1. So thankful for a great staff of managers! #ORUMBB blessed with some of the best in the nation cc @JayBilas http://t.co/FL3xK8EalL

  2. Early Guide to the 2015-16 Season

  3. Predicting Player of the Year in Every CBB Conference

  4. Ranking CBB's Most Physically Imposing Lineups

  5. Predicting CBB's Best 3-Pt Shooting Teams

  6. Want to plan your day around panels at Wizard World Tulsa con? Got your highlights: http://t.co/mtaYAI9MU4 #kaniacs http://t.co/uJlAJpKVGi

  7. Steelers have a chance to force OT if they can score a couple of safeties.

  8. Ranking Most Overlooked Recruits in Last Decade

  9. Ranking Conferences by Projected 2016 Tourney Bids

  10. Most Exciting Players to Watch CBB Season

  11. Watching Le'Veon Bell is sometimes like watching Pietro Maximoff during the "Time in a Bottle" sequence in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."

  12. The beard thing has gotten goofy. Even the hillbillies on the old glass Mountain Dew bottles think it's time for something else.

  13. I'm not getting directions from Columbus or descendants. Dude thought he was in India. He's the guy who can't find car after Foghat concert.

  14. Hard to believe but this show is 20 years old. The co-stars will reunite at @dallascomiccon http://t.co/hXVoES2nH4 http://t.co/k7f1ffREC6

  15. There was great "scar" scene in "Jaws." At @scartrek every scar tells story: http://t.co/v2Xy8S1wMD http://t.co/dGFc1paZps

  16. Forever will be my movie recommendation during Halloween season. http://t.co/48Ah0nlp7D

  17. Breaking News: Mel Tillis and Susan Raye are guesting on @OfficialRFDTV rerun of "Hee Haw" tonight. #LAinternationalairport

  18. Our countdown continues ... 33 days until the regular season opener! #ORUMBB http://t.co/hhU4ZqHr2Z

  19. Just noticed this, but is Saturday Night Live using a laugh track? If so, ugh.

  20. I bet Bill Snyder even wins at this. http://t.co/1SuMnfpboD

  21. If Dana ever gets chunky, he could double for Sam Kinison.

  22. This is a "hair of the dog" game for Grogan and Walsh. Maybe the worst games of their career came in last trip to West Virginia.

  23. Ultimately, football in any era is about blocking and tackling. There's your explanation.

  24. OU-Texas? @ChristianKane01 lived in both states & now he's cooking. http://t.co/5wTnv73vne #kaniacs http://t.co/mubgflT96X

  25. So far, looks like OU made the mistake of thinking Texas was still in TCU's belly. http://t.co/q82HK8M0Iz

  26. Could be wrong, but I had this pegged as close game just because weird psychological spot for OU to be in, expecting Texas to be gimme putt.

  27. While you were sleeping, cranked out a @DefLeppard review for @EricBaileyTW http://t.co/NIAxDGAdIE http://t.co/bstpAtgYe3

  28. No reason to grade @DefLeppard on a classic rock curve. Give 'em an A for BOK performance: http://t.co/NIAxDGAdIE http://t.co/eYvKJPHvfb

  29. Two bands down, one to go. #tesla #foreigner #defleppard Sadly, Johnny Cash is not around to join them. http://t.co/iShnf4z6QM

  30. Midway through tripleheader. Next up to bat: Def Leppard. http://t.co/xtgVxkG1JA