1. Here's my full interview with @EricLeGrand52 for the Seth Davis Show on @CampusInsiders https://t.co/5IeCisOrG7 https://t.co/eYNAqeK7ea

  2. Familiar Faces Ready to Star (Again) in Big 12

  3. KU Unanimously Picked to Win 12th Straight Conf. Title

  4. Big 12 Announces Preseason Honors

  5. Former Oklahoma State Basketball Player Sues School, Travis Ford

  6. Texas A&M is for real: Aggies upset No. 10 Gonzaga in Bahamas. https://t.co/Q7u6j9UwPb https://t.co/7m3iZc9GMS

  7. Well now. That was an NCAA type game. Aggies defended Kyle Wiltjer and Zags well on last possession. Expect... https://t.co/GNE0Itdehn

  8. Kinda surprised by this, especially the taunts. Very un-Okaforish, even if he didn't start it. And he probably didnt https://t.co/gVWXbwReDb

  9. Kyle Wiltjer reminds me of Ryan Anderson when he was at Cal. Effortless stretch PF that evolved off the bounce. Deadly when he has space.

  10. So much Ryan Anderson (Cal) in Kyle Wiltjer..

  11. Love the potential of this Texas A&M team. The Aggies are the SEC's version of Noah's Ark -- they've got two of everything. REALLY DEEP.

  12. Texas A&M is not a great team but Aggies know who they are and don't beat themselves. That will win you a lot of games.

  13. Not sure why Wiltjer doesn't get the ball on that last possession. You gotta live or die with your best player. Nice win for A&M.

  14. Texas A&M with a statement win over Gonzaga in the Bahamas. Aggies are FOR REAL. Legitimate challenger in the SEC. Advance to title game.

  15. Agree. Top 3 in SEC very good. https://t.co/1jGLhwMiJx

  16. Xavier doesn't have the size it had last year w Matt Stainbrook, but the smaller Musketeers are better offensively. Pound Bama in Orlando

  17. If you are watching Zags-A&M, you know now what Aggies have been preaching: Trocha-Morelos is a difference maker. Aggies SEC contenders.

  18. Xavier doesn't have the size it had last year w Matt Stainbrook, but the smaller Mountaineers are better offensively. Pound Bama in Orlando.

  19. Guy Lewis, legendary Houston coach, dies at 93 https://t.co/RUUhnj0Oba

  20. Coming up later today at Atlantis a rematch of Washington-Texas from China (won by UW) two weeks ago. Odds two... https://t.co/TJkH4eAcgZ

  21. You will see the right one now. https://t.co/ZKNYLd730u

  22. Thanksgiving edition of the Seth Davis Show! I asked @EricLeGrand52 what he's thankful for https://t.co/NIvCbXXmwb https://t.co/K7LQh8tuvs

  23. Here is a special Thanksgiving Day episode of the Seth Davis Show on @CampusInsiders with @EricLeGrand52. Believe! https://t.co/dj01CDBPUj

  24. King: Kansas Rejoices as Cheick Diallo's NCAA Eligibility Ordeal Finally Ends https://t.co/NejMPCFn8a via @bleacherreport

  25. Boise State's Anthony Drmic (knee) will play today against UC Irvine, Leon Rice told @CBSSports.

  26. Arrived at my parents' house to find this bounty in the fridge. Happy Thanksgiving to me! https://t.co/iKyPUgaWUb

  27. No. 19 plays on ESPN2 at noon ET. https://t.co/AOlowSk3Yk

  28. Troubling story on Thanksgiving about Utah State refusing to release one of its players. https://t.co/OCqn7bPOfp https://t.co/8Hwi260smF

  29. Indiana went 1-2 in Maui. Where do the Hoosiers go from here? Hoosiers fans bracing. https://t.co/Fxe6u7V6yN https://t.co/zrLAxuuAM5

  30. Happy Thanksgiving from the #Big12! https://t.co/9s4jQEKT3l

  31. Apparently biting your opponent ends in an ejection. Who knew? https://t.co/E4WyBz4yI8 https://t.co/JEYxeTIckZ

  32. That face you make when it’s time to eat. Happy Thanksgiving, hoops fans. https://t.co/PMi1LZXOUH

  33. This was wild if you missed it last night. https://t.co/xYSUWQhayz

  34. UConn looks mighty nice so far. And today, we get Huskies vs. the Orange. Thankful! https://t.co/wxLNyUC1wl https://t.co/cpyWoCwHK0

  35. I asked Eric LeGrand for the Seth Davis Show on @CampusInsiders what he's thankful for. His answer will inspire you. https://t.co/6566sLCM0B

  36. Air Force player after being bit: Colorado opponent was 'ready for Thanksgiving' https://t.co/5mz89FwNyV

  37. One liner of the week from the Air Force player bit by Colorado's Tory Miller: https://t.co/heBBSRAJhg https://t.co/EuVAGK7EhW

  38. Feeling thankful for so much today--my family, my friends, my faith, my health, my job(s), and even my trolls! Hope you are feeling blessed.

  39. Chatted with UConn's Kevin Ollie early this am in workout area here at Atlantis. He loves this team's... https://t.co/engnAzUyym

  40. Atlantis: Big East throwback game at 3:30 pm with UConn-Syracuse on ESPN. But first at 1 on ESPN just as elite a game -- Zags and Aggies.

  41. If Diallo sat because of $165 his future guardian gave him as a freshman in high school, that's truly ridiculous. https://t.co/Cva1Lv5DFA

  42. Cheick Diallo, Patrick McCaw, & why the door is open for USC to make a national statement. Observations @CBSSports: https://t.co/uamdWrr8gT

  43. Great call Miles. Happy Thanksgiving man! https://t.co/Gjef8Otoy0