1. Michigan's 21 1st quarter points are the most points Northwestern has allowed in a game this season (previous was 19 points vs Ball State)

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  6. It's GAME DAY Demon fans! Come out at 2pm to cheer on @NSUDemonsVB as they take on TX A&M Corpus Christi  #forkem http://t.co/tbRw0P5Hdi

  7. HBU takes the match tonight. Thank you to everyone who came out tonight, especially all of our spirit groups!  http://t.co/M80VXtjSEf

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  11. Tomorrow is GAME DAY for @NSUDemonsSOC ⚽️ #forkem http://t.co/7F0DpSNm7T

  12. GAME DAY  @NSUDemonsVB #1000fans http://t.co/MmwETMvXvo

  13. Hey @PTNetherton @radiotvman @DrJBHenderson @demonsforkem @nsulaalumni @ScottFerrell @LukeTScribe @TimBrando https://t.co/Hrfpk0Qkms

  14. GAME DAY TOMORROW! Let's pack the stands and win prizes! #1000fans @NSUDemonsVB http://t.co/QU6XI945s3

  15. Challenging slate ahead for @NSUDemonsBSB #demoNSUnite http://t.co/1CX8HIS8We

  16. Annual @NSUDemonsVB 1K Day match set for Thursday #demoNSUnite http://t.co/WX6rZy7UDn

  17. My AP ballot: 1. Ohio State 2.Texas A&M 3. Northwestern 4. Utah 5. Clemson 6. Florida 7. Baylor 8. MSU 9. LSU http://t.co/uVaLLDbRYA

  18. Cross country makes strides at McNeese State meet http://t.co/Fso7nVLftP

  19. Cross country aiming to solidify championship rosters at McNeese http://t.co/6SpbLEVuZp

  20. ,@NSUDemonsVB drops second straight Southland match at Abilene Christian #demoNSUnite http://t.co/xIU37ZxHYm

  21. Did you know, @NSUDemonsFB, @NSUDemonsMBB, @NSUDemonsBSB, & @NSUDemonsTF all won conference titles in 1957-58? #TBT https://t.co/zUUQ8f1dfM

  22. 1K Day is exactly a week away! Don't miss out on all of the excitement and prizes! #1,000fans  https://t.co/29h5HXHGXn

  23. Sam Houston rallies for five-set win against @NSUDemonsVB #demoNSUnite http://t.co/Q4lzIexDba

  24. An amazing match but a tough loss for @NSUDemonsVB tonight. http://t.co/OQLC6bqjk5

  25. Come and get it! @NSUDemonsVB at 7 pm!  http://t.co/SPUsWDB6v1

  26. It's GAME DAY! Come out and enjoy free pizza while you watch @nsudemonsvb take on Sam Houston State!  http://t.co/mgYhpnPkOj

  27. Freshman @NSUDemonsSB catcher Kaylee Isenburg was out taking extra BP today. Perfect target for interview https://t.co/Z9mWKboKMY

  28. First day of @NSUDemonsSB practice today. Also means first day of videos. Here's Coach @DonaldgPickett https://t.co/bcrqXPuVD0

  29. Stelly Scholarship set up as part of NSU's Perpetually Purple program #demoNSUnite http://t.co/SG7lvjUstt

  30. Demons from 1974-84 get special invite for Homecoming festivities #demoNSUnite http://t.co/lFQK1G2Atl