1. Green Bay essentially had no safety on that last play. No respect for Kaep.

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  6. On the #Chiefs' 11-play scoring drive in the 3rd Q vs GB, the Packers blitzed 5 straight times and 7 times, overall: http://t.co/RFPGFrIzVM

  7. #Chiefs’ Derrick Johnson moves on from Green Bay loss, appreciates setting tackle record: http://t.co/Dxbasf6fU5

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  11. ICYMI: Jon Gruden says the Green Bay Packers are clear-cut favorites to reach the Super Bowl ... and win it. http://t.co/zRecOUQkMa

  12. Jon Gruden says the Green Bay Packers are clear-cut favorites to reach the Super Bowl ... and win it. http://t.co/zRecOUQkMa

  13. WATCH: Steve Young entertained the Green Bay crowd with the Ray Lewis dance http://t.co/wVdW0uY2Mo http://t.co/w4vuD6AgzI

  14. Aaron Rodgers throws 5 touchdowns for Green Bay Packers in 38-28 win over Kansas City Chiefs http://t.co/ZCeVi5yiyt

  15. The #Chiefs lose to Green Bay 38-28 in a game that was not as close as the final score indicated. They drop to 1-2 & face 3-0 Cincy on Sun.

  16. Offensive pass interference call negates a GB TD.

  17. Packers got 89 yards in 10 plays to make it 14-0. #Chiefs had a stop but 12 on field penalty kept GB punt team on sideline.

  18. Titletown Brewing Co, in Green Bay, just got named the best large brewpub in the country at the Great American Beer Festival this week

  19. Looks like GB is going to keep the #Chiefs in nickel and dime all day with “11" and “20" groupings. Negates strong interior DL some.

  20. Ty Montgomery scores. Separates from Cooper in 1-on-1 coverage, but tough to cover that long. GB leads 7-0 with 9:44 left in the 1st quarter

  21. Andy Reid says Eric Fisher will start at right tackle vs. Green Bay.

  22. Marshawn Lynch will be game-time decision Sunday after suffering calf injury vs. Green Bay. http://t.co/dxsLJiUREa http://t.co/Ww0fndmH5T

  23. ICYMI -- Our home court @reschcenter has received some pretty fancy upgrades! #ContinueTheRise https://t.co/IErK38wnAV

  24. Per @ryankelly, GB may have been 1 game better over that 2005-12 span. Not sure if stat included playoffs or not. http://t.co/ozW5CilxAO

  25. Amazing. Now the Giants cut Preston Parker after two weeks while James Jones hauls in 800 TDs in GB. http://t.co/ifan48Z0bl

  26. Seattle Seahawks fall to Green Bay Packers 27-17 http://t.co/uRAKBPCy9M

  27. What temperature is it in Green Bay that Tofoya is wearing a snuggie?

  28. Losses in STL and Green Bay aren't anything to be ashamed of. Tough games. Interesting thing will be how these giant personalities respond.

  29. Why isn't GB running plays with 14 secs left on the play clock? I'm confused. Sincerely, A Giants fan

  30. WR James Jones has 3 TD's in five quarters w/@packers this season. Had 3 TD's the entire 2013 season with GB (14 games). #GBvsSEA #Packers