1. Great event tonight as always The Olympic Club in San Francisco. College Basketball Tip Off dinner! Go Dogs!

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  6. Seton Hall is listing 6-9 Fresno State transfer Braedon Anderson as a junior but won't find out about next year until later this year.

  7. #AztecFB highlights from its home win over Fresno State (watch): https://t.co/0qCmXFJGL4 #Win20

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  11. Final: #AztecFB 21, Fresno State 7. #Win20

  12. Hageman converts the PAT. #AztecFB leads Fresno State, 21-7, with 10:57 left in the fourth quarter. #BeatFS #Win20 #MWLateNight #mwfb

  13. At the end of three quarters, #AztecFB leads Fresno State, 14-7. #BeatFS #Win20 #MWLateNight #mwfb

  14. That is now nine consecutive Fresno State drives that have lasted three plays or fewer ...

  15. Smith to Penny for 33-yard TD. PAT is good by Hageman. #AztecFB 14, Fresno State 7 (3rd/8:15). #BeatFS #MWLateNight #Win20 #mwfb

  16. Fresno State average starting position in the first half was its own 40-yard line ...

  17. Bulldogs have 67 total yards on 27 plays ...

  18. In case anyone is wondering, the last time Fresno State didn't have 200 yards in a game - 2010. Dogs had 125 in 51-0 loss at Boise State ...

  19. It's halftime. #AztecFB and Fresno State are tied at 7. #BeatFS #Win20 #MWLateNight #mwfb

  20. At the end of one quarter, #AztecFB leads Fresno State, 7-0. #Win20 #BeatFS #MWLateNight #mwfb

  21. Donnel Pumphrey runs for a 33-yard TD. PAT is good. #AztecFB 7, Fresno State 0 (1st/10:23). #BeatFS #Win20 #MWLateNight #mwfb

  22. We're minutes away from Fresno State at #AztecFB. Watch on @CBSSportsNet. Listen on ESPN 1700 AM or 105.7 The Max. #Win20 #BeatFS #mwfb

  23. Fresno State at San Diego State ... http://t.co/Nl2FSZgsL4

  24. #AztecFB game day! Fresno State visits Qualcomm Stadium tonight at 7:30 p.m. Tix: http://t.co/1NXt7qih7f #Win20 http://t.co/paQZzSkd5I

  25. I want to thank our Fresno State band for giving me an opportunity to say thank you for your support. We have the best band in the country!

  26. Really good first day of practice. Our effort and communication was at a high level today! The journey has begun! Go Dogs!

  27. NCAA's Behind the Seams took a look at #AztecFB's uniforms. Watch: http://t.co/2VoygF5PO2. Fresno State at SDSU on Saturday (7:30 p.m. PT).

  28. #AztecFB plays host to Fresno State in "The Battle for the Oil Can" on Saturday. #Win20 #BeatFS http://t.co/VgDEcYFIgj

  29. Ford Chilress started for Fresno State, went 19-for-32 for 159 yards, 2 TDs, one INT in a loss. http://t.co/VeCDrlZbtd

  30. Auburn's next opponent, San Jose State, knocked off Fresno State 49-23 tonight. Spartans are 2-2 with losses to Air Force and Oregon State.