1. WSOC: Hornets put eight shots on goal but can't get an equalizer as Idaho completes a 1-0 win #BigSkySoccer

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  6. WSOC: Idaho got a goal in the 39th minute and leads 1-0 at the half #BigSkySoccer

  7. Final Score: UNC 27, SAC 20.

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  10. UNC retakes the lead with 58-yard fumble return for a TD. Third non-offensive TD for the Bears. UNC 27, SAC 20, 4:06 4th. #BigSkyFB

  11. Brad Cornish nails a 35-yard field goal pulls the Hornets within 7. UNC 20, SAC 13, 11:21 4th. #StingersUp #BigSkyFB

  12. UNC recovers a fumble and returns AJ Battle returns it 26 yards for a TD. UNC 20, SAC 10, 2:54, 3rd. #BigSkyFB

  13. UNC goes ahead with a 38-yard field goal by Jamie Falloon. UNC 13, SAC 10, 3:47, 3rd. #BigSkyFB

  14. Brad Cornish ties the game with a 22-yard field goal. SAC 10, UNC 10, 0:40, 2nd. #StingersUp #BigSkyFB

  15. Northern Colorado takes a 10-7 lead with a 28-yard field goal. #BigSkyFB

  16. End of the 1st quarter: SAC 7, UNC 7. #StingersUp #BigSkyFB

  17. Defense gets a stop on 4th-and-2. Offense gets the ball at own 41.

  18. Chloe Berlioux finished first in the women's race at the Capital Cross Challenge on Saturday. The Hornet women... http://t.co/aRMkp4p2GC

  19. Chloe Berlioux is the women's indiv champion at the Capital Cross Challenege http://t.co/KHBNztdCrL

  20. GAMEDAY! Football hosts Northern Colorado tonight at 6 pm. #StingersUp #RideForTheBrand http://t.co/8a01vJZDso

  21. Cross country to host Capital Cross Challenge on Saturday at Haggin Oaks GC. http://t.co/YnqGnVjZHP

  22. Congratulations to Aaron Beverly who was named the Big Sky Men's Golfer of the Week. http://t.co/uBbi9XJOui

  23. Fresh off a record-breaking season, @SacHornetsMBB begins official team practice this Friday. #StingersUp #BigSkyMBB http://t.co/EpnzaSbTvz

  24. Game notes now posted for Saturday's game against Northern Colorado. http://t.co/SkEp4LOe9x http://t.co/bRFXa3Xeee

  25. Women's Basketball earns first place votes and is tied for second, third in Big Sky polls #StingersUp #BigSkyWBB http://t.co/kckh3Wmcqr

  26. Aaron Beverly shot 69 on Tuesday and finished in eighth place at the Itani Quality Homes Collegiate. http://t.co/K8T3GhFT5I

  27. Get ready for your Hornet Football fix this Saturday with this video https://t.co/GCEFCzHNR0 via @YouTube

  28. Men's golf is back in action at the Itani Quality Homes Classic. Follow live at https://t.co/CNL16t9nzC

  29. WSOC: See all four goals and hear from the Hornets after the 4-1 win over Southern Utah #BigSkySoccer #StingersUp https://t.co/taNzlP5xxz