1. What may seem like a clear-cut enforcement case is often more complex: http://t.co/VHQC3wxz6i via @SI_CampusRush http://t.co/n1kLPEGffX

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  3. 2016 Lawrence North (IN) guard Djimon Henson announces he has committed to Morehead State.

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  6. More chill in this round of video screen grab roulette. http://t.co/T4XMmjfc7N http://t.co/C3EP4cGGKJ

  7. There have been more than 60,000 DraftKings and FanDuel TV commercials so far this year: http://t.co/9y6y9ewXpM

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  11. Robert Lewandowski- 12 EURO qualifying goals. Only David Healey (13, NIR, 2008) has more in a qualifying campaign. http://t.co/gIUeATi1qG

  12. BREAKING: Liverpool appoint Jurgen Klopp as manager. More >> http://t.co/OJOqWsVQm4 #SSNHQ http://t.co/7GFNJ75v6e

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  14. The gulf between what we know vs. what was alleged is now much more narrow than earlier this week. Especially after Crawford's story.

  15. 8. more. days. #HoyaHoopsMadness http://t.co/XaPHAECdUi

  16. Monday's 1 pm Mark Hurst memorial service has been moved to St. John Neumann Catholic Church at 5455 Bee Cave Road for more seating.

  17. Everything to know about SMU-Houston, including predictions, analysis, TV info and more http://t.co/ffNAhggQzn

  18. More lanes do not equal better traffic http://t.co/1a2qRwd7Bb

  19. Second call for K-State blog questions. Got some good ones already. Could use a few more. Who wants in?

  20. VIDEO: What does LeBron cherish more than anything in the world? His 1st ever shoe ❤️. http://t.co/HmKlOu95L3 http://t.co/xrjj2IB8ev

  21. Happy bday @_TP5! Here's to many more moments like this in the @NBA #UsAlways #LetsGo  http://t.co/9wjro3feNv

  22. K-State linebacker Elijah Lee is always pushing for more, just like his mother taught him http://t.co/fTZUCb8jsK http://t.co/wq3fiZ8Mej

  23. McDavid is excited to live out his dream. MORE: http://t.co/Adj1mr7Er5 http://t.co/uTuz5LvRGc

  24. Interesting. ... Northwestern out-spends Wisconsin, btw. Badgers barely pay more than Purdue for a HC. https://t.co/VVOYujATva

  25. Have the 2:30 feeling? Binge watch some #PSUMBB content from the last few weeks — dunks, workouts & more: http://t.co/fJ7EskDhmf  

  26. Wild show today. After the show, more news. Tomorrow will be interesting. Log on to http://t.co/gJmpJC0KKt in the interim

  27. Good blog. BTW, no news org dedicates more resources to hard *reporting* on the NFL than we do. https://t.co/sthESj53XH

  28. We're talking #FantasyFootball, #INDvsHOU, & more today on Periscope! Make sure to tune in at 2:45PM! http://t.co/cX4s2FWOIF

  29. MORE: Lionel Messi will stand trial in Spain on 3 counts of tax fraud. Could get nearly two years in prison. http://t.co/IAWnpvw9Ul

  30. The @BlueJays & David Price must maintain composure. @dutchysc & Steve Phillips have MORE: http://t.co/CFC53kf4aT http://t.co/EpioL0uQyx

  31. Milan Lucic didn't think he deserved a match penalty. @kfraserthecall begs to differ. MORE: http://t.co/4q3f0h6obO http://t.co/1vay6xr04F