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  6. Helfrich said he liked Oregon's four-man pressure at Colorado. Acknowledged too that WSU this week will make it tough to bring extra guys.

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  11. Washington State football is a broken record on repeat http://t.co/OffUzX6og2

  12. Washington State football is a broken record on repeat http://t.co/eCkUIvsyfT

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  15. The morning after WSU once again should have won. The morning after WSU once again lost. http://t.co/AAk9xBLNd5 http://t.co/2zICb4ZNe0

  16. Cougars Place Four in Finals at WSU Invitational http://t.co/ur7ELtOiEs

  17. Cal comes from behind to cap wild win over WSU http://t.co/1olTa96ACN

  18. No. 24 Cal Sneaks Past WSU http://t.co/nOEaGtdGpS

  19. WSU vs. Cal 2015 final score: Cougars come up short, lose to Bears 34-28 http://t.co/43cMyeBO5f

  20. Gabe Marks said the WSU offense had its bright moments but still has yet to play a complete game

  21. Special teams doom WSU again in loss to Cal http://t.co/YMXZSBpQSh

  22. VIDEO: Washington State tried a fake punt and it went as bad as you could possibly imagine. http://t.co/T1I9plwqGg http://t.co/cPUClxOyPL

  23. Obvious statement. The 3rd Q was the back breaker... Cal outscored WSU 21-7. Neither team scored in the 4th Q. #GoCougs

  24. FINAL SCORE CAL 34, WSU 28

  25. Cal's punt goes into back of the end zone. WSU will have 12 seconds left.

  26. Cal with another short gain, now 3rd & 8. WSU final timeout, 1:12 remaining...

  27. Cal converts it.... WSU D doing everything they can... Just couldn't stop it there... 1st down, 1:25 and counting

  28. Cal gets a short gain on 1st. WSU immediate timeout... 1:17 remaining

  29. Despite all the mistakes, Washington State has the ball with 4:30 and a chance to win the game.

  30. WSU defense did well to force that turnover on downs. Gives Cougs a shot. 4:38 left Cal 34, WSU 28

  31. HERCULES!!!!!!! JEREMIAH ALLISON (got there first)!!!!! SACK! Cal will punt on 4th & 18. Punt dies at WSU 41 #GoCougs

  32. So which third quarter was wilder? This one or the one last year between Cal and WSU?