1. Watching espn360 about tire crumbs on field turf. Until they can come up w/a playing surface that eliminates blows to head all are dangerous

  2. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

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  4. So fast, can guard, great court vision — and can really make mid-range shots. https://t.co/sPXxU7cqzb

  5. Agreed but it's typical Gary Patterson. You can see it rubs off on his players (getting in Briles' face( Not shocked https://t.co/TYT0i9tkic

  6. Love they're making game more watchable with 53 fouls a game and can still go to monitor to take away wholly watchable plays like Holton's.

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  10. I can just see B12 getting left out again. Cowboys have a shot but their one loss more recent.

  11. Don't know if Kris Dunn can sit the final 7:53 of this half. Someone has to keep generating offense because Arizona isn't slowing down

  12. Can the Cowboys somehow compete without Tony Romo under center? Trending with @Toyota takes a look. https://t.co/Bf3WgeLeuD

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  15. Not about the record. About "Not sure we can play Okafor/Noel together, and we have Cov, and umm, errr, ummm" https://t.co/L0RxfIi8VZ

  16. Devin Chafin's fumble gives the ball right back to TCU. Baylor can dodge bullets for only so long.

  17. Melo on Justice Winslow: "I always liked Justise, I always thought he was a tough guy. Good defender, strong, can play multiple positions."

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  20. Buzz Williams on his former player Jameel McKay: “You can define Jameel’s game quickly but it’s incredibly hard to stop."

  21. Melo scoreless after the 1st Q and finishes with a -23. Can we get @EliasSports on when that happened last?

  22. #GreyCup Weekend...where rivals can be pals for the night #GCTweetUp https://t.co/bVYTqeM30X

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  26. Pastner told ref the ball is wet, so they stopped things to dry it off. Tigers can retake lead here. Lawson had nowhere to go that time.

  27. Chris Johnson completes his third pass of the day, let's see if he can get some consistency.

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  30. I can think of about 4 or 5 questions for him. I'm sure the Duke beat writers won't have any trouble. https://t.co/oS3aqFzi08

  31. "He can block out the sun." With freshman Cheick Diallo cleared, @RealJayWilliams is picking Kansas to win it all. https://t.co/ggdXXnqgU4

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  34. coach, player, sports staff, trainer — respects the heck out of Coach Odom. Everybody loves him. You can ask offense, defense, special teams

  35. 15:00. Woodson 3. 50-48, Ohio State. Buckeyes turnover. Memphis can tie or retake lead after falling behind by 9. Lawson in lane. 50-all.

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  38. Chris Petersen mentioned previous conversation about 5-7 teams making bowl games. Can tell he really, really didn't want that to happen.

  39. Can both teams lose if this turns into a free-throw shooting contest? 31-all.

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  42. Did you spend too much on Black Friday? I know how you can pay for your purchases! #LastCallForDrunkBets https://t.co/QpAUix6DmG #GetPaper

  43. This is where Tarrant can hurt Ohio State. From the line. Has missed just one all season from there. 28-26, Buckeyes.

  44. JaQuan Lyle has to be one of the more divisive players in D1. He makes plays few can, and mistakes few would.

  45. We'll see if he can get going, had some fouls in the 1st half! https://t.co/TS5e1AhyvS

  46. Michigan can shoot. Us, ...

  47. Only explanation, those drives by Hill can set up offensive rebound opportunities, like it did on that last possession. #Gators

  48. Keon Johnson with 11 points, little man can go. State up 30-29

  49. No clue. Perhaps someone can see this tweet and will be able to help you. https://t.co/FCowwQCj4m

  50. If so, hell of a job at LCHS. He can make a run climbing through college ranks if he wants. Or just watch Kam play. https://t.co/Xz9lxJlqV6

  51. Mason on missed FTs: "Going to get back in the gym & fix my errors, so when it comes down at the end of the game again I can knock it down.”

  52. Only way Shadrach Thornton can help @PackFootball now is by cheering for them #UNCvsNCSU https://t.co/eTbrAaXorl https://t.co/29DT1TQJ2Q

  53. What does it mean on vine when a little bug icon on screen can be moved all over?

  54. Hopefully he lands somewhere where a staff can improve his offensive skill set. Strides there would have led to more PT.

  55. Bender is hit and throws incomplete on 4th down, and the Huskies take over at their own 47. Can just about call this one.

  56. Can you believe that game was 25 years ago? https://t.co/4g56z2kHsS

  57. Looking for a sleeper that can ball? Weber State's 6-9 Joel Bolomboy averages 16 points, 12 rebounds. Nice player. https://t.co/1Tya4gAPL5

  58. 3 must-see games in Week 12 - Can the Broncos hand the Patriots their first loss? https://t.co/D7aYgXRBVZ https://t.co/qx7UtvUv7e

  59. Once again, here are the TV markets/stations showing tonight's game vs. GW. Can also watch via WatchESPN. https://t.co/6ewNEFF9JC