1. Scott: They're playing together. Not a lot of missed assignments. They want to keep the ball in front of them and not allow big plays.

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

  3. Syracuse Enters Latest AP Poll, UK Still No. 1

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  5. Clemson can’t afford to drop the ball against UNC https://t.co/0zp8vNYCdT

  6. Harris hits a driving layup and Dunn answers with a 3-pointer. MSU ball leading 64-60 with 2:47 left.

  7. That's a good job by Costello of walling up. And as noted on TV, Bentil needs to get the ball quicker than he did.

  8. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

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  10. Loose ball foul on Denzel Valentine, PC has given up three 3-pointers and is down 11-8

  11. Zach Auguste misses two free throws with 28.6 seconds left....#Irish up one....Tide ball...

  12. #Alabama calls timeout with the ball and a chance to win the game! The Tide trails #17 ND, 73-72, with 23.5 secs left! #RollTide #BuckleUp

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  14. Film Session: Maui Jim Maui Invitational: It’s common knowledge by now: The Hoosiers turned the ball ove... https://t.co/Giy3MGL9MV #iubb

  15. Overall, I liked the offensive ball movement. UCLA did not force many shots.

  16. game ball to ciara #gohawks

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  20. Barnes with a long three to give #Grizzlies a 54-53 lead. #Sixers then turned the ball over

  21. UCLA ball. Parker fouls. Timeout.

  22. VIDEO: Carson Palmer just spiked the ball so hard, he took a spill. https://t.co/sj2yG6bEjt https://t.co/CjujTaWmak

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  24. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  25. Decent ball movement but UCLA can't score their next time down.

  26. The ball is in the air and we are underway between #Alabama and No. 17 Notre Dame! #RollTide #BuckleUp https://t.co/RCR2eSvyXc

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  28. How many times have the Steelers run the ball today?

  29. Celtics going all Spurs-ish with the ball movement there. Ends with an Isiaiah 3.

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  31. UNC Opens No. 1 in AP Preseason Poll

  32. A former player & manager now training & coaching?Love it! Travel ball is good. Learning the game is more important. https://t.co/72Ad16TF2Y

  33. EXTRA POINT: @tsirk_1 receives our game ball after throwing for 275 yards & 2 TDs vs. Wake: https://t.co/eT5wRRjSoL https://t.co/cA7RfSKA2F

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  36. When Dayton hangs onto the ball they find good looks. But turnovers, defensive rebounding have been issues early on.

  37. Fedora says the offense has to take care of the ball and the defense has to create takeaways vs Clemson. STs also has to be solid.

  38. Kyle Mallers has committed to Ball State. Quality forward who can play inside/out

  39. UK, UNC Tied Atop USA Today Preseason Poll

  40. The Flyers have turned the ball over 5 times in 4:52. #Xavier has scored five points off the miscues.

  41. This is a key game for Edmond Sumner, weathering pressure and taking care of the ball. Will make an impact. #Xavier

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  44. Some fans are giving Mickey Mouse an ovation for bringing out the game ball. This place already has an electric vibe.

  45. Also Bill Murray is wearing a blue ball cap with an X on it. #Xavier

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  48. Freeze Frame: Video doesn't do justice. How did OBJ get to this ball & hold onto it? https://t.co/OZp7txEvhD

  49. It does not appear the #Chiefs are doing anything different to defend Watkins. I do not know why he’s not getting the ball.

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  52. K said Luke has to be ready to shoot and that the ball comes to him different times at this level than in high school.

  53. Starting to look like #Bengals are content with keeping ball on the ground here in the second half. Hue Jackson has chance to let run shine

  54. TIMEOUT: Duke leads Utah State 73-40 with 7:18 left in the ball game. #HereComesDuke

  55. Luke Kennard can flat out shoot the ball. He hits the mid-range jumper to send Duke into the media timeout with a 64-38 lead. #rmtsports

  56. There's 12:53 left in the first half. The Bucs have had the ball once.

  57. Good ball movement by the Blue Devils sets up a Marshall Plumlee slam. Duke has stretched its lead to 17 early in the second half.

  58. A.J. Green almost fumbled after a catch for the second time in as many home games. Ruled down by contact just before ball came out just now.

  59. Nick Foles keeps throwing the ball behind his receiver. Don't think that's going to work.

  60. Watch out for Luke. Seeing ball go through net now. Confidence building. Kid can score. Has 7 today. 25-16 at Under 8.

  61. Grayson first to the floor there for the loose ball. Leads all scorers with 7. That's Duke Basketball.

  62. I think a message was sent to Thornton to distribute the ball. He has two assists since coming in which is .07 under his average.

  63. Cal: "He does that the other way." Meaning Briscoe makes easy play look ridiculously hard, which Cal attributed to high school and AAU ball.