1. Jurgen Klopp on transfers "For me it's enough to have the first and last word on transfers." More reaction on #SSNHQ http://t.co/ZxceqU3Mi9

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  3. 2016 Lawrence North (IN) guard Djimon Henson announces he has committed to Morehead State.

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  7. Bulletin: There's going to be a lot more losing in the Pac 12. And nobody has Baylor's schedule.

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  11. Another BIG @HowieShow Friday. SO many updates to talk about. Legal expert @incourtforyou + more. 10-12 @939TheVille http://t.co/z6yNx89hBH

  12. McHugh pitches Astros past Royals in ALDS opener. MORE: http://t.co/SWNdRN0HrD http://t.co/0pFWHGYzcZ

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  14. Gaskin runs for three more. 3rd and 5 at UW's 33. They'll snap it at about 2:16.

  15. Johnson shines as Colts beat Texans. MORE: http://t.co/YvBmh1Ofhn http://t.co/goiyD9V5EM

  16. Browning completes to Pettis, but just shy of the first-down marker, and UW will have to punt from its 36 with a little more than 7:00 left.

  17. Blues blank McDavid; beat Oilers. MORE: http://t.co/RvlDNIApvG http://t.co/jpppNzG6gd

  18. Andre Johnson now has 7 career games with multiple Rec TD at NRG/Reliant Stadium. Only other player with more than 1 is DeAndre Hopkins (2).

  19. Podcast: Jaquan Lyle 'Confirms Gist,' One Former Player Confirms Strippers & Much More https://t.co/QvPElDEPX9

  20. Tony Barnhart: LSU Passing Game Woes More On Wide Receivers - Tiger Topics @RadioTigers http://t.co/1wUSc7g4KO

  21. BTW, kudos to Chad Morris for SMU showing fight tonight. June Jones left the cupboard more bare than Redman's house on MTV Cribs....

  22. Can this USC team be any more Jekyll & Hyde? Can't string together 2 good performances in a row w/ all that talent???

  23. By a count of 12-10, Chris Young got more swinging strikes today than David Price.

  24. USC more penalty yards (42) than passing yards (39) in first Q.

  25. Does anyone have a clip of Bill O'Brien on Hard Knocks going, "NO ONE F*CKING RESPECTS OUR QUARTERBACKS!!" Gets more priceless each week.

  26. Stay on @FS1 for more rain & #postseason updates! We've got @kevinburkhardt, @TheBigHurt_35, @PeteRose_14, @DTrainMLB & @RaulIbanezMLB!

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  28. Want more details on where you might be sitting with a Lucenti Experience pass? Watch this: https://t.co/o5i5mHq3GF

  29. Arian Foster already has more rushing yards tonight (11) than he had last week (10).

  30. ICYMI: We talked #FantasyFootball , Matt Barnes Vs. D-Fish & more today on Periscope! WATCH HERE: http://t.co/AT67HjrwLT 

  31. As if the Baylor-TCU rivalry needed any more animosity. https://t.co/ydMSI8u6mM