1. I think my Pirates fan daughter hates the Brewers as much as she hates the Cardinals. Dad's Brewers have daughter's Pirates number!

  2. I get actors Ken Berry and Dean Jones mixed up for some reason. Anyway, RIP to Dean Jones. The Love Bug is essential kids viewing.

  3. The ISU special section is done! It comes out in Friday's paper. Hope everyone likes it!

  4. I'm researching this for a story. Haven't heard from all, but only MVC school that's paying for everything is WSU. https://t.co/3VHoOJmCA1

  5. Yet they didn't because they know the RR will be blamed by most residents anyway. Cheapness, historic or current, has its consequences.

  6. So while it's stupid that multiple CSX crossings are closed, keep in mind that the city has had 150 years to do something about it & didn't.

  7. The Haute has had 150 years to build 1 measly bridge over the ex-C&EI/current CSX track. One bridge! Wabash, Ohio, Poplar, 13th, Hulman ...

  8. Astounding that no English manager has ever won the Premier League. Last Englishman to do it? Wilko! #lufc http://t.co/zwCO6IP62S

  9. It's also forgotten that Candlestick Park was turf through most of the 1970s too. http://t.co/3KYawekwq2

  10. It's amazing to me how little photographic evidence there is of Comiskey Park's 1969-76 turf infield. http://t.co/1x0oxj9tN7

  11. Belated congrats to @stoney1310 for joining ISU softball's coaching staff.

  12. Anyway, the full story will be in our special section along with several other goodies.

  13. He's the 1st coach I've spoken to who has his eyes on a post-concussion football world. He's teaching tackling technique to account for it.

  14. Check out Friday's Tribune-Star. We're doing special sections for each home game this season and the first is out Friday.

  15. Among the features will be a feature on one of the coaches. I spoke with new defensive backs coach Gerald Alexander. Great conversation.