1. Hot-Shooting Butler Downs SIUE, 89-73. Recap of tonight's game --> https://t.co/43Qd3hVvUb

  2. UK Stays No. 1, 4 New Teams Enter AP Poll

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  4. Highlights: Butler 89, SIUE 73 - Nov. 28, 2015 --> https://t.co/bRJjOO57f6

  5. FINAL: #Butler 89, SIUE 73. Dawgs are 4-1. Dunham ties career high of 32.

  6. 3:15 left: #Butler 75, SIUE 62. Dawgs good only in spurts today. Dunham's 29 are 3 off career high.

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  8. Kentucky Overtakes UNC for No. 1 Spot in AP Poll

  9. SIUE has shot 5-of-11 this half, but #Butler's improved defense reflected in Cougars' 9 second-half turnovers.

  10. 7:41 left: #Butler 67, SIUE 52.

  11. Jones called for fouling SIUE player. Right in front of me. Should have been held ball.

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  13. 9:56 left: #Butler 65, SIUE 49. Kellen Dunham has 27 points on only 10 shots. Chrabascz 12 points, Jones 8 assists.

  14. #Butler starting to gap SIU. 13:08 left: Dawgs 57, SIUE 45. After missing that FT, Dunham sank a l-o-n-g 3. 4-of-5 on 3s, 27 points.

  15. As is always the case in such games, the longer #Butler lets SIUE stay close, the more confident SIUE becomes.

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  19. Part of it, not all. SIUE is much taller than #Butler. https://t.co/jJlP0lu6wU

  20. Half: #Butler, a 28-point favorite, leads SIUE 39-38. Certainly not what Holtmann was looking for coming out of Puerto Rico.

  21. SIUE, featuring a tall lineup, outrebounding #Butler 15-12.

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  24. 2:55 left in half: SIUE 29, #Butler 29. Cougars caught up with 9-0 run. All things considered, this is Dawgs' worst half of season.

  25. Make that a 90-sec run by Dunham in which he outscored SIUE 8-0.

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  28. 6:54 left in half: #Butler 24, SIUE 20. Dunham has 12, including a 2-minute run in which he outscored SIUE 8-0.

  29. 11:58 left in half: #Butler 13, SIUE 11. Bulldogs uninspiring.

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  32. 15:39 left in first half: SIUE 6, #Butler 6. Bulldogs 2-of-6, 3 turnovers.

  33. Poor start by #Butler: four possessions, two points. SIUE leads 4-2.

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  36. We have tipped: SIUE at #Butler

  37. There's still time to get to Hinkle for today's game against SIUE. A preview --> https://t.co/XnEVfOAGS2

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  40. Preparing for the 5pm tip against SIUE. See you at Hinkle. https://t.co/sMfDWTPBcE

  41. As it so often has been, #Butler again among nation's top teams in limiting turnovers. SIUE at @HinkleFH Saturday. https://t.co/jqVMOR0tg4

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  44. The @ButlerTickets Office is closed Thursday, but reopens at 8am on 'Blue Friday'. Tix start at $9 for Saturday game vs SIUE.

  45. Visiting Indy for the Thanksgiving weekend? Check out our game vs SIUE on Saturday, Nov. 28. Tickets start at $9! https://t.co/quh69hJrbP

  46. After grabbing 15 rebounds at SIUE, Yacoubou has none so far tonight.

  47. Unbeaten teams remaining: 132 (Sorry, SIU Edwardsville).

  48. SLU has outscored SIUE 14-3 to open a 61-53 lead with 3:38 left. Yarbrough shooting one FT after timeout. Yacoubou with 20 points, 14 boards

  49. Eslik with a 3 to give SIUE a 43-42 lead at the under-12 timeout.

  50. SIUE has tied it at 38 with chance to take the lead.

  51. SLU leads SIUE 32-25 at halftime. The Cougars made 1 of their final 17 shots in the first half.

  52. SIUE with one field goal in the last 11 minutes.

  53. Yacoubou with 8 points and 6 rebounds in the first 12 minutes. SIUE leads 19-16 with 7:59 left in the half.

  54. SIUE increases lead to 18-10 at second media timeout with the help of three 3s.

  55. SIUE leads 9-6 at the first media timeout. SLU focusing heavily on getting ball into the post to variety of players -- guards and bigs.