1. Six NFL unbeatens remain and each can make a legitimate case to win it all. We do just that: http://t.co/WNdttvcXy8 http://t.co/Y4Gcr5kHkV

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  11. Prohm: "Monte is a winner. Those kids from Flint, (Mich.) are tough. I want to do what I can to give him confidence to continue to grow."

  12. After a brutal loss, can Mike Vick and the Steelers bounce back at SD on MNF? A @DunkinDonuts #DDFieldPass preview: http://t.co/8S95nFGdH9

  13. VIDEO: Shaq's son - Shareef O'Neal - can THROW DOWN! O'Neal boys comin' soon! http://t.co/c6nVvUJtPw http://t.co/Zn2ySpMf5O

  14. #ROM dance on the pitch after stunning #CAN with late fightback in #RWC2015 http://t.co/S0VYi3aS87 (Pic: Reuters) http://t.co/Wiv7qHeQEe

  15. Dalton Risner on TCU: "I think we can beat em." Perhaps as close as you can get to K-State trash talk.

  16. #CAN falls 17-15 to #ROM in their #RWC2015 finale. #REDNATION http://t.co/0mIKDPwEs3

  17. Atlantic 10 Preview: Can Rhode Island unseat Davidson? http://t.co/27lQsitTVW

  18. C.J. Johnson out, joining Tony Conner and Issac Gross. Tee Shepard reportedly may quit. Can replacements get the job done?

  19. Snyder said Zach Davidson would be next man up, trying to identify what he can do

  20. Following early-season misses, #Bengals are hoping Mike Nugent can start getting in sync like he did late last year http://t.co/p9sPziuBNc

  21. Can the Pacers convince Paul George to embrace the four? (by @RobMahoney) http://t.co/hAwm9LASgm http://t.co/zZV37KSyQV

  22. #Gophers DC Tracy Claeys said his defense have to play better on third down. It can lead to as many as 10-12 extra plays a game.

  23. Video: Houston Taped SMU Jerseys To The Ground So Players Can Walk Over Them All Week http://t.co/WFga1hH2ml

  24. Video: Houston Taped SMU Jerseys To The Ground So Players Can Walk Over Them All Week http://t.co/CMVntG7RV4

  25. LSU tight end Colin Jeter: 'I like to believe I can be a threat' | Video http://t.co/knI00ZWTod http://t.co/mVgnRxNDdJ

  26. To my DC/Wiz peeps, treat @cdgehring well. Don't hold his Cavaliers' fandom against him. (OK, maybe you can).

  27. NFL says teams can't associate team logos w/daily fantasy companies or sell a sponsorship, but can sell them ads & stadium signage

  28. NFL says teams can't own stakes in daily fantasy companies, but their owners can. Robert Kraft & Jerry Jones have stakes in DraftKings.

  29. Mora: "Myles talent is without question. I hope he's put enough out there where they can get a true evaluation." No flyers in Round 1.

  30. LIVE NOW across TSN: #CAN vs #ROM in #RWC2015 action. Both teams looking for their first win in their last game http://t.co/P6ZJmPsc3q