1. If you take out the pick six, which is fair (not the defense's fault), Michigan's allowing 6.2 points per game. https://t.co/mmbNroQguR

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  6. Yes, Dan must have missed #MichiganState leading by double digits in every game. To be fair MSU has had bad moments. https://t.co/BC6O5ZTKgf

  7. Fair play Simon. World class.

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  10. Official practice starts today! Who is as excited as seniors Marcus Gilbert & Coleman Johnson? http://t.co/6g8bnnc7uT

  11. Official practice starts today! Who is as excited as seniors Marcus Gilbert & Coleman Johnson? #GoStags http://t.co/DpAp7OqFhw

  12. Congrats to both @StagsMensSoccer & @StagsWSoccer on their @MAACSports wins last night!! #GoStags

  13. That doesn't seem very fair. https://t.co/Th0aCRUWUB

  14. SACK! Buffs defense holds on 3rd down. Spruce fair catch at 14 yard line. #Buffs #Ducks

  15. The fair catch puts the Buffaloes at the 13 yard line. 7:26 left in the half. 17-14, CU

  16. Former @FairfieldStags great! @FairfieldU #GoStags https://t.co/Lw9xkAdINY

  17. Marquise Williams was UNC's leading passer, rusher and receiver today. "He was a beast," Larry Fedora said. A fair assessment.

  18. To be quite fair to Hoosiers, the breaks have beaten them today as much as anything. #iufb

  19. If it's only five yards for that, worth the risk. Maybe refs don't see you call for the fair catch. And you're straight to the limo.

  20. Fair point. https://t.co/EwEwHXT48t

  21. Fair. I get the concern, but he's the ultimate OC. Who's talking him down? https://t.co/IgYVC7izKF

  22. . @LukeDeCock on how college QBs that slide are still fair game to be hit. BC's QBs have been sliding a lot today http://t.co/7GDZ805iGs

  23. Defense steps up when Wilson needs them, which to be fair is something he says he's seen more of in this team. #iufb

  24. Fair catch Mitchell Paige, IU will take the ball at its own 40. #iufb

  25. Kevin Ollie on this year's #UConn squad: “I got a lot of options. I can go big, I can go small, and that’s what I like.”

  26. Gutsy stuff from Purdue. Fair to them. Here in Bloomington, we're about half an hour from kickoff. It is neither warm, nor dry. #iufb

  27. Fair catch. NC State will start at its 27. Louisville leads the Wolfpack, 17-13, with 3:54 left in the 3Q.

  28. Congrats @StagsVB! #GoStags https://t.co/5HXwCJe7Bh