1. Give the gift of training with #kubball at our holiday camp! This & more in our gift guide: https://t.co/Ypuwj2WTws https://t.co/3mByjxOoSf

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  4. The early days: When Brett Favre could ride his bike to camp with no crowd around him https://t.co/Ucc91H1z1h

  5. Rockets: We're back after 'mini training camp.' What do you think, @LILBTHEBASEDGOD? https://t.co/txobUVN38l https://t.co/qB8CHuVhD1

  6. Gibson credits scout team running backs for preparing them for Wisconsin. Includes Camp Kenosha MVP Corey Acker in that conversation.

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  10. Remember those controversial calls yesterday at Camp Randall? Yeah, the refs got em right: https://t.co/Bt4vy8Ww8k https://t.co/LLyNq1FIJR

  11. #MichiganState LB Jon Reschke national Walter Camp Def. Player of Week, had hinted at it (video): https://t.co/Hg4x9RtJPv

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  15. Quick #Badgers Recap: Wisconsin's late rally falls short in a 13-7 defeat to Northwestern at Camp Randall Stadium https://t.co/ll5RYl0uLT

  16. Wisconsin starts its drive from its own 22 with a Stave keeper. Camp Randall got quiet quickly.

  17. Haven't taken exact measurements, but Camp Randall scoreboard looks bigger than Jimmy Butler's aquarium. https://t.co/FC738mx7fY

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  21. All clear at Camp Randall now. At least six-inch snowfall cleared from field, sun out. Wish those guys had done my car, too.

  22. Northwestern hasn't won at Camp Randall since 2000. A look back at those games: https://t.co/Nh9CxcPBDs https://t.co/EtqfGizSW9

  23. Wisconsin is running a "first day of NBA training camp" high screen & roll offense. No more swing offense. And isolation O has no Frank/Sam

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  27. Northwestern hasn't won at Camp Randall since 2000, and has given up 170 points in 4 games: https://t.co/cKZUp8CDrl https://t.co/NfgF5ELEo3

  28. McIntosh credits his time at Steph Curry's camp over the summer for his aggressive play, especially off screens.

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  31. I remember sitting w/Roy Williams and watching him hoist jumpers for a good 45 minutes after camp finished. Because…. why not?

  32. 2002 Nike All-American Camp, also the time when LeBron transformed from high school star to gonna be NBA mega star...

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  35. Closest thing I remember seeing 2 tonight’s Fall/Ndiaye matchup was when Shagari Alleyne & Jerry Sokoloski @ the 2002 Nike All-American Camp

  36. Iowa's Desmond King one of 15 on watch list for Walter Camp player of the year award.

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  39. Tom Thibodeau could be a long term candidate in Houston. Ex-JVG assistant was in camp last month. Relationship w/Harden from Team USA.

  40. 8-2 teams clash this weekend at Camp Randall. Here's what you need to know about Wisconsin: https://t.co/44nOYDZSrL https://t.co/zxGNt6fEph

  41. The hope is for the expansion to be complete by training camp next year. A temporary training facility will be used from January to July.

  42. Drew Smith, Dan Vitale and Dean Lowry now. All acknowledge how tough it will be to play at Camp Randall this year. Call fans "great."

  43. Vitale: "It's going to be a wild experience" at Camp Randall. Says Big House and Memorial Stadium experience will help.

  44. Fitzgerald on Camp Randall: "This week, it's the hardest place to play in the nation."

  45. Can picture O'Brien at Terps fall camp: "NO ONE RESPECTS OUR F*CKING QUARTERBACKS!! Wait, who are our quarterbacks? Oh, that makes sense..."

  46. Pretty different teams, though. Not sure anyone saw this coming... #KUfball camp included. https://t.co/HQ7gPyIUtv

  47. Nice story here on Jared Grasso. Not mentioned: when he coached me to a title at the 1998 Quinnipiac basketball camp https://t.co/TCrKjTAy3r

  48. Filling up at Camp Foster Fieldhouse. Broadcast on ESPN now, tip at approx. 4:40pm PT after pregame presentations. https://t.co/RoPemBlT21

  49. Spent time with great group of Marines at Camp Hansen today. Thank you for what you do for our country! https://t.co/wRMlu6Voay

  50. 8:30 am Friday in Okinawa: Practice next at Camp Foster Fieldhouse #ArmedForcesClassic https://t.co/YA6bFF1Eq4

  51. Dave Doeren on freshman RB Johnny Frasier: "If he was like this in fall camp he'd be playing right now. He's unbelievable right now."

  52. Wife is the coolest, too. Shaq: "First time I saw her, I was like 'Whoa.'" In training camp: https://t.co/vvI5qTNjWf https://t.co/KwiUEckw7j

  53. Kids Clinic is underway at Camp Futenma. Always good to see a gym full of kids ready to work on their games. https://t.co/AP9sOrl69I

  54. On the way to kids clinic at camp Futenma Panther sleep cam caught this guy. https://t.co/5J4avoHonX

  55. First practice in Okinawa @HailToPittHoops at Camp Futenma: #armedforcesclassic https://t.co/swhrCm472c

  56. Bill Self Says Cheick Diallo’s Camp Will Do ‘Whatever it Takes’ to Get Him Eligible https://t.co/bLtasb0oNT via @adamzagoria

  57. 9:30am Thursday: First practice underway at Camp Kinser's gym right now. #UnitedWeZag https://t.co/89JSrJYFYV

  58. Okafor is in way better shape since the beginning of training camp.