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  14. Auguste leads No. 18 Notre Dame past UMass Lowell 83-57 https://t.co/pe6KSZwwBW

  15. Northwestern will start with the same 5 it did vs. UMass Lowell and Fairfield: McIntosh Demps Lumpkin Falzon Olah.

  16. Columbia clearly more physically imposing than either Fairfield or UMass Lowell. Much closer to a Power Five club.

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  21. Unbeaten teams remaining: 308 (Sorry, UMass Lowell).

  22. In last year’s opener, Northwestern trailed Houston Baptist 31-28. This year, NU trails UMass Lowell 34-32. Progress!

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  30. Student turnout 10 minutes before tip. Against Umass Lowell. On a Friday night. Not bad. https://t.co/7DmmDV17rQ

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