1. Elon rallies down the stretch to beat Kennesaw State in OT https://t.co/s0N4AS8XJX

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

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  4. MNF showed Browns franchise won 7 titles in first 10 seasons & overall won 8 pre-Super Bowl era titles. Now they r WORST franchise in sports

  5. Post game press conference for Luke Eddy, Tanner Samson and Christian Hairston #ElevateElon https://t.co/IFejf23Kfa

  6. Tanner "" Samson, everybody. #ELONvKSU

  7. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

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  9. ELON WINS! Elon 103, Kennesaw State 93 in Overtime! #ElevateElon #ELONvKSU https://t.co/g9HAKQj5LO

  10. Foul by Kennesaw State on Samson with 30 seconds! He makes both! Elon leads 103-93! #ELONvKSU

  11. MBB: Eddy with two free throws and Elon leads 99-91 with 1:15 remaining in OT! #ELONvKSU https://t.co/3GW6AVRFql

  12. Roberson, Syracuse Beat Elon 66-55

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  15. MBB: Swoope with a jumper, rebound by Samson and he is fouled! Elon to the line leading 96-90! #ELONvKSU

  16. MBB: Tanner Samson for three!! Elon leads 94-90 with 3:31 in overtime. #ELONvKSU

  17. Eddy finds Hairston to give Elon a 2-point lead in OT. #ELONvKSU https://t.co/dgH2IIbf4X

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  20. MBB: Layup by Christian Hairston and Elon leads 91-89! 4:04 left in overtime #ELONvKSU

  21. Overtime is underway! #ELONvKSU

  22. MBB: Samson stole the inbounds pass with 5 seconds left and Eddy drew a foul on a three point attempt! Overtime coming up! #ElevateElon

  23. Robinson shines for No. 24 Michigan in 88-68 win over Elon

  24. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25


  26. Elon steals the KSU inbound with 1.3 seconds left! #ELONvKSU https://t.co/t2vAL8ZB1W

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  29. MBB: STEAL AND THE FOUL! Luke Eddy is fouled on a three point attempt. #ELONvKSU

  30. MBB: Trey made by Dainan Swoope! Timeout Phoenix as they trail 89-86 with 5 seconds left. #ELONvKSU

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  33. MBB: Kennesaw State calls a timeout after the Owls are unable to get the ball in play. Good pressure by Elon! #ELONvKSU

  34. MBB: Timeout Elon after a layup by Luke Eddy with 53 seconds remaining. Phoenix trail 84-81. #ELONvKSU https://t.co/91mt0tfbhY

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  36. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  37. MBB: Two free throws by the Owls and they lead 83-79 at the 1:15 mark. Elon with the ball after a missed three. #ELONvKSU

  38. Reverse layup by Santa Ana and the steal! Elon is now behind 81-79 with 1:45 left! #ELONvKSU

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  41. Tanner Samson has tied a single-game high 8 treys in today’s game. Elon is behind 81-74 at the 3:04 mark. #ELONvKSU

  42. Timeout Phoenix after a made trey by Samson off the back iron. Owls lead Elon 74-68 at 5:29. #ELONvKSU

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  45. Tanner Samson’s made three at 7:22 moves him into 2nd all-time on the Elon list with 260 made treys in his career. https://t.co/E2XIxoDNZ9

  46. Kennesaw State in front 66-60 with 7:56 left in the half. Hairston (15) and Samson (14) leading the scoring for Elon. #ELONvKSU

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  49. Christian Hairston sets a new career-high 15 points on the layup, Elon leads 58-56! #ELONvKSU

  50. Dainan Swoope nails a trey and media timeout is called at 11:40. Elon in front 56-54! #ELONvKSU

  51. Steven Santa Ana connects from deep to tie the game at 53-all. #ELONvKSU https://t.co/hd2ltrkuQw

  52. Steven Santa Ana pulls up and hits a three at the 12:45 mark to tie it up 53-53! #ELONvKSU https://t.co/oIPFsP4NzM

  53. Hairston with the layup and Elon is in the lead again 48-47 at the 14:14 mark. Hairston with a season-high 12 tonight. #ELONvKSU

  54. Kennesaw State retakes the lead 47-46 with 15:13 in the second. #ELONvKSU

  55. Second half has started! WATCH NOW on Phoenix All-Access!  https://t.co/fNw6Tnah6M https://t.co/lLYNAdoWcn

  56. Getting back out on the floor, second half starters for Elon: Samson, Eddy, Thompson, Dawkins, Seibring #ELONvKSU

  57. HALF: Elon 39, Kennesaw State 36 Samson leads the way with 14 points and four treys! #ElevateElon #ELONvKSU https://t.co/ue8CNmSqLL

  58. Jack Anton connects from long distance in the waning moments of the first half. #ELONvKSU https://t.co/g3Fgj5Vm2R

  59. HALF: Elon 39, Kennesaw State 36 Samson leads the way with 14 points and four treys! #ElevateElon #ELONvKSU

  60. Samson hits his fourth triple of the game to tie it at 30-all in the first half. #ELONvKSU https://t.co/nJmzPoUtoc

  61. Back-to-back threes from Samson and Swoope! Elon leads 33-30 with 1:53 left in the half! #ELONvKSU https://t.co/peWqUGKIk2

  62. Media timeout called with 3:58 on the clock. Kennesaw State leads 30-25. Samson with 11 for the Phoenix. #ELONvKSU https://t.co/uKJ8JhxPNl