4 Ways To Be Somebody at Bleacher Report

I'm new to the B/R community—what can I do to get my name out there?

Of all the FAQs we field at B/R Headquarters, that's probably the most common. It's also among the most misguided. Truth be told, establishing a reputation in the B/R community is much less about what you decide to do than how you decide to be.

First Be…

Popularity always starts with personality. Before you can be somebody at Bleacher Report, you have to be yourself—and "being yourself" is the kind of project that can only succeed if it's undertaken with the right attitude and a fitting mind-set.

The Community Guidelines won't tell you how to take each individual step on the road ahead, or how to overcome every conceivable obstacle along the way. They will, however, identify the four "virtues" of B/R's most accomplished veterans: character traits that account for the ability of some community members to rise above their peers. As you begin your own climb through the B/R hierarchy, there's no better map for getting from where you are to where you want to be.

…Then Do

For the record, being somebody at B/R isn't just a matter of personal disposition. On the contrary, character traits are most meaningful insofar as they motivate meaningful action, which means you can only really be yourself by putting your temperament into practice.

You're here, reading this sentence, because you want to leave your mark on Bleacher Report. To make it happen, you'll need to learn and love the letter of the four virtues—but you'll also have to live out their lessons every time you log on to the site. With enough passion—and with a little perseverance—you'll have every opportunity to be the big shot you've been dreaming of.

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