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  15. Looked like they got their mojo back. Or, as Calvin Borel once said, "they run big." https://t.co/jJ5I58mTdw

  16. John F Lackey #JFL #STL

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  18. Astros shifting toward defeat

  19. Spot on. I think it takes 7 runs to win this one. https://t.co/VFXFCsJksZ

  20. Hope so! Want to see the I-70 Series https://t.co/kgtFPk323J

  21. Yes. Plenty of game left. https://t.co/48Q94XcdzD

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  23. I would expect no less. You are, after all, a wily vetearn @MikeReisSIU https://t.co/n24gWR7ERM

  24. Three things to watch as @MOStateFootball plays at @SIU_Football on Saturday http://t.co/3MyZlA6Wz4

  25. Pleased to accept invitation from @MikeReisSIU for appearance on SIU Radio Network pre-game show Saturday. #RatingsGold

  26. Filling out @ValleyHoops preseason poll and all-conference ballot today. Your thoughts? Teams ranked and 5 players. Go ...

  27. If you ever wanted to park without penalty ... #GoCrazyFolks https://t.co/RZJBFnG8hS

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  29. Colby Rasmus doing Colby Rasmus things. Just a machine

  30. Does Marlin Man have more than 1 Marlins orange pullover? Or does he occasionally wash it while going from ballpark to ballpark? #ALDS2015

  31. "Faster than a hiccup." @DHolliman_5 ignites @MOStateFootball return game and looks for more Saturday at SIU. http://t.co/yB2L6vOB0W

  32. Ozarks Racing Notebook with news on @Stovall00, Terry Phillips, JC Morton and Mickey Burrell http://t.co/tM8ANC14bA @lucasspeedway