1. Fun fact: Northwestern basketball takes on New Orleans tonight. Here's how to watch: https://t.co/OpLO69eQkx https://t.co/eF7JzgFquO

  2. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

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  5. With Mr. Cat @DaveEanet on @NUFBFamily duty Saturday, Andy Masur will have the call of the #B1GCats game vs. New Orleans with Joey Meyer.

  6. Another slam from Murphy and this time he is fouled, he'll try for the 3-point play after the U-4 timeout (3:31) - #Gophers 84, UNO 80.

  7. Timeout #Gophers at 8:18, UNO leading 71-68.

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  11. Minnesota trails UNO, 42-21 at the break. Omaha has had an answer for everything so far, efficient offensively, playing MN tough.

  12. Buggs tips in the missed shot after the break, 23-19 UNO.

  13. Timeout #Gophers at 11:35 after the Smallwood 3 gives UNO a 23-17 lead.

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  15. UNC Remains No. 1 in AP Poll, Oregon Enters at No. 25

  16. UNO ball after the under-16 timeout, they lead 10-5 with 15:49 left in the first half.

  17. Nate Mason drives to the hoop, gets the and-one. UNO 10, #Gophers 5, 16:19 1H

  18. Hollins, who got the first steal for UNO has already had 24 on the season.

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  21. Frye, Gill score 13 apiece, New Orleans beats Bradley 64-51 https://t.co/NJa6wR71B2

  22. Louisiana-Lafayette rolls over Loyola New Orleans 106-62 https://t.co/0BqOBAY9FQ

  23. Just recorded All About That Egg. Big revelation: @MikeBBonner has never been to New Orleans. Are you even living, bro?

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  27. Uno, dos, TRES ... @tres_tinkle3 with a 3-pointer and the Beavers are within 48-35. #gobeavs

  28. Photos: Ole Miss Fans Troll LSU With ‘Corn Dogs’ Billboard In New Orleans https://t.co/StjqYdqCrF https://t.co/nK08kCZcg7

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  31. VIDEO: 'Everything in New Orleans is being blamed on me, including Katrina.' - Rob Ryan https://t.co/eCYJO148lj https://t.co/0V4AQZNynv

  32. Rob Ryan: Everything in New Orleans blamed on me, including Katrina https://t.co/p35AYel9zS https://t.co/lJRtBe7SmW

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  35. New Orleans rolls over Pensacola Christian College 94-57 https://t.co/vyAvs8xYau

  36. I wanna go to New Orleans for New Years. Get me there! https://t.co/fb6PCjmGZp

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  39. Seattle, Dallas, New Orleans, Philly. There's no shortage of disappointing NFL teams. We broke down their problems: https://t.co/7G0UqpPTNd

  40. Hot shooting Duquesne downs New Orleans, 95-75 https://t.co/xJ4Eee3IKX

  41. Rob Ryan fired by New Orleans Saints, Dennis Allen promoted https://t.co/2IGVMKaj1p

  42. Horrendous offense by New Orleans. Down four with 40-seconds left, and they are running around desperate for a three. Deserve this L.

  43. Worrell, Alceqaire lead Bowling Green past New Orleans 79-61 https://t.co/Pw68BnG6CY

  44. Unbeaten teams remaining: 231 (Sorry, New Orleans).

  45. New Orleans @Saints color analyst Hokie Gajan has cancer, he tells WWL @lsufball, #lsu https://t.co/FLwSWTic1i via @nolanews

  46. Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans vs. New Orleans Saints: Live updates, score and game chat https://t.co/8leYssZPpZ

  47. Marcus Mariota, Titans at New Orleans Saints: Start time, what TV channel, how to watch live stream online https://t.co/1e7TpACfaY

  48. Indianapolis Lawrence North 2017 forward Ra Kpedi offered by New Orleans, per coach Mike Saunders.

  49. Champ game winners are: Atlanta (2018), Santa Clara (2019) and New Orleans (2020)....I'm leaving now to get parking spot for S. Clara.

  50. Future @CFBPlayoff title game locations: Atlanta ('18), Santa Clara ('19) & New Orleans ('20). Maybe one day #B1G will be "home" team ...

  51. Got two of my three champ site predictions right for CFP. Thought CFP might pick Minneapolis in 2020. They sensibly picked New Orleans.

  52. Future @CFBPlayoff sites 2018 Atlanta, 2019 Santa Clara, 2020 New Orleans

  53. CFP title game sites announced for 2018-20: 2018: Atlanta 2019: Bay Area (Santa Clara) 2020: New Orleans Texas, cold weather cities left out

  54. After Atlanta got the 2018 CFP title game, I was a little surprised New Orleans got the 2020 game and the Midwest (Minneapolis) was shut out

  55. Eli Manning lost again in New Orleans, but man did the former Ole Miss star have a great game. https://t.co/Xqc6I8QYb4 via @AntonioCMorales

  56. I wonder if Zak Keefer still thinks Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are "hapless." Brees with 7 TD passes. Saints 52, Giants 49.

  57. Scoreboard status in New Orleans... https://t.co/PkOfvBfpts

  58. New Orleans' Eli Manning superb on that first drive for Giants, 5 of 6 for 64 yds, including 2 yd TD to fellow Newman grad OBJ. #Saints #LSU