1. Sportscenter is in a bad way if it's trying to convince you that it's better to be the loser alone outside than the roommate getting action.

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  5. Happy to Announce my commitment to UNLV #RunningRebel pic.twitter.com/RK5HBQsKfm

  6. SJSU's Tyler Ervin is averaging more all-purpose yards than LSU's Fournette and vs. D-I teams he has more TDs (8) than UNLV's offense (7).

  7. Remove the lame phrase and this is a great shirt. https://t.co/Tn3ReKfyLt

  8. THANK YOU ALL. Many may not understand why not but they will VERY SOON. #UNLV #RebelGang #Rebel pic.twitter.com/bnq71ZZl0o

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  11. So, I put my hands up https://t.co/476RucOKfW

  12. New Rebel Room: We back away and let @raybrewer21 shoot his shot. It eventually goes off the rails. http://t.co/1r8GpcQYA0 via @LasVegasSun

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  16. Rebels going mad in first official practice of 2015-16 season http://t.co/t5IAKLqUBR

  17. Metro is doing a bunch of traffic stops near campus. Keep your eyes open and your speedometer low.

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  20. @dj1__

  21. UNLV basketball: Rice shows he's serious about changes ... https://t.co/CkiMBUPD8Y via @reviewjournal

  22. Paint skills http://t.co/Ubk85Ew0HJ

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  26. Decker gave his cannon speech still in a sling. Sanchez said he could be a backup but, "Kurt Palandech will start this week no matter what."

  27. Reno's art project inside the Fremont Cannon: University Of Notta Lotta Victories @ University of… https://t.co/WQbQQC5NWP

  28. LIVE on #Periscope: Cannon things https://t.co/UUzCJfdDaL

  29. Cannon on parade http://t.co/fyOuiOdAPg

  30. Yunker and McAleenan are the Special Teams and Defensive Players of the Week in the Mountain West.

  31. Packers, Rodgers come through again for betting public ... https://t.co/4g2v7FWIPt via @reviewjournal

  32. ICYMI (unlikely): Rebels take Fremont Cannon back to Las Vegas with 23-17 win http://t.co/120kGOIttT

  33. Open to the public: Cannon painting going down at 11:15 a.m. tomorrow. Outisde the student union if it's nice, inside if it's raining.

  34. Great Sanchez shot https://t.co/m6s1lSUIW5

  35. NFL betting: Trends favor Manning, underdog Giants at Buffalo ... https://t.co/QtoePcbejx via @reviewjournal

  36. The press box beer got better but the result stayed the same. Cannon gets a new paint job Monday. @… https://t.co/uZBALJqflW

  37. Yunker's first 4 punts all buried Reno inside its own 7-yard line. Only when the Pack had better starting field position did the O wake up.

  38. Downpour has continued and down there in white Nevada Sportscaster of the Year @sports8 is sacrificing for the shot http://t.co/KVecfDwBIF

  39. LIVE on #Periscope: Cannon postgame https://t.co/hWFhSzaJTH