1. Mountain West records through Sunday: FS 5-0 UNLV 6-1 CSU 5-1 UNM 4-1 UtSt 4-1 AFA 4-2 Nev 4-2 Wyo 4-2 SDSU 4-3 SJSU 3-3 BoiSt 3-4 #mwbb

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  4. Air Force heads to San Diego State for MW Championship Game, Dec. 5. https://t.co/YrmKgyhbVS

  5. Good sign for San Diego St fb playing Air Force next week: None of previous 6 teams UNM beat this season won their next game, either. #mwfb

  6. Just looked at the Nevada/CS-Fullerton stats. It was former Air Force guard Tre' Coggins who did the Pack in, scoring 25 points. #mwbb

  7. Colorado's Miller Bites Opponent

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  9. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  10. Air Force edges New Mexico State 66-64 in OT https://t.co/nl5qahsPmB

  11. Air Force wins it by two. Some calls late in that game…yeah. Either team would have had a beef.

  12. MWC FINAL (in OT): Air Force 66, New Mexico State 64 NMSU's Pascal Siakam had 26 points, 12 rebounds, 6 blocks. #mwbb

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  14. Trevor Lyons rallies @AF_MBB to 66-64 win over New Mexico State.

  15. The officials in this NMSU at Air Force game sure are working on a ton of air time for a game only being streamed online.

  16. Well, there's the makeup call of make up calls. ... Air Force got a ton of bad breaks down the stretch but got a hell of a call there.

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  20. Trevor Lyons gets the call and Trevor Lyons delivers. Air Force up 1, 7.4 to go. Guessing the refs are looking at the clock.

  21. Trevor Lyons puts Air Force up 65-64 over NMSU w/ 7.4 left in OT.

  22. NMSU leads Air Force 64-63 w/ 25.6 left in OT.

  23. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  24. Siakam, and-1. Good one between New Mexico State and Air Force, Aggies up 1 with just over a minute to go in OT.

  25. END REGULATION: New Mexico State 59, Air Force 59 Bring on OT

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  28. No home court whistle for Air Force. This has been crazy the late calls going NMSU's way. Not a fan of ref griping, but AFA has a gripe.

  29. They called an intentional or flagrant foul... NMSU hits 1 of 2 and ties game 59-59... NMSU ball w/ 2.8 seconds remaining at Air Force.

  30. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

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  32. NMSU going to FT line w/ 2.8 seconds remaining... Air Force leads 59-58 (referees are reviewing something).

  33. Two Pascal Siakam FTs and NMSU leads Air Force 58-57 w/ 32 seconds left... Air Force ball.

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  35. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  36. NMSU hoops gets a big break. Review clearly showed ball going out on NMSU but the refs say Aggies ball. AFA 57, NMSU 56 (32.6 2H), Ags ball

  37. Air Force is up 57-56 over NMSU w/ under a minute to play at the Air Force Academy.

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  40. NMSU and Air Force are tied 53-53 w/ 3:36 left at the Academy. NMSU's Pascal Siakam has 18p, 8rb, 5blk; Ian Baker w/ 17p, 6 rb, 5 ast.

  41. Aggies take the first lead at Air Force, but it's short lived... AFA 48, NMSU 46 (8:15 2H)

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  44. MWC HALFTIME: Air Force 30, New Mexico State 26 NMSU's Pascal Siakam has 8 points, rebounds, 3 blocks. #mwbb

  45. Meanwhile, at the Air Force Academy's Clune Arena... Air Force 21, New Mexico State 16 (10:04 1H). #mwbb

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  48. No line for the NMSU at Air Force hoops game, but should be a close one. Always hard to know how teams will play in Clune Arena. #mwbb

  49. The Pac-12 has reprimanded Colorado's Tory Miller for biting an Air Force player. That's a fancy way of saying Miller avoids suspension.

  50. Heck, even Air Force is having to deal w/ transfers lately, only AFA doesn't get to bring them in, just lose them. https://t.co/XrU6KeaTXd

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  52. A Colorado player was ejected for biting an Air Force player's shoulder last night. https://t.co/8uuNk4nDW5

  53. Air Force player after being bit: Colorado opponent was 'ready for Thanksgiving' https://t.co/5mz89FwNyV

  54. One liner of the week from the Air Force player bit by Colorado's Tory Miller: https://t.co/heBBSRAJhg https://t.co/EuVAGK7EhW

  55. Colorado moves to 4-1 with win over Air Force #GoBuffs https://t.co/LCpWaU03jc https://t.co/UYhrjzhmho

  56. Buffs' Miller ejected for biting Air Force player https://t.co/tFScZfalcx

  57. VIDEO: Colorado's Tory Miller was ejected for allegedly biting an Air Force player. https://t.co/GITfw6vCnO https://t.co/CuTBOpEST2

  58. Buffs' Miller ejected for biting Air Force player https://t.co/xoN954Au07

  59. Colorado handles Air Force 81-70 https://t.co/1HQ2bu7sPv

  60. Colorado wins 81-70 over Air Force. Four straight. #GoBuffs

  61. CU defeats Air Force 81-70 at home!