1. Brad Stevens: "We made some technical errors, but we played pretty hard for 96 minutes. We can build off that."

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  6. Brad Stevens obviously shortening the bench in this one, even with Amir Johnson out.

  7. Former Bradley basketball player Warren Jones transfers to Wisconsin-Green Bay http://t.co/KcqsrLDsJR

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  11. And R.J. Hunter describes what Brad Stevens wants out of him when he enters a game: http://t.co/9WYkrAGWyr

  12. Brad Stevens on point-forward David Lee: “We’re going to try to play through him quite a bit especially when he’s not on the floor w/Isaiah"

  13. OK first real line change here. Brad Stevens talked about surrounding Isaiah with shooters. Olynyk, Bradley, Crowder and Johnson in w/him.

  14. Regarding Evan Turner's knee injury that will keep him out tonight, Brad Stevens said it's not considered serious. He's day-to-day.

  15. Brad Stevens says Evan Turner (knee) expected to sit out tonight.

  16. Jim Caldwell and Brad Ausmus should coach the same team.

  17. In the @BostonGlobe: How Brad Stevens uses international trips to develop as a coach: http://t.co/dVmDuRsd7S

  18. Celtics in Milan notes: Brad Stevens on Belichick and Gigi. Ainge updates Sullinger/Zeller extension talk: http://t.co/ZF4uE3QrRA

  19. New story-The strategic value of Euro trip for Brad Stevens "The coaching & style are things I'm going to steal from" http://t.co/dVmDuRsd7S

  20. Italian reporter to Brad Stevens: "Have you met Bill Belichick before?"

  21. For the team chemistry files...David Lee organized a Celtics team dinner last night, "Kudos to him for doing that," Brad Stevens said.

  22. Bradley's Wardle preaches what he practices http://t.co/Kr47RIBddi

  23. Evan Turner on the fun flight: "Then Pops, I mean Brad, told us to turn down the music, and it just killed the buzz" http://t.co/iIbz9OKEkc

  24. Brad Craddock 20-yard punt. Michigan takes over.

  25. Bradley braves first official men's basketball practice http://t.co/vBWWMPj2nK

  26. Bradley coach Brian Wardle excited for official start of basketball practice http://t.co/w5kpjtVCdJ

  27. Brad Kaaya throwing some NFL balls to some non NFL receivers.

  28. Miami (FL) at Cincinnati, 7:30 ET on ESPN/WatchESPN Brad Kaaya has fourth-longest active TD pass streak in the FBS https://t.co/qtHwillBnh

  29. Butler will miss Alex Barlow, off to work for Coach Brad Stevens in Boston, but Tyler Lewis is a terrific floor general. Perfect fit.

  30. Bradley basketball announces fan-appreciation events, open practices http://t.co/JcPSV1SEYZ