1. FINAL: Findlay 37, Hamilton 27 @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  2. Hamilton fumbles the ball away with 39.9 seconds left @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  3. McKinniss with another touchback, Hamilton at its 20, 1:29 on the clock @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  4. Grant McKinniss kick, Findlay 37, Hamilton 27, 1:29 left @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  5. 1:29 4Q, Emmanuel Mogolu with his fifth TD, a 2-yd run, for Findlay @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  6. Findlay at the HHS 2-yard line, 1:32 left, Big Blue just took final timeout @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  7. Findlay with a long completion on screen pass and HHS personal foul @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  8. 3:07 4Q, Findlay third-and-11 at its 45 @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  9. 3:37 4Q, Findlay second-and-12 @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  10. Findlay recovers pseudo-onside kick at its 46 with 4:20 left @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  11. Isaiah Murph 11 carries, 76 yds, 3 touchdowns @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  12. Kyle Campbell XP is good, Findlay 30, Hamilton 27 with 4:23 left @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  13. 42-yard bomb from Cunningham to Sanford, HHS near the goal line @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  14. Hamilton starts from its own 26, 5:52 left, trailing 30-20 @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  15. Hamilton defense holds, forces a punt @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  16. 8:15 4Q, Findlay at its own 41, holding a 30-20 lead @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  17. Hamilton is going to punt again, Big Blue in deep trouble now @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  18. Another McKinniss touchback and HHS starts from its 20, trailing 30-20 with 10:09 left @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  19. Mogolu now has 387 all-purpose yards tonight for Findlay @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  20. Grant McKinniss kick and Findlay leads 30-20 with 10:09 remaining @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  21. Emmanuel Mogolu 174 yds receiving and 127 rushing for Findlay @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  22. Mogolu took a screen pass, evaded a tackle and was gone @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb

  23. Tre Miller to Emmanuel Mogolu 50-yard TD pass for Findlay @HHSBigBlueAD @FHSAthletic @journalnews #cincyfb