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  12. At @DBChampionship, @BubbaWatson sits out pro-am with mild back strain: http://t.co/Hnge7Ah7DP http://t.co/1itxu5LDPv

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  15. McIlroy: Schedule More Mental Than Physical

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  20. Daly: I Only Smoke 2 Packs of Cigs a Day, So I'll Be Good

  21. .@JimmyWalkerPGA likes looking into space.  His Thursday playing partner has been there.  http://t.co/kD5bpD2ofw http://t.co/jefd63d67G

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  28. Preview, Predictions for Deutsche Bank Champ.

  29. Report: CBS Parts Ways with Feherty After 19 Years

  30. Extend your spine taller on the backswing rather than flexing lower/forward. #TOURFix https://t.co/kYrHiDedSH

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  32. Power Ranking PGA Tour Rookies for 2015

  33. Feherty's Ouster Doesn't Sit Well with Golf World

  34. Make sure your right foot is not glued to the ground on your finish. #TOURFix https://t.co/HiMmfk6xK1

  35. Looks great. Hit it harder. Split grip is fine for now. #TOURFix https://t.co/atBmn1ayZs

  36. Who's Under Most Pressure at Deutsche Bank?

  37. McIlroy Granted Exemption to Play in Race to Dubai

  38. #tbt The 1935 @RyderCupUSA squad regained the @RyderCup with a 9-3 win at Ridgewood CC 80 years ago this month. http://t.co/qJ6KheO7gw

  39. Turn more around your right hip and avoid lateral sway. #TOURFix https://t.co/GnxTBHLsqU

  40. The Dark Side of David Feherty

  41. Spieth's Summer Pays Off Big for Under Armour

  42. On the downswing, get more weight shift and allow the club to shallow out. Think Jim Furyk. #TOURFix https://t.co/RzPy0grJMG

  43. The most common mistake we've seen today: The inside takeaway. Here's what it means and how to avoid it. #TOURFix http://t.co/tnjfeDbp1s

  44. Spieth Returns to Baseball Roots at Fenway

  45. Day, Spieth, Watson Grouped at Deutsche Bank

  46. On downswing, keep spine tilted more right and shoulders more closed through impact. #TOURFix https://t.co/O7lMUNFV44

  47. Have her stay taller with her upper body and get more right knee flex on the backswing. #TOURFix https://t.co/OQofl58EqM

  48. PGA Tour, Trump Agree to Changes at Doral

  49. Day Can Pass McIlroy, Spieth for No. 1 Next Week

  50. Left wrist too cupped coming down. Make it more flat. #TOURFix https://t.co/yaicsD3x7L

  51. .@tourflight, your swing is perfect ... almost ... #TOURFix http://t.co/fzI0Tuco7N