorbacks play Georgia Tech next on Thanksgiving Day.

  45. Arkansas leads Charleston Southern 69-41 with 11:37 remaining https://t.co/buGwR6LJ1c

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  48. Arkansas leads Charleston Southern 57-39 with 15:51 remaining https://t.co/buGwR6LJ1c

  49. Arkansas leads Charleston Southern 49-32 at halftime; big first half for Dusty Hannahs and Anthlon Bell https://t.co/buGwR6LJ1c

  50. Hogs have hit 14 of 25 shots and lead Charleston Southern 43-26

  51. Arkansas leads Charleston Southern 33-19 with less than 8 minutes before halftime https://t.co/buGwR6LJ1c

  52. Hogs have jumped to a 26-11 lead over Charleston Southern w/ 10:30 left in 1st half.

  53. Arkansas leads Charleston Southern 26-11 with 10:30 remaining https://t.co/buGwR6LJ1c

  54. Arkansas leads Charleston Southern 16-6 with 13:23 remaining in the first half https://t.co/buGwR6LJ1c

  55. Arkansas has made its last 5 attempts from the field. ✅ Charleston Southern has made 1 of its last 6 from the floor. Hogs lead 14-6.

  56. Hogs' listed starters for tonight's game vs Charleston Southern: Bell, Durham, Whitt, Kingsley, MIles. It's Bell's start this season.

  57. Coleman Coliseum RV lot the night before the Charleston Southern game. https://t.co/Y0xYiC99rt

  58. Arkansas hosts Charleston Southern in a little less than two hours at BWA. A preview: https://t.co/4eE2T4rdkT

  59. Georgia Southern is selling "Tin Horn" shirts in honor of Saban's Charleston Southern rant https://t.co/kFeUA3MMtG https://t.co/i2lEXEQ9hZ

  60. Saban refers to Charleston Southern as "a good little team." https://t.co/xQFXOWlpsx

  61. Charleston Southern beats Johnson & Wales 97-65 https://t.co/dECbmFiGn1