1. Big fan of the NASCAR throwback cars this weekend.

  2. Word count update: 13,160.

  3. Breaking down Western Illinois' win over Eastern Illinois. http://t.co/gcFGCkS4nt

  4. WIU 33, Eastern Illinois 5. We're done here.

  5. If life imitates WWE, someone goes over and puts the guy with the cramp into a figure four.

  6. CRAMP.

  7. As a train horn wafts through Hanson Field, we had a kick roll out of bounds. Finally, someone is listening….

  8. Deadline agitation is setting in. Tread lightly.

  9. A fan just yelled LET'S GO as we wait, and wait, after these officials try to figure out what's going on.

  10. Nathan Knuffman with a 26-yard FG, and the Leathernecks now lead 33-5.

  11. WIU has forced five turnovers tonight, the most since the Leathernecks had nine against Hampton in the 2013 season opener.

  12. And we're mercifully at the end of the third quarter. Western Illinois leads Eastern Illinois 30-5.

  13. Devon Moore with a TD run, and the Leathernecks lead 30-5, 0:54 to go IN THE THIRD QUARTER.

  14. And after the first play, ANOTHER CRAMP.

  15. Lance Lenoir with a 49-yard punt return and guess what? A late hit OB by EIU.

  16. Leathernecks' secondary has been excellent tonight.

  17. And that score seems about right for this game.

  18. WIU's Brett Taylor with an INT and a return for a TD. Nathan Knuffman's PAT was blocked, EIU with a return to the end zone. It's 23-5.

  19. Seriously, do they not have water in Charleston? ANOTHER CRAMP.

  20. Now, more EIU cramping. HYDRATE.

  21. More EIU boobery — a hit out of bounds.

  22. EIU just killing itself with penalties. Just got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after an incomplete pass.

  23. Leathernecks go for it on 4th-and-2 at the EIU 28, and get a pass interference call on a fade route.