1. Charlie Strong said the team hopes to get a better handle on condition of starting OT Kent Perkins (knee) during bye week.

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  6. Final from Toledo @KentStFootball falls 38-7 http://t.co/gULjnnkWgA

  7. The 100th season of @kentstmbb begins in 35 days. http://t.co/ej93AVL4d1

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  11. Another killer personal foul penalty against @KentStFootball. Roughing the passer. Now 8 penalties for 73 yards midway through 3Q

  12. A pass interference call on Toledo gives @KentStFootball a first down at Rockets 28. 10:36 to go 3Q

  13. Bollas pass is intercepted in the end zone. Toledo football with 10:30 to play on touchback

  14. Good second effort by James moves the chains again on 3rd&2. @KentStFootball now at Toledo 37.

  15. Bollas with a 22-yard run has @KentStFootball in Toledo territory at the 41.

  16. Officials give the ball back to @KentStFootball after replay. Ruled James did not make the catch

  17. Fumble by James ruled on field. Toledo ball at @KEntStFootball 44. Replay looks like James may not have caught the football

  18. Toledo will lose another long return, this time on a punt, due to a holding call. Instead of inside the KSU 2, Rockets at own21

  19. Bollas opens 2Q at quarterback for @KentStFootball

  20. Good protection and a nice throw by Bollas to Woods for a first down. Bollas 3-for-3 before incompletion on first-down throw

  21. Calhoun shaken up on 2nd down play. @KentStFootball will face 3rd&5 at own 32 with 1:03 to play 2Q

  22. Dellinger saves a TD on 88 yard run by Swanson, catching up at the KSU 2. Rockets on doorstep with 1:50 2Q

  23. Throw and a catch from Bollas to Calhoun. @KentStFootball at Toledo 37 after 18-yard pickup

  24. Bollas picks up another first down with a nice 5-yard run. @KentStFootball at own 45 with 4:09 and ticking 2Q

  25. A nice run by Bollas on his first play picks up 11 yards and a first down

  26. Bollas in at quarterback for @KentStFootball

  27. Toledo offense stays on field for 4th&4 from KSU 34 with 7:45 to play 2Q … and a run up the gut gets 6 and a 1st down

  28. And a delay of game against Toledo helps @KentStFootball cause. UT faces 3rd&11 from KSU 41. Chance to get off the field

  29. Jones drop for Toledo, may have gone for another Rockets TD. Instead, UT faces 3rd&6 from KSU 36.

  30. The @KentStFootball drive fails to add points as Hynes misses 42y FG wide left