1. Maxwell Smith says the team had a good practice on Monday after their long flight back from Hawaii.

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  6. Inside FIFA case: How Blatter, Platini could face long bans http://t.co/uPe6es3zpj (@robharris) http://t.co/LO2jYEQG5t

  7. So Long, HBC: Steve Spurrier Steps Away From the Sport That He Forever Changed, by @MichaelWeinreb http://t.co/ExylWRWLLZ

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  11. Rice on the full-court pressure: "We’ll never come out of it the whole season long. … We’re trying to force tempo."

  12. The Revolution Has Already Been Televised: Hero Ball is Dead, Long Live Ball Movement, by @kirkgoldsberry http://t.co/NX7DClPqGg

  13. My best one is too long for Twitter. Even multiple takes. Will write it tomorrow, I imagine. https://t.co/w7I63djEYY

  14. First the vine account, now Spurrier. It's been a long day for ol' SBN.

  15. Not for long. Galloway scored on the other end. Then Williams dunked. Knicks up 35-32

  16. Ben Roethlisberger reportedly wants to return in Week 6; considered a 'long shot'. http://t.co/4GtfQj3yEu http://t.co/PIOAqj7v79

  17. Going the distance: #BlueJays use long ball to beat Rangers, force Game 5 GAME STORY: http://t.co/f7zUMGfRsQ http://t.co/RoMSniOsET

  18. New at PowerMizzou Long back from Notre Dame: David Long expected to see a lot of neat things during his Notre... http://t.co/5bxFzos1Iz

  19. I hope never to hear the word "egregious" for a long time.

  20. So, four straight singles for #Royals has fans in Minute Maid squirming a bit. Still a long ways to go with Astros leading 6-3

  21. Some double meaning from Joe Kerridge when asked about Michigan beating MSU in 2012: "That was a long time ago."

  22. Mullen said if Dak went down for a long period of time, it's still a toss up between Nick Fitzgerald and Elijah Staley.

  23. Early prediction on Siena's starting five: Marquis Wright, Ryan Oliver, Lavon Long, Brett Bisping, Imoh Silas.

  24. Lavon Long has completely changed his body. Down at least 10 pounds since the end of last season. 6-7 forward can score, handle, and dish.

  25. #LSU’s Les Miles: A lot of players contributed on defense. We missed coverage on two plays that needed not be that long or scoring plays

  26. Nick Saban's Alabama injury report wasn't very long. http://t.co/OpJzAQPcRc

  27. That's entirely acceptable, as long as the morning brunch to open presents is done by kickoff https://t.co/o8dmLVYP4k

  28. Watch enough hoops & occasionally you'll see someone you'll remember for long time. Saw 6-10 HS freshman from Nigeria, Charles Bassey Sunday

  29. Eli's numbers were stupid good...he'll always have some head-scratching but as long as they don't come in bunches he'll be fine

  30. Pitching has been great in the playoffs. But my goodness the HRs have sailed a long way.