1. What a team. Gonna be fun watching them play for history all year long.

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  4. Off Villard, right? ... As long as they eat lunch at Kopp's, it all works. https://t.co/IJCyL78yQe

  5. Of course there's a long way to go, but I don't think that's far-fetched at all.

  6. Hawks tried to hold the ball to keep the Celtics from getting a 2 for 1 but held too long and cost themselves a 2 for 1

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  9. Murray scoop shot, Willis tips in his own miss. Rupp Arena loud for the first time in a long time tonight. Lead is five.

  10. Paul Pierce looks like he stayed a season too long, which is a bummer.

  11. "This is a long team. We have to know how much space we need and look to drive to pass."  #FromTheHuddle #Huskers https://t.co/WqDr1BQQc6

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  15. #gobearcats UC 38, USL 32, 11:49 2nd - Bearcats now down to 35 percent shooting, 2-for-13 from long range.

  16. Two-Star Tuesday: Ejuan Price's 5-sack "giant man's game" for Pitt was a long time coming: https://t.co/pYe9QTNuZf https://t.co/C1sFKUHhEs

  17. Pro parenting advice from Dan Dakich: “Two shots before you get to the stadium [for your son’s game] then beers all game long."

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  21. Jeff Long cites Oklahoma having six wins over teams that are .500 or better. Also notes Sooners performance since Texas loss.

  22. What Rece was asking Jeff Long was if OU beats OSU by only 3 TDs, could OU still slip to, say, 23rd in the CFP rankings. I'm paraphrasing.

  23. #gobearcats UC 18, Southeastern 11, 11:44 1st - Clark has 9 pts.,including his second career 3-pointer. UC is 1-7 from long range.

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  27. #gobearcats UC 10, SE Louisiana 9, 15:38 1st - Clark has six quick points for UC. Southeastern is 3-for-3 from long range.

  28. Here's guessing Jeff Long says 3-6 was super tight.

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  31. Ben Simmons & LSU could come out of NYC 0-2 if they lose. Fan chants, "Johnny Jones, wake up your team. It's gonna be a long flight home."

  32. Indiana-UNLV in the fifth-place game tomorrow. Crean vs Rice and a long flight home for the losing coach. #MauiInvitational

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  35. Between a film session that "ran long" and gym time last night, IU's Monday ran well past Wake Forest loss. #iubb

  36. Tom Crean said he did the grades himself last night & film session went long. “We needed to get some points across.”

  37. Mark Gottfried: I watched [LSU freshman Ben Simmons] in high school. He was as good a high school player as I've seen in a long time.

  38. Shon is not on Twitter, but has done a great job on @BigTenNetwork games for a long time! https://t.co/hML0k51Xyq

  39. Interesting to think of GSW in terms of "schemes people couldn't solve," and how long those runs lasted before someone(s) found an antidote

  40. Dwayne Bacon up to No. 15 on Chad Ford's big board. That didn't take long https://t.co/EgNhnYKjn6

  41. And it won't be long now: Marcus Paige's recovery on track and he says he's "very close" to returning. About that: https://t.co/55qaqTRerh

  42. UNLV at its best right now. Pressure without fouling. Getting the opponent rattled. This is impressive. ... How long will it last?

  43. #RHoops heating up from long range with two threes from Daniels, one from Williams. Back-and-forth game with good pace. Creighton up 24-23.

  44. Jonah Bolden is a lot bigger than I remember him from Findlay Prep. Super long.

  45. Cat is long at the buzzer, ASU wins 79-76

  46. #Pistons SVG: "When one team has a decided advantage in (energy), it’s going to be a long night. They had a huge advantage in that area."

  47. So Sixers cough it up vs. TWolves ... Poor Brett Brown. Poor Philly fans. I like their plan but man, seems a long way from working out.

  48. Media TO: ISU up 57-37 with 15:37 left. Mitrou-Long with a team-high 19 points. He's 5-of-6 from long range.

  49. Morris with the corner 3. Mitrou-Long in same spot. ISU now 11 of 20 from long range, leading 57-37.

  50. After 2 FT's by Marquette, Patterson missed a long 3 in the closing seconds and LSU fell, 81-80. #LSU

  51. Canaan with another 3. He's 2-for-3 from long range

  52. It's taking an uncomfortably long time for me to be able to make my "LOL Illinois has a 1st half lead" joke.

  53. Good initial D forces long and poor Chattanooga 3 try. ISU ball. 0-0 early.

  54. Great defensive start as ISU forces a long contested three with shot clock running down.

  55. Max Bielfeldt (cont): "... There were a lot of hands in there for that long pass.”

  56. No real idea why that pass went that long with 3.2 seconds left. #iubb