1. I'm about to be kicked out of the living room for making fun of The Voice. What should my parting shot be?

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  6. For only the second time ever, based on positive reviews, I joined the dark side and got PES 2016 instead of FIFA. Not bad so far.

  7. Get your Indiana State Basketball Season Tickets & Get In The Game! https://t.co/rwHYDBvSDa

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  11. Video: Indiana coach Kevin Wilson on Penn State: "Awesome, awesome defense." http://t.co/uUOk2OuzTX @BWIonRivals

  12. RB Jordan Howard is uncertain for Penn State, Indiana coach Kevin Wilson said today. Ankle not serious, but no guarantees, Wilson said.

  13. Brendan Rodgers, we hardly knew ye.

  14. Time to have a sit down with Lucas Oil security. Female reporters were initially barred from the Jaguars' locker room today.

  15. The Civil War Andrew Luck meme has got to go. So played out.

  16. Does anyone have video of Dabo Swinney doing the whip and nae nae?

  17. Dump out a beverage of your choice for the old standard def videos. I'm not playing around anymore.

  18. Gamer, pix from ISU's 56-28 win at Missouri St., AND (sit down for this) ... videos, but not just videos, HD VIDEOS! http://t.co/EvWDGf7p0x

  19. ISU's next foe, South Dakota State, fell 28-7 to North Dakota State.

  20. Ohio State held off Indiana, but the Buckeyes are definitely vulnerable http://t.co/AKLEQOacTj http://t.co/E3NlLd4kB2

  21. Shelley, Nicki Meyer Upset With Ohio State Fan Who Trashed Team’s Performance vs. Indiana http://t.co/3RI7iLNls2

  22. Indiana coach Kevin Wilson's complete postgame Q&A after loss to No. 1 Ohio State. https://t.co/ir0fFrtvDX

  23. NCAA: (1) Ohio State 34, Indiana 27. HIGHLIGHTS: http://t.co/kbeYiAuGkd http://t.co/hDA0JlwVhl

  24. Ohio State narrowly escapes Indiana with a 34-27 win. http://t.co/oix0ZcwDch http://t.co/rQM1gwiLhF

  25. LIVE on #Periscope: Ohio State interviews after Indiana win https://t.co/JYiPjlEs1b

  26. Video: Ohio State Stops Indiana On 4th and Goal, Escapes With 34-27 Victory http://t.co/yt8gNPxVMO

  27. Phew! No. 1 Ohio State survives tough test from Indiana, 34-27. #OSUvsIND https://t.co/tB3M0IoDwe

  28. Quick thoughts on Ohio State surviving Indiana http://t.co/1R9VnbLHXl

  29. FINAL: Ohio State avoids massive upset, holds off Indiana for 34-27 win http://t.co/gmSbco7NLR http://t.co/3yhZLMfdbg