1. Big, big recruiting weekend for Coach Bill Self and his staff. https://t.co/DPhlCfVkiU #kubball

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  6. Three. More. Days. #KULateNight http://t.co/yFFwshDG1Z

  7. FOUR DAYS #KULateNight http://t.co/3OlDDEXt3T

  8. Self on Ellis: I expect him to be as good or better than any player in B12 and I think he's capable of playing like an All-American #KUbball

  9. Diallo to Practice with KU Amid Eligibility Decision

  10. Diallo 'Thrilled' to Be Back on Court

  11. I had a nice talk with @b_greene14 (Brannen Green) at media day last week. https://t.co/bADXcxS8VG #kubball

  12. Marques Bolden says he is ready for Late Night at #KU https://t.co/mvYQ74AQg8 #kubball http://t.co/HbwX7niyQE

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  16. Cozart showing weaknesses... He can hit those short outs all day but that's 2 bad ones down the field now & the miss to the flat. #KUbball

  17. Saturday morning practice then #KULateNight practice for #kubball #PayHeed. Gonna have some eyes on #kufball also. http://t.co/aqdqNcDbB5

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  20. @carltonbragg31 on boot camp: "I loved it." pic.twitter.com/yMiHTtPvda

  21. First full practice of the season #kubball #PayHeed http://t.co/oaeNVXJMDA

  22. Perry Ellis says this is best #KU team he's played on, wants a Final 4 for SR year https://t.co/OPdmCbeiYm #kubball http://t.co/9o51Gy4R2O

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  30. #kubball walk-on Clay Young took part in his first media day on Thursday. http://t.co/WfGCh828Dl

  31. Big smile from @PElliz (Perry Ellis) at media day. Hard it believe it was his final one. #kubball http://t.co/qXQjaRPQbf

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  45. From behind-the-scenes #kubball https://t.co/RqYZJXMtjO

  46. "We encourage everyone to come to Late Night, it should be a great event" -@CoachBillSelf https://t.co/zHdbmqUfNi

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  49. AUDIO: Listen to Bill Self's media day press conference https://t.co/Wi3vF5T7gs #kubball

  50. Every #KUbball player I talked to today said the opportunity to get focused on going after Gold in Korea helped them get over WSU L quicker