1. Is anyone else having trouble sleeping tonight? http://t.co/AFrqaTGjQP

  2. 2⃣4⃣ hours. #GoEags

  3. The @EWUFootball brotherhood is more than a mindset. Players explain their motto 'And Then Some' to you. http://t.co/MIUBT8Ov4D #GoEags

  4. The Eagles have arrived for walk-through No. 2. #GoEags http://t.co/d1MoKJ8W2Z

  5. The Eagles have arrived for walk-through No. 2. #GoEags http://t.co/ohEbGHGxtK

  6. Can't get enough of @EWUFootball's new Inferno Ice 2.0 uniforms? We've got you covered. http://t.co/yy2Nvobbu2 http://t.co/wncv1MARpG

  7. Our Snapchat friends are showing their Eagle pride today. Add us at "ewuathletics" & show us what you've got! #GoEags http://t.co/ktkNPVS8wp

  8. Walk-through No. 1 is in the books. #GoEags http://t.co/HwHvKnw1TN

  9. The Eagles have landed. #GoEags http://t.co/rkCfRnGSRF

  10. Prediction: Oregon 59, Eastern Washington 20. Vernon Adams stays undefeated as a Duck.

  11. Wheels up to Eugene. #GoEags http://t.co/scshFSYoCy

  12. EWU coach Beau Baldwin talks about game planning for Oregon Ducks next on @750TheGame

  13. Emoji game  Find out which emojis are @EWUFootball players' favorites. http://t.co/nEdjC8bTUP #GoEags

  14. Eastern Washington coach Beau Baldwin joins me on the BFT radio show today 12-3p @750TheGame

  15. Is anyone else watching this on repeat? #GoEags http://t.co/cgaONghaHa

  16. On schedule: "We have a challenging schedule. Eastern Washington is a good team. This is not a for sure win."

  17. ICYMI | @EWUFootball's Inferno Ice 2.0 uniforms were unveiled. http://t.co/gipc5nzP5T #GoEags http://t.co/pVcHSHWT6f

  18. Oregon secondary prepares for "dynamic" Eastern Washington offense http://t.co/q1yupW1x8i http://t.co/PWHK90xr2z

  19. Defense gears up to face Eastern Washington on Saturday, plus other practice notes: http://t.co/rrEkIXwLF2 #GoDucks http://t.co/1eAcUvsOUQ

  20. Get another look at Inferno Ice 2.0 on our Instagram. Follow us at @ewuathletics and check it out. #GoEags http://t.co/leWhntwaOL

  21. STATEment made. We're proud to represent Washington. http://t.co/U5Usn00CEI #GoEags http://t.co/QjEVkmjEz8

  22. The wait is over. Inferno Ice 2.0 debuts this Saturday. #GoEags http://t.co/Qxdwx66HVB