1. Can Yale hold a lead for 38 minutes?

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  4. Georgia returns to action this Saturday on the road at Seton Hall. You can catch the game on FS1 at 7:30pm. #RingTheBell #RaiseTheFlag

  5. Hartman hits a corner 3 and is fouled. Huge play. Can cut UNLV lead to four with 1:49 left. #iubb

  6. Have questions ahead of tonight's game between Duke and Yale? Tweet them to us with #AskChron and we'll answer as many as we can before tip.

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  10. With Tony Romo back, can the Cowboys end the Panthers perfect season? MORE: https://t.co/l9OZoTbAIt https://t.co/mGyedfYO0h

  11. Not sure I can take another half with Bill Walton. . . #iubb #hoosiers https://t.co/HPQQIck9Lt

  12. What this means is I can get my teeth cleaned n get haircut next wk without wondering if Diallo news will pop while I'm in the chair (joke)

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  14. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  15. Ronda Rousey's redemption can begin at Marine Corps Ball https://t.co/wE8GZiNAJc

  16. Thomas Bryant can take foul calls a little personal sometimes. The energy and emotion are admirable. Just can't let it boil over. #iubb

  17. If I'm UNLV, I'm not taking a shot outside of five feet until IU proves it can stop the drive.

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  20. Can Northwestern-Illinois really be considered a bonafide rivalry? https://t.co/ERekCvbOoI https://t.co/0k9c99aOQ0

  21. Cheick Diallo has been freed. He can begin playing on December 1st. #kubball #freeDiallo

  22. He can play! Cheick Diallo has been cleared by the NCAA and will suit up for Kansas on Dec.1 https://t.co/TSXRwTcMdD

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  26. St. John's freshman Kassoum Yakwe has been cleared by the NCAA. He can play in games immediately.

  27. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

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  29. Cheick Diallo has been cleared. Can play December 1. #kubball

  30. Cheick Diallo can play for Kansas as of Dec. 1. Init elig is cleared; extra benefits equated to 5-game suspension, of which he's served 4.

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  33. Man United can secure a Round of 16 berth with a win vs PSV. Watch it LIVE NOW on FS1 & #FOXSportsGO: https://t.co/ouTQKlCyXu #UCLonFOX

  34. Not sure if Northeastern can give Miami a run Friday, but can’t wait to see David Walker (20.8 ppg, 46% 3) go up against ‘Canes guards.

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  37. Warriors make NBA history as 1st team to start season 16-0. How far can they go? https://t.co/5mErojEJlw @janiemccap https://t.co/PhzUiboqAt

  38. Master P -- I CAN BEAT KOBE ... In 1-On-1 https://t.co/yJmxywrkEJ

  39. Hey @Softykjr can you get Romar a lifetime contract?

  40. This Thanksgiving make sure you have a plan to get home safely. https://t.co/RePgGUVXS1 https://t.co/XDcE18mGwZ

  41. Nobody can stop the Pacers right now: https://t.co/Y7h7oEjzGf

  42. Awesome story on the crazed Kevin Garnett and how he can destroy young teammates but is clicking with Karl Towns. https://t.co/vgKWKEAaWh

  43. Maybe they can end this and play the Iron Bowl tonight. https://t.co/4JBpR3Arnv

  44. #XFACTOR: Can @Luke_kennard10 rediscover his shooting stroke tonight against Yale? https://t.co/rkkdgWRVQR https://t.co/Cr4v5TLDd8

  45. #XFACTOR: Can @Luke_kennard10 rediscover his shooting stroke tonight against Yale? https://t.co/LA2mGM04TR https://t.co/Rti5goWlYs

  46. Here is your Geico Play of the Week courtesy of Mike Sabatini from @GriffsHockey https://t.co/4vRWro21i6

  47. Syracuse's NCAA appeal has resulted in gaining back one scholarship per year -- for recruiting, Syracuse can now... https://t.co/YK6zZwjJLS

  48. Ah the joys of working from my parent's house: "Can you Google 'Is turkey organ meat OK for cats?'"

  49. “With our length and our athleticism, I think we have guys that can play a lot of different places.”–Amile Jefferson https://t.co/t1PjQlqhqX

  50. Also, and maybe @FreeportKid can answer, wonder how many corner 3s that Berry has hit at UNC/this year. Feel like most of his are top/wing

  51. Yes I can. https://t.co/WPs2GmvmCb

  52. I agree. It's an official way to request your leave. Also now you can be "officially contacted"by other schools. https://t.co/jBlSO1YI8Y

  53. UCLA put a massive buyout provision in Steve Alford's deal. If you can get a coach to agree to restrictions, you can have them.

  54. And schools are welcome to put terms in a coach's contract that limit him, if they can get him to sign it. https://t.co/7x4CzHazKg

  55. Can 6-10 Wenyen Gabriel be a legit '3' at UK next season? @EvanDaniels: "I don’t have any questions about it." https://t.co/Lh5tzgMem4

  56. ... I'm not advocating they ultimately screw the kid entirely, but I can understand making it difficult, at least for the 'poaching' team.