1. WATCH: DePaul's Elise Wyatt records a hat trick in victory over Butler (H/T @BIGEAST) http://t.co/xlMk9o3doK http://t.co/bU6WVDCRKf

  2. Big East Announces 2015-16 Conference Schedule

  3. Read this, CU fans. https://t.co/fQCZcxR61j

  4. Looks ready to go for the start of the season and Gavitt Tipoff Games on Nov. 19 https://t.co/pwhQcAyTU4

  5. Providence recruiting: Kevin Marfo to commit on Friday, and the Friars are in play #pcbb http://t.co/3ADR73qgqu http://t.co/SN8zS3XqsV

  6. Marquette moving student section closer to court; making other seating changes. #mubb http://t.co/8RtGS8YErx http://t.co/Ul6d1FfKO4

  7. A 2017 #Providence commit has decided to reopen his recruitment #pcbb http://t.co/FpVSP6rOy6 http://t.co/uHH9rSWbmv

  8. The Fast Break (October 8, 2015): Thursday news and links http://t.co/S9XdjM41TC http://t.co/jThy9VVgdH

  9. Anyways: Let's watch highlights of Marquette defeating Wisconsin in soccer, shall we? http://t.co/QFbebWDpVT http://t.co/xHS4fsQG9X

  10. Something something, Big East struggling with recruits in 2016, something something.

  11. Class of 2016 point guard Bryce Aiken (@BryceAiken) commits to Harvard http://t.co/ayg6iz973d http://t.co/crOHUUjrui

  12. Best of luck at Harvard, Bryce! https://t.co/3CQ6weqOZG

  13. You'll want to do it for all we've got planned for #BEMediaDay alone. https://t.co/pf5KCew2Tk

  14. Harvard now leads Aiken's Crystal Ball at 73%. #shbb at 20%. 15 predictions. Crystal Ball is rarely wrong. https://t.co/TnV0oftZeQ

  15. We endorse BOTH of these things. https://t.co/Uig4PrJHO2

  16. Site policy to refer to it exclusively as the Rosemont Horizon. Just letting you all know. https://t.co/X7cVlNlbIz

  17. Mailbag going up tomorrow. Currently have one question. Could certainly use some more.

  18. Whew boy. Not good news for former Big East representative Louisville. https://t.co/pmnIGeCAOJ

  19. Agreed. She rules. https://t.co/qy5XNSruNm

  20. Also: This one will NOT feature a unanimous number one. Can get that out of the way right now.

  21. Votes are being tabulated for our next Top 5 post coming this Monday. Early returns: Butler, Creighton and Xavier fans will be pretty happy

  22. Welp. This is something to watch. https://t.co/MXjWY4PEi8

  23. "The Boss" James Banks? https://t.co/G0Rvlo2MiH

  24. Let's get to know Seton Hall's Dalton Soffer, a California sharpshooter http://t.co/RgJxdMorRT http://t.co/99esoj7hSU