1. (1/2) Updated Mountain West FB lines: AFA +4 at Navy Wyo +25.5 at AppSt SJSU +21.5 at Aub Haw +25.5 at BoiSt #mwfb

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  6. Join us at @WellsFargo from 2-3pm today for a chance to win a trip to our game against Boise State! #WeFlyTogether http://t.co/k4PQGtWIVA

  7. (1/2) Mountain West FB lines Week 5: AFA +5 at Navy Wyo +25 at AppSt SJSU +20 at Aub Haw +24.5 at BoiSt #mwfb

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  11. Thx for kind words. Sunday- The golf course volunteer who flew Ford, Carter, Reagan on Air Force One. We played 9. http://t.co/rI24o0E6Tv

  12. New- Met my new friend as he filled a ball washer with water. Turns out, he flew Air Force One. So we played 9: http://t.co/rI24o0mw1X

  13. Falcons tied 0-0 at the half at Bradley.

  14. A lot of people don't realize Western Michigan and Central Michigan are decent teams & Air Force a headache https://t.co/VCYVd8qBrZ

  15. Auburn's next opponent, San Jose State, knocked off Fresno State 49-23 tonight. Spartans are 2-2 with losses to Air Force and Oregon State.

  16. Air Force has offered Prairie Grove TE @dylansoehner

  17. We are 2nd in the nation for public universities according to @USATODAY! #WeFlyTogether http://t.co/1XvGi0pe1m http://t.co/T4kieGAGN8

  18. With no teams competing at home tonight, be sure to support the @SwitchbacksFC! #WeFlyTogether http://t.co/NJftPCfzgT http://t.co/rbM8AKEUTv

  19. What’s the best place to grab Air Force game day gear? Nominate your favorite local business using #UPSFootballTown http://t.co/6nsNa4L357

  20. Have your kids be a part of the 2015 Cheerleading Clinic and halftime show! More: http://t.co/zo6LLL987g http://t.co/QXP3YCdFsM

  21. #MichiganState led WMU 34-10 and AFA 35-7 -- @DantonioMark doesn't run the score up on teams -- is that a bad thing? https://t.co/hPTnai0u7i

  22. Great point! #MichiganState played a good schedule with WMU, Oregon and Air Force -- 31 wins between teams in 2014 https://t.co/wvfNVLfwOt

  23. Be sure to read Knowlton's monthly newsletter to know the latest in Air Force Athletics. http://t.co/H4jUuRjiC0 http://t.co/raosq2O063

  24. Did you miss the part in the column that says MSU "deserves" to be No. 2 - even if they didn't look it vs. AFA? https://t.co/CAK6VcNNY3

  25. Grading #MichiganState win over Air Force -- A pass, but only one "A" : http://t.co/OTLGRfLy2j http://t.co/qfFvzoZe1J

  26. Air Force rushed for 103 yards in the first quarter against #MichiganState -- Spartans led nation in run defense in 2014

  27. Kings needs the ball more - I agree - but Shelton can look good today vs Air Force https://t.co/YsJvKFz6Nd

  28. Today @MSU_Football hosts Air Force at 12:05pm ET on ABC. @DavePasch, Brian Griese, and @TomLuginbill have the call.

  29. SITM: Mike Sadler talks Michigan State, Angelique Chengelis talks Michigan; UNLV and Air Force http://t.co/PI0K88uLF3

  30. I like these helmets tho they kinda look like Air Force w/an angry cat on top https://t.co/LTJO0HXv4M