1. Golden Eagles Host Detroit Saturday at 1 p.m. https://t.co/UqYlSUDrd9 #ORUMBB #SummitMBB

  2. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

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  4. The "why" behind Charlie Daniels lyric in case @EvilMikeTomlin & @GuerinEmig were wondering: https://t.co/wKppLULqW5 https://t.co/Eka7PjSsYp

  5. The great @CharlieDaniels is from N. Carolina. So why did he name-drop @steelers in a song? https://t.co/wKppLULqW5 https://t.co/vvRnzRraef

  6. Kingsbury shares a razor with Matthew Fox from "Party of Five."

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  8. Nation's Top 20 PFs for the 2015 CBB Season

  9. Panthers CB Josh Norman said he went to the bat cave and went "Dark Knight" today. Frank Miller with the assist?

  10. Texas Tech is that cousin in Thanksgiving backyard football game who wanted to be all-time quarterback instead of splitting time on defense.

  11. Source: Texas close to announcing the addition of varsity football as an intercollegiate sport.

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  15. Thanks to Coach Sean for having everyone over for Thanksgiving dinner! #ORUMBB https://t.co/J34FCMua2o

  16. Waiting for the song "Suburb Boys Can Survive."

  17. Which Village People was he?

  18. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  19. I was going to tweet something about Romo before the game, but autocorrect changed it to "Pick Six."

  20. So the other 364 days are for Thanks-taking?

  21. What's the worst T-giving dinner you ever settled for? I had Taco Bell in Durant after covering a Cowboys game in Irving.

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  24. NC State, Ole Miss, Creighton, St. Joe's, Loyola (Ill.), ORU, Montana, & Washington St are in the 2016 Paradise Jam, source told @CBSSports.

  25. A childhood friend was Billy Joe McAllister. #jimbobcooter

  26. Will be shocked if concussion movie is a hit. Serious issue, but people want to be entertained when they buy movie ticket. This = downer.

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  29. Happy Thanksgiving! Before you stuff yourself with turkey, feast on your #NextDayNumbers. #ORUMBB https://t.co/Wbts9ai2c5

  30. Serenity now. (Wanted to get started early.)

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  32. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  33. Alzheimer's won't stop dad from officiating son's Thanksgiving wedding: https://t.co/O4eTtOF0Qv https://t.co/c6AsKaCPLV

  34. Back to back great #RockfordFiles episodes from Season 5 DVD: "The Man Who Saw the Alligator" and "The Return of the Black Shadow."

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  37. #ORUMBB Postgame vs. Tabor (11/25/15) https://t.co/k56n5bxtH6

  38. Golden Eagles Run Past Tabor, 112-80 https://t.co/U6HFbT2RxK #ORUMBB #SummitMBB

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  41. Double-double gets DaQuan a little media attention. These 2 combined for 27 pts and 17 rebounds. #ORUMBB https://t.co/tJqNAOY8Sv

  42. FINAL: #ORUMBB 112 - Tabor 80. Most points since a 113-68 win over Utah Valley State 12/28/04 #SummitMBB https://t.co/uLAwUDfJ5V

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  45. MEDIA (7:18): #ORUMBB 92 - Tabor 61. Golden Eagles staring at 100 pts for the first time since 1/14/15 (102)

  46. MEDIA (11:39): #ORUMBB 78 - Tabor 55. What a block by Tre Vance! The junior stuffed it and palmed it into his chest to maintain possession.

  47. Game notes getting a workout today. Darian with his third 3-pointer of the game (3-4), matching his career high #ORUMBB

  48. #ORUMBB on a 22-2 run and Adam Glenville gets in the game with 13:26 to play.

  49. Another great dunk by Jeffries and #ORUMBB up 56-48 with just over 17 minutes to play.

  50. Full first half stats. #ORUMBB https://t.co/XgL4MvNG58

  51. HALFTIME: #ORUMBB 53 - Tabor 44. AJ with 11 pts, Obi with 10 https://t.co/61diyMbOoy

  52. Thanks to this dunk from DaQuan, #ORUMBB with the most points in the first half (53) since scoring 53 v UNO last yr https://t.co/qKMxTbNDqI

  53. MEDIA (3:40): #ORUMBB 46 - Tabor 37. AJ with 11 points, Tabor with a 7-16 mark from 3 keeping them in it

  54. MEDIA (11:26): #ORUMBB 27 - Tabor 18. ORU 4-5 from 3-pt range (Darian has two of them)

  55. First free throws of the season for AY and he hits both to put #ORUMBB up 21-16. 9 of ORU's 21 points have come from the line.

  56. #ORUMBB starters for tonight's game against Tabor. https://t.co/tITdM0NNJS

  57. Links for #ORUMBB vs. @GoTaborBluejays:  https://t.co/74UaVxhEHS  https://t.co/1R5uomHYVV  https://t.co/YdZvQ6HpcA #SummitMBB

  58. #ORUMBB wearing white tonight vs Tabor. https://t.co/gdGxlzY4Nt

  59. I read on Facebook the establishment tells media what to cover. I missed meeting today. Can somebody forward me the memo from establishment?

  60. Reaction after the CFP show every week.... https://t.co/rxNic2tnkV