1. EXTRA POINT: @tsirk_1 receives our games ball after starting off on the right foot vs. Tulane: http://t.co/Z6e9UlaNNz http://t.co/vADHlqyeau

  2. MBB: 247Sports' Crystal Ball has ND targets PF Jarrett Allen 100% to Texas, C James Banks 100%, & SF Javin DeLaurier 70%. Shaka's en fuego.

  3. Damnit no. "Peter" call, or whatever their call is, and get away from the ball.

  4. Some constructive criticism for the camera operator: follow the ball.

  5. Offense gains 567 yards, Darian Green scores 4 touchdowns in Cardinals' first win over VMI. http://t.co/UI7oDk5N7b http://t.co/2mkrzZ2dFw

  6. Freshman McDuffie will learn from that one. WR took ball away from him, scored on 76-yard play. It happens.

  7. TCU's first safety since 2010 comes at an opportune time. Horned Frogs now up 22-10 in the fourth quarter and getting the ball back.

  8. Marquise Williams on Hood: "Elijah ran the ball pretty well. Coach felt like we needed to do something different."

  9. End-of-half drive aided greatly by two Tulane penalties nets Duke another Martin FG. Devils up 13-0 at half. Get ball to start 3rd Q

  10. Seisay must be awesome at yelling something distracting just as the receiver is about to catch the ball.

  11. Reminder that Duke gets the ball to start the second half. We have a chance for our first #silentrun of the new season

  12. Wilson quick out to Booker. Utah moving the ball. 2nd and 1 on own 34

  13. Darboh's got to catch that I think. Rudock stood in there and put up a good ball

  14. Matt Simms tried to play 'hero ball,' he can't play 'hero ball' http://t.co/8gQFGzkXQj http://t.co/75MSR9Kl9z

  15. After the kneel from quarterback Jack Milas, the Cardinals come home with a 48-36 victory.

  16. VMI punches their way into the endzone again, the Cardinals continue to lead 48-36 with 2:48 remaining in the game.

  17. Another quick first-quarter take: Sirk has looked good throwing the ball 6 of 9 for 54 yards. He can handle passing game

  18. Minnesota just can not hold on to the ball against TCU

  19. VMI gets on the scoreboard once more, after the missed extra point the Cardinals lead 41-30 with 4:55 remaining.

  20. The Cardinals score once more! Gilbert finds his way into the endzone, the Cardinals now lead 41-24 with 7:41 remaining.

  21. Fumble recovery for the Cardinals gives @BallStateFB the ball at VMI's 22-yard line.

  22. Not good for WR Johnell Barnes, who catches a little slant and fumbles it. Tulane ball. Duke has a bit of WR roulette -- not good for JB

  23. At the end of the third quarter, the @BallStateFB leads VMI 34-17. The Keydets will regain possession at the 39-yard line.