1. ICYMI (unlikely): Rebels take Fremont Cannon back to Las Vegas with 23-17 win http://t.co/120kGOIttT

  2. Happy to Announce my commitment to UNLV #RunningRebel pic.twitter.com/RK5HBQsKfm

  3. THANK YOU ALL. Many may not understand why not but they will VERY SOON. #UNLV #RebelGang #Rebel pic.twitter.com/bnq71ZZl0o

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  6. Open to the public: Cannon painting going down at 11:15 a.m. tomorrow. Outisde the student union if it's nice, inside if it's raining.

  7. Great Sanchez shot https://t.co/m6s1lSUIW5

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  12. The press box beer got better but the result stayed the same. Cannon gets a new paint job Monday. @… https://t.co/uZBALJqflW

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  15. @dj1__

  16. Yunker's first 4 punts all buried Reno inside its own 7-yard line. Only when the Pack had better starting field position did the O wake up.

  17. Downpour has continued and down there in white Nevada Sportscaster of the Year @sports8 is sacrificing for the shot http://t.co/KVecfDwBIF

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  21. LIVE on #Periscope: Cannon postgame https://t.co/hWFhSzaJTH

  22. It was nice of Nevada to keep the cannon on UNLV's sideline. Makes the whole process easier.

  23. Paint it red

  24. 4th and 10. Raining sideways. Rebels need one stop.

  25. You gotta just go down, Kurt.

  26. It's been happening all night, and on fourth down a dropped pass might kill the Wolf Pack.

  27. This will come down to UNLV needing a stop, just like two years ago.

  28. Huge play? Huge play

  29. On the blog: http://t.co/MNXjKxdLWo

  30. Decker is out on the field wearing a jacket. Looks like his left arm is in a sling; appears done for the day.

  31. Rebels are back on the field. Decker is still in the locker room.

  32. Just as long as he doesn't run up the score, right? https://t.co/01MykB0jR6

  33. It's a good sign for UNLV when the loudest Nevada fans have been all day is for a missed extra point.

  34. The Mountain West: Where they need to review extra points to determine if it was good or not.

  35. Decker down on the ground holding (I think) his left shoulder.

  36. Reed dominated RT J'Ondray Sanders. Rebels' O-Line with a great game so far but losing that 1-on-1 battle hurt. https://t.co/86j0vOBHyy