1. Turnovers haunt Braves in 70-47 loss to Delaware https://t.co/rIqUvmwFJW

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

  3. Australian native Jayden Hodgson, a 6'3 G, has committed to Bradley per me knowing things.

  4. Crowning the Ultimate Champ of Early-Season Tourneys

  5. Delaware wallops Bradley, 70-47 https://t.co/d2PoFhD3hz

  6. Bradley at Delaware pregame https://t.co/oPww62V6Pr

  7. Mark is a tremendous recruiter. Had Paul George, Brad Tinsley & Paul McCoy committed to Pepperdine back in the day https://t.co/dOGEmpCTwz

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  9. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  10. Capsule: Bradley at Delaware https://t.co/Vb1LKHm6W6

  11. Brad Stevens: "If we defend well, that’s a good sign of our cohesion and it’s a good sign that we have a chance to win."

  12. New month poses next challenge for Bradley basketball https://t.co/uJo7tFluno

  13. Had blast working Wooden Legacy this past week w/@SeanFarnham, @roxybernstein, Brad Daugherty & Steve Quis. Michigan State arguably No. 1.

  14. Bradley men land Australian recruit https://t.co/WeKnShEOFB

  15. Brad Stevens: "I think if you look at the two teams tonight, we’ve got a ways to go to catch them."

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  17. No. 6 UVa Gets Bounce-Back Win vs. Bradley

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  19. Brad Stevens waving the white flag, with R.J. Hunter and James Young checking in. Thinking ahead to Heat game tomorrow night.

  20. Magic had the awkward if illegal inbounds pass the wasn't called. Brad to ref: "Hey! hey! hey! that just happened to us last week!"

  21. Wichita State forward Anton Grady to fly home with team https://t.co/1gOB90b5sl

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  24. Wessler: Bradley growth will come the hard way https://t.co/5WuNC2Vowe

  25. Ole Miss surges past Bradley, 67-54 https://t.co/MAUyUobfiX

  26. No. 12 Arizona Routs Bradley 90-60 in Tucson

  27. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  28. Braves respond to wakeup call https://t.co/PA2gDaUnAC

  29. Sudanese center Koch Bar plays with prep team at Washington https://t.co/Ai3w8qbpP2

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  31. Brad Sinopoli and Adam Bighill were also winners at the @CFL Awards. MORE: https://t.co/zuqg0Aavtz https://t.co/ZS5VQGOuD0

  32. Another award for an Ottawa @REDBLACKS player. This time it's Brad Sinopoli, the @CFL's Most Outstanding Canadian. https://t.co/wVvsPrZh4e

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  34. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  35. Brad Daugherty not exactly looking like a 7-footer. Mamadou N'Diaye and UC Irvine vs. Boise. 4 ET. ESPNU. https://t.co/VZFP4f5jFA

  36. Throwback Thursday! The Bilastrator and Brad Daugherty battle for the opening tip in 1985. https://t.co/DEdyk453qE

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  39. Wessler: Realities of youth and fatigue in Division I set in for Bradley https://t.co/EC44rCS1f0

  40. Isaiah on Brad when down at half: "He wasn't really tripping. He was just 'Keep making plays.'"

  41. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

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  43. Poor shooting dooms Bradley, 64-51 https://t.co/pb5TjImiMq

  44. Brad Stevens: "Eventually we're gonna have to make some long ones. We were fortunate to make enough."

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  47. Brad Stevens just walked into the tunnel, looked at a team employee and opened his eyes wide sorta like "man that woulda sucked."

  48. Ha, Brad Stevens and entire Celtics bench called that 3-seconds on Philly. Ref was basically like "ok yeah that's true"

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  51. 76ers 47, Celtics 40. Halftime. Would love to hear Brad Stevens' message in the locker room right now.

  52. Bradley vs. New Orleans pregame https://t.co/qMOlgxLbHR

  53. In the @BostonGlobe: Celtics coach Brad Stevens shreds his team after a humbling 121-97 loss to the Hawks. https://t.co/6rdneXmWXi

  54. not a happy brad https://t.co/S6MhAo41Zj

  55. Final report from Atlanta, where Brad Stevens was furious after a blowout loss to the Hawks: https://t.co/6rdneXmWXi

  56. Brad Stevens: "We’ll reconnect, or we’ll shuffle it up."

  57. More frustrated Brad Stevens: "I know this, when your defense is a sieve, you’re not a team."

  58. Angry Brad Stevens on not being connected. "The best way we'll be able to recognize it is if we guard somebody once."

  59. Brad Stevens: "if you approach this game on an island, you're gonna get pounded."

  60. Bradley Basketball Preview vs. New Orleans https://t.co/YsxyUa9w9x

  61. Bradley basketball comes in from the cold https://t.co/V4lBj8q62P

  62. VIDEO: Bruins' Brad Marchand gets his David Ortiz on and bats in a goal out of the air. https://t.co/9OeP54iutv https://t.co/V3ZAIQnFkk