1. Duke, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Minnesota, Utah State, Boise State & more have key weekend visitors - https://t.co/OKkSFOvp5O

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  5. 4-Star PF Mitch Lightfoot Trims List to Five

  6. I have an hour or so before I land in Dallas. Let's tweet about Michigan vs. Utah, and what's down the road for UM. Let's go...I"m bored....

  7. Utah Trolled Jim Harbaugh, Michigan With A Khaki Reference On Twitter http://t.co/lcRxRj7GfM

  8. If you didn't see it last night, check out our new video on our Facebook or Twitter page! #runninutes #outworkoutlast

  9. If you didn't see it last night . . . https://t.co/PGzztAyyGS #runninutes #outworkoutlast

  10. I had them 7-5 with a loss to Utah. I'll stick with that. https://t.co/sZctmLbS7Z

  11. Michigan hurt by 'tentative' offensive line play, as run game stalls at Utah @MLive http://t.co/njwYfsxzgL

  12. Video: Breaking down Michigan's 24-17 loss at Utah http://t.co/4thBBW145K

  13. So this Utah State team that everyone seems to have as the non-Power 5 rep beat Southern Utah 12-9 and didn't score an offensive TD? Yeesh.

  14. DICKSON: Utes defense makes big play to beat Michigan: So after watching Utah hold off Michigan 24-17 on Thurs... http://t.co/mPN49zEOph

  15. Those that thought Utah was a cupcake, clearly has not seen Utah in the last few years.

  16. Sack Lake City...that is all #utah

  17. Utah may be the Ringo of Pac12 (as @DufresneLATimes has said) but Michigan has all the rhythm of Pete Best ...

  18. Utah 24, Michigan 10: 5:17 to play in 4th. 4th and 1 UM on 35

  19. Video: Utah Defensive Back Justin Thomas' Pick 6 Against Michigan http://t.co/fDRLYFn4wB

  20. Same old Utah ... Nothing that "wows" you, just a pain to play ...

  21. Utah 24, Michigan 10. This is 2014 Part 2 without the rain delay. But they gave us those cupcakes. They were good, too. Red frosting. YUM.

  22. All of the sudden, it's 4 and 9 for Utah on UM 29. Phillips out to try for FG

  23. Utah might as well try for the dagger right here.

  24. Video: Utah Fan Sniffs Armpit On Live Television http://t.co/ljJcxrlRkb

  25. Wilson quick out to Booker. Utah moving the ball. 2nd and 1 on own 34

  26. Rudock just got leveled. Stupid play by Utah. Michigan needed some stroke of luck..15-yarder. UM has a breath

  27. Utah fans joking about having Harbaugh come in and play. Jim already stated he has zero eligibility